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Full time job opening at growing Full Service Sign Shop for Graphic Designer, Digital media output specialist.  Must be skilled in Adobe products especially Illustrator, Flexi Sign Pro, Cad. Vetric, EnRoute and clear understanding of how they all fit in the sign industry.  Must be familiar with vinyl cutting, digital printing, output to Router table for Channel letter bending machine, Mimaki and Allen Data graph vinyl plotters , Mimaki and HP digital printers, Accubend devices.  Must have clear knowledge of what type of materials to use in specific sign applications and how to choose and utilize the proper materials for the project at hand. Assistance with a team on setting up and outputting to several cross platform devices. Must be able to accept and give clear direction, ,communicate well with others, manage staff and yourself. High Volume of   5M plus worth of products going through the department requires a keen sense of how to mange time and direct others for yield a high volume high quality output in a very fast paced but relaxed sign family environment. Send Resume and salary requirements for consideration to HR manager - Reply to sales@allensign.com  Located in beautiful East Tennessee in a progressive college town. Mountains, world class biking , lakes, rivers and College Football. Nice folks and optional housing unit near shop and downtown. Good salary and benefit package. Great 38 year old company with young management.

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    • We just got a request to fill out a new vendor form from these folks.  Does anyone have any experience with them?  Their website says "Enterprise Signs will now work side by side with the teams at Ferrandino & Son ".   Ferrandino is some sort of nation facility maint. company.   I'm hesitant because their site (Enterprise) says that they pay either 9 days (3% discount) or 45 days from when the invoice is APPROVED and specifically states that it's not from the date of the invoice.     How long does the approval process take I wonder.     Thanks  
    • Vicki;   Have to totally agree with Josey Wales on this.   Do not sign that you were paid if you were not. The risk is indeed yours if you do.   Incredible what a hard working contractor has to go through these days...………….   Best of Luck!
    • Contact We were contacted today by SignsPlus in Arizona for quotes on several installs in multiple location of direct mount channel letters and pylon sign face installations. Plus the surveys and permit acquisitions. Have any of you worked on a project with this group. If so would you please share your experience working with them.  Thank you! Contact info for SignsPlus https://www.arizonasignsplus.com/ Prescott Ph: 928-772-4070 Phoenix Ph: 623-780-1544  
    • Don't sign it.    You're giving up your only guarantee to get paid.  You're supposed to be getting paid after your completion of the work you were hired for BEFORE they get paid.    They are in a bind because you're being used as a extension of their "line of credit" and using you in a way their not supposed to....maybe dragging payment from 30 days to 60...90...180 days   In my state Subs need to be paid within 30 days by the primary contractor and as a Primary Licensed Contractor CANNOT wait to pay subs before a customer pays them.    Primaries are supposed to secure their own line of credit by other means to pay suppliers and subcontractors by a bank etc if they don't have the working capital.     Subs are typically required to fill out a Lien notification, a notification that reaches the customers and banks (Before work starts) that a sub has been hired to perform work.  Once the work is finished the sub signs a Lien Release stating that the work is done and they have been paid.   It sounds like right now, a customer or institution wants verification that everyone from subs to suppliers have been paid so they are not held liable by someone who has been short changed, or unpaid.  Once verified they will pay the Primary   You sign, and you're telling the primary contractor's customer or institution you have already been paid.   That risk is yours     If this was happening in my state, the Contractors License Board would be all up in the Primary Contractors Business for trying to obtain a release before payment, that's illegal and they could lose their License
    • We have received a lien affidavit the company wants us to sign claiming we have been paid the said amount due for the jobs we completed.  As we have not received any payment, I contacted the company to ask if a payment would be coming before I signed the document, which they want sent back to them within a few days.  I was told no, the payments terms as stated in the contract would be when they would pay by.     Has anyone else had this situation?  I don't want to sign something legal saying I have been paid when I have not.  This whole project has been a nightmare so I am hesitant  about signing this.
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