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    •   So.... I've had some recent conversations (phone and in person) and just wanted to remind everyone who might be taking a interest in our awesome NC Reckless LED's. Our NC LED's are NOT the same as NC LED's sold by other distributors.  I don't care what they might be telling you   NC LED is really growing and branching out.   Our NC Reckless LED line is named "Reckless" for a reason, their NOT the same module you could have gotten a sample from some other Vendor here in the US or abroad i.e. Europe.  A quick side by side comparison is the DEAD giveaway.   NC LED Recently opened up a plant in Vietnam and they make all kinds of modules from various diode producers including Samsung, their catering and competing with other lower tier/cost  LED Manufacturers here in the US and all over the world.  The NC LED Lower Tier modules are still good, don't get me wrong and much better than the other lower tier manufacturers.  NC LED makes LED modules from all kinds of various Diode Producers like LG, SOL, Samsung, etc, and even some Chinese Chips (Vietnam).   That being said....   Our NC Reckless LED's are specifically made in Korea, and unique.  Our modules are built to specific configurations (we chose from our testing) ONLY with top tier top grade Samsung Diodes.  Honestly there is over 30+ Samsung grades and when you open up a magazine like Signs of The Times and see flash words like "Samsung" & "50¢ per module".   NOT THE SAME THING, sorry if you bought something called Samsung and expect that to be a Top Tier diode just because of name.....SURPRISE!  That is lower tier/grade garbage I would not use commercially   With a background in electric sign production I wouldn't do that to you.    Our Reckless LED Line is the Cream of The Crop when it comes to NC LED Modules, there is a reason why ours appear "True White" compared to other NC LED's (lower cost) and those other LED's you may be currently be purchasing.  Our module specifications have on board current drivers (Constant Current) and NOT Constant Voltage (resistor base) for long life.  I'm not putting down or detouring anyone from other NC LED's, they are good quality and better than 75% or on par with all the crap out there in the market....but....their not TOP Tier or High-End.   BIG Difference!   Anyone who has been buying our LED line, thank you for supporting our high-end quality products for your projects and customers and for supporting The Sign Syndicate.   Rest assure you're good when it's from us!   Side Note, our offering is expanding in colors, as well as White Temperatures 3000K, 8000K, & Soon 4,000K, 5,000K, 2700K Check us out http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/store/category/43-nc-led/    
    • Restoring the Past: Group raising funds to refurbish, display neon signs from Rt. 66 http://www.ky3.com/content/news/Restoring-the-Past-Group-raising-funds-to-refurbish-display-neon-signs-from-Rt-66-477554943.html ST. ROBERT, Mo. -- "As a nation, sometimes we're not protecting our history." That's why Beth Wiles, the President of the Pulaski County Route 66 Preservation group, started a project to restore old neon signs, and put them on display in a so-called "neon park." "We've been working on obtaining signs. We have five of them stored locally. We have one of them in St. Louis, and three others throughout the state that are in the care of the association," Wiles said. Signs from places like the Motel St. Louis, the Stanley Courtel, the Motel Linair, and a sign from the Modern Cabins. "It was originally located in the Bassett Insurance Agency area of St. Robert, that is just down from the park area," Wiles said. The group has several signs, but they're still looking for more to display in the park. "The signs that are eligible for the park must have been located on Route 66 between 1926 and 1984, and we also are looking for the motels, the diners, shopping, things related to the automobile," Wiles said. "Those are all qualifiers for the park." They also still need help raising money to refurbish them. "Restoring these signs is not inexpensive," Wiles added. "You've got the transmitters, all of the wiring, the blown glass tubing. As we look at the Modern Cabins sign, we're looking at probably about $7,000 just to restore that sign, and it's fairly small compared to the Linair for instance. That's 19 feet tall." But Wiles says she feels it's all worth it. "I think it's going to be exciting. I think it's going to be a great anchor attraction for the state as well as our area." The group has a while to go until they reach all the funds they need to refurbish the signs and get the park completed, but Wiles said she hopes the first three signs will be ready to be put up in Spring 2019.
    • Amen & hallelujah!!!  Yes, OUR wonderful President!  And he is wonderful!!  Someone that finally has a backbone & could care less about the PC crap of the past.  These Countries think they can tax and tariff us to death and we are supposed to just sit back and take it up the tail pipe and not reciprocate!!??  Not anymore!  GYNORMOUS trade deficits all around.  We have somebody in there now that is standing up for business people - and the rest of the Country - and letting those Countries know we will no longer be taken advantage of.  NAFTA is not a good deal and has let other Countries walk all over us.  I am all for trade, but it has to be fair and equitable for ALL parties, not just everybody BUT the United States.  This President gets that!  Thank GOD!  Yes, we may have to pay a little more until this all shakes out, but I pray he holds Canada and everybody else's feet to the fire until they make a good deal for both parties.  Let the deal making begin!  Our U.S. aluminum and steel manufacturers will now have a level playing field instead of having to shut their doors.  That's a good thing!  
    • To follow that line of thought I would bet that 90% of equipment, material or assembled with stuff from offshore
    • On a side note.  I have to chuckle..... I read somewhere on some social media site post that ISA will be having a meet/discussion at the Expo to talk aluminum.  Also, that their so connected to "DC" and that they will be working with politicians to get things turned around.  What does that mean?  Does that mean their position is that they want to create/aid opposition to the tariffs, or help build our industry and plants back up from the ashes? Because right now at their their show it's a CHINA expo, with very little "America" ISA can do their part by promoting and giving discounts to all American Vendors/Exhibitors if they really cared.  I bet our Vendors get taxed when they go to Signs CHINA Expo
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