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D O    N O T     W O R K    F O R ..........
KFM 24 7 LTD    Keystone Facility Maintenance    15949 Fredrick Rd   Woodbine MD 21797    301 854-6776     KFM247.COM

FEB 29TH   SATURDAY AT 415 PM  KFM Calls me to do a Emergency Call for a Banner falling off of a Victorias Secret.  Its an Emergency and they need it right away.
( I pass this Banner everyday , 2 times a day for the past 3 weeks.  It has been falling since then )

I tell them a price and I will be there in 1 hr.  I want a Credit Card number for the amount.  We all Agree and they will send me a PO immediately for the agreed amount .
I go to the site and remove the banner. Simple job, In and out in 15 minutes. Total time from call to back in the garage is 55 minutes.  Nice and easy

I come in Monday and there is a PO for $ 175. for the work. WTF ?  The Credit Card doesn't go thru either.
I call them immediately and no answer. I call them for the next 4 days, 4 -5 times a day. Nothing.

Now its my turn. I call the Victoria Secret store and I talk to the store manager. They will handle it and get back to me.
20 Minutes later KFM calls me and wants to " Take care of the Misunderstanding "   
They said that " You were on site for 15 minutes and that the price was way over their allowed limit. 

I informed them that I did not care about their limits or anything they have to say. That I already had placed a Lien and Victoria Corp was involved.
SO they paid me immediately. Remember......" they said it was a misunderstanding " 

Today, 10 days later KFM called me to say..........I"m the Manager here at KFM and that there was a misunderstanding and I want to pay up and clear the Lien.
These " Scumbags" dont know that they already paid me 4 days before.  

This Re Enforces my Hatred of " Facility Maintenance Companies " who work out of a desk or tent.
Always get the End User information and make a good relationship with the store manager when working. It pays off to be in control. 


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Yesterday June 22nd I received a phone call from the owner of KFM24. Jamie Jacobs.
He said that he wanted to clear up the events that happened and listened to my story.
He was extremely sorry and that he personally would do what ever needs to be done to correct this event.
He told me how he alone started his business and grew it to where it is now. He completely understood my position.
He said he has been in the same position a few times also

In short, He fired the persons involved and wanted to let me know that he takes everything personally, its his business.

So I can tell everyone here, Jamie has reached out and taken care of the problem
He is OK in my book to work for 

I hope the Nationals and others will take responsibilities for their companies and employees actions.

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Good follow up post.  Thanks!

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Love the way you do business Paul!  In my 38 years in Phoenix I had one check bounce, and one phone call brought me cash!  


Keep tough, pick the customers! 

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Paul, I have to wonder if you had not posted this on here, would the owner really have take that action and also called and apologized. maybe its the cynic in me but i think we both know that answer. I would also love to see you call them up and ask for said person who was fired and see if that really happened.

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We all know that the answer to that question.
I do know that one of the persons involved is no longer employed there
But that is not my problem.

My issue is that " WE ALL "  Work and should be paid for what we agree to do.
I do not like " After the Work is completed " New Terms are decided on by the other side.
Usually not in our favor.

I'm happy that the message got out to the Sign World and that this company did not like it.
They took actions to clear it up.

Now we need the other Nationals, FMC and everyone else to take  responsibility for their Companies and employees

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