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    I was just going through some of my old paperwork. I'm getting ready to retire, and disposing of a lot of old stuff. I happened to find this old letter; I used to install a lot of Allstate signs, and we usually sent a detailed report after the job was complete. Here's the text, you might enjoy this: Dear Turner. Regarding this service call, we actually did get to the location the very next day after the order. Prompt and professional service - that's the way we roll. There was one minor incident; actually so piddley that I didn't think of it till just now. So anyways, this office building is located on a very steep hill. The parking lot, also on a steep hill, is behind the building. In order to keep out of the closer parking spots, we parked on the outer row of parking spaces, about a hundred feet from the building. Our service crew gathered the tools and were walking up to the office when they heard the ladder truck moving. It seems the truck had popped out of gear, (the emergency brake has never worked) and was rolling down the hill towards the agent's office, picking up speed as it went. A car was just entering the parking lot, driven by a dumb-ass old lady who wasn't paying the least bit of attention to what was coming. We had hoped that the car would stop the truck before it hit the building, but it was one of those ugly-assed 'Smart" cars. So much for 'Smart'; it couldn't even stop a runaway ladder truck. I"ll never buy one of those, they crunch up like an aluminum beer can.. Anyway, the truck proceeded toward the building with the smart car crumpled into the front grill like a big shiny bug. When it went through the rear brick wall of the building, the look on the agent's face was, like, WTF? Kind of funny, actually. I get the impression that he was somewhat slow-witted, as he made absolutely no effort to get out of the way. Not our fault. Anyhow the truck went all the way through the building, with the Smart car, the old lady, the agent, bricks, and a bunch of office furniture coming out the other side. This is where it gets interesting. This building was apparently not built to code, because it sits right smack up against North Oak street . I mean, it's not six feet away from the street!!. The actual street level is about eight feet below the building grade, and they put a retaining wall there to hold the building up. On top of that, they had the lack of foresight to put a bus stop right exactly there, under the weak-assed retaining wall. So, as the truck exited the other side of the building, the retaining wall collapsed into the street, and the bus stop. Naturally, there had to be a bunch of retards standing there waiting for a bus. Too bad, that's what you get for using public transportation. So, some weenie makes a big deal out if it, and calls the fire department, who immediately show up and proceed to stand around and wonder what to do. We tried to help the poor dimwits, by driving our truck out of the way. It's a wonder it would still run, but it did. The people under the truck were squealing like a truck load of pigs, but as I said earlier, that's not really our concern. We didn't put 'em under the truck, and after all we were trying to help the fire department by getting out of the way. Anyhow, the service call wound up being not necessary after all. The sign is now in a landfill, and it may be some time before they're ready for a new sign. As a matter of fact, if they don't find a new agent, they may not even need a sign at this location. However, I do have to bill you for a service call - but I'll make sure it doesn't exceed our minimum charge. By the way, please make note of our new billing address. We had to move rather abruptly, and we found a really nice little shop in Canada . If you have any work around that area, please send it our way. As always, we will give it our trademark prompt and professional attention. PS, please don't give out our new address, at least for the next six years. Something to do with a statute of limitations, I believe. See ya, Mike Welch
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    "Fuck Em"... What can they really do? Band together and scold you? Can they come after members who are posting in real time about bad payer's? They can try, won't go anywhere... The fact of the matter is the majority of us, if not all. Run our business' with honor and pride. Which translates to paying our bills on time. Supplying the customer with the products we quoted them. Fabricating the jobs as specified. And servicing all of our customers to the best of our abilities. Are the bad payer's going to blackball all of us that have outed them? It would be redundant, since we no longer do work for them. These bad payer's are probably starting to feel the pinch. They're not getting the quality sub's they were once used to. Who knows, but if they're pissed at this site. You know this network of subs has banded together. And told them, No thanks, and No more. It's an easy fix for the bad payer's. Step up, come on this site. Apologize for mistreating their subs. Start paying deposits, and paying balances per the agreed contractual terms. This site isn't telling them how to run their business'. It's just promoting the good nationals. And pointing out the bad nationals to partner with. As far as your supply business goes. The other suppliers might want to spend more time developing or expanding their accounts. Getting the "big shops" to pay them on time. And quit worrying about another qualified competitor.
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    Eugene, some excellent insight from the other posters in this topic, so I'll just add my brief comments. We have (or are) all been here. I'm in my last half of my life in this profession and a few things are really becoming clear. I think most of these apply to all of us: 1. there is no shortage of work in most areas right now. The main goal for everyone now is not getting work, but weeding out the bad work so you can spend your time on good clients. 2. A lot of work out there is just not worth doing by anyone. Either someone is not willing to pay for it, or they are asking for things that simply cannot be profitable or worth doing for anyone at any price. Learning to confidently say "no" is an ongoing skill set I think all of us work on our entire careers. 3. Take vacations - even if they are just occasional 3-day weekends. These really give (me at least) a chance to evaluate what the hell I'm doing and what the hell I want to do. It was during a 3 day beach outing with the fam' I realized I needed to dump a client that was zapping 70 percent of my energy and time and only contributing 20 percent to my income. It was a tough pill to swallow, and I had my doubts the following few months after dropping the axe. But ultimately it made room for new areas of work and great customers. 4. within your own company: reward the good folks, but don't be hesitant to oust someone who is dragging everyone else (including you) down. It's amazing how one person can poison the well. Anyone who's run a biz more than 10 years knows exactly what I am talking about. I really cant' stress the importance of #1 enough. There are many jobs simply not worth taking. And people can be really pushy. My natural inkling is to help nearly anyone, and I constantly fight to stay in the drivers's seat. Deadlines are ever present in our line of work, and it's easy to fall into a vicious cycle of bouncing from emergency-to-emergency. This kind of environment destroys your own ability to remain sane and make your own operations efficient and work for your own needs.
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    Thought I'd mention something, and I will discuss it a little bit more over the weekend about it if I get the time. But there is an element and it's becoming more and more of a group effort to tear down The Sign Syndicate and rid it off the industry by means of hurting those that support this site because they fear the open honest discussion that happens here. It's a three headed monster composed of a particular large sign supplier, various association member volunteers, & just a couple of large national sign companies. They all have one thing in common. They're having financial difficulties and or, they can't pay their bills. So they want me to seize as their competitor, and political opponent. Most importantly....to shut YOU up about exposing the truth about them as companies who can't pay their subcontractors, which is illegal in most states. MOST national sign companies LOVE to read their reviews and love the info on this site, they see it as a good tool & I hear it all the time from them directly. I don't know how long this effort has been going on for, but in the last year I've heard it from a few manufacturers and large national sign companies who know and appreciate the importance of what goes on here. Small occurrences and crazy rumors have been around for some time especially since we started doing the Neon & LED testing in 2008, those were started by a few LED manufacturers who did not care for someone testing their products but this is something new. If what I'm being told is true, consultant(s) have been hired to figure out a strategy to deal with this "aggressor". No joke. Most good movements are taken down by a small minority who have the ear and eventually wear down those who once had courage to stand up and never compromise on their principals and convictions. Let me assure you, that won't happen here to this site or to me as your administrator. I can't be bought, I can't be hurt financially, nor will I look to ever take an "easier path". For those of YOU who are looking to have this site in some way financially hurt by attacking/hurting those that support this site I want you to know that it's not possible in the end of your effort, and light will be shown on you, I promise you that. So I hope you can take that when that time comes, every action has a reaction. The bottom line fact is the sign industry is my first love, not this site. Those that make up the real sign industry who carry/pass on tradition, run a business with character & integrity will not be silenced, nor will I stand by and let/watch it happen.
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    Erik; I told you that many entities are watching this site because you are like a Ray of Sunshine to the industry. And you know what they say about Sunshine............it is the best disinfectant. I always mention The Syndicate to customers and fellow contractors. Heck, I even mention this site to contractors who are in other venues because some of the same NSP's not only handle electrical, lighting and signage, but they cut across different trades. It doesn't matter if you are a Sign Contractor or HVAC contractor, you need to know who those Predators are who will potentially make your life miserable. If you think that you are are safe and lucky because your house was not burglarized last night, your home might just be next. Vigilance is the order of the day. Erik, not only are you a great Sign Man who puts out quality products, you are a Firebrand in the industry. You are providing many contractors an invaluable service which is greatly appreciated. Consider me on your "Team". I will stand by you, shoulder to shoulder, no matter the adversary.... no matter the odds. Best
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    Thank you my captain my captain! You can't see me but I am standing on my desk
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    So, I've been meaning to post this, so what better time than while it's fresh in my head. I get these from time to time....I think I've mentioned it a couple of times, or maybe I haven't. I received a email shortly after the ISA show from a National Sign Company we were at. Their known for their.....not so good payment schedule. In short they asked me to remove the content about their company on my board, and that it was for the most part untrue, and in most cases under normal circumstances most are paid by 60 days. I'm not going to mention the name of the company, it's not important and email exchange was short. It appears that it all sparked from whatever happened at the ISA Show. I'm not sure if possibly they were a company that took part at the meet and greet, or it was brought up in other ways, maybe over a dinner meeting. Anyhow, my response was basically that if you stick to your promised payment schedule then there shouldn't be any issues. Issues usually happen when companies promise terms then go over that. I also let them know that if they're doing business in states like California (which they are), by law subs have to be paid in 30 days. I also let them know that executing contracts and subbing installs and service work in states like CA is illegal if they do not have a contractors license in those states. In a reply I asked why they go beyond 30 days in the first place. In states like mine (CA) it's the responsibility of the General Contractor to obtain a line of credit to pay Subcontractors if need be, NOT use subs as a line of credit and only paying them once THEY get paid....which in states like CA is also illegal. IN fact in order to get a contractor license in my state you have to have a certain amount of cash flow in your bank account, and you must be bonded ($15K last I looked) which a consumer or sub can go after for unpaid bills or as a fix Lastly in that same reply, I also relayed the fact that it's ridiculous that some Nationals ask Subcontractors that work for them to sign away their lean rights. ( I didn't aim this question at them because I didn't know if they require this, but i just mentioned it as lately it seems like a normal thing to get a sub to sign). Though I doubt a judge would even abide by that as even that is illegal in my state and why there are preliminary lean notices before project work and lean release once paid by subs Well, that's where communication pretty much stopped. I'm posting this because it seems that what we are doing here, coming together and opening up a line of communication about one of our industry's biggest problem IS having an impact....clearly. It hasn't been the first email or call I've received from an unhappy National. At the ISA Shows, I'll say it's thee biggest compliment we get in passing or by those that meet with us is the National Sign & Service Install Review Forum, and having the courage to host such a thing on the Sign Syndicate. My point is this. It's probably the most active used part of this site, but by those who just use it, they need to participate in it more actively rather than just read what someone else wrote about a particular company they may be checking up on. More need to actually participate and give their own feedback for others as well and not be so passive...reciprocate the help. Keep updating your experiences with these companies, whether it's positive or negative, because obviously.....everything we have been doing here is working for our industry
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    Today I begin my 51st year in this wonderful creative business we are all in......seems like just yesterday I got started by cementing those little blue and red Florida Plastic 1/2" letters onto a 2" x 24" strip of white acrylic for the McDonald's menu boards we were producing at Plasticraft (formerly Pensacola Neon Sign Co) Manufacturing Co. in Pensacola at 3 AM to have that Menu Board on the truck that was leaving at 6 AM to deliver the complete sign package to a new location somewhere in the Southeastern US. We made over 450 sign installations for McDonald's and many of them are still being used and still working. Moving into the sales end of the business came naturally to me and I went on to join Everbrite in 1971 as their regional sales guy in the Chicago area and throughout the Midwest handling major accounts like Sears Roebuck, Meister Brau Brewing Company (Later bought by Miller Brewing) and major agency accounts like Phillip Morris and R J Reynolds through a couple of major advertising agencies such as Leo Burnett (Marlboro) and BBD&O (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and others. In 1974 I joined American Sign and Indicator Corporation (Spokane, WA) as the District Manager for the Midwest Region. The new and exciting concept of displaying Time/Temperature and Message Center Signs fit right in with the electronics training I had received while serving in the US Navy during and after the Korean conflict. I was their numero uno Salesman for at least three years during my 7 years with them. I bought into a small company in 1981 in the Chicago area and became an "Owner" of a sign company with all of it's trials and tribulations. We grew quite rapidly (seems like some weeks had two Fridays though) as financial matters was not my long suit, but somehow we made it through those tough days and just when it seemed we were on our way to real success the Desert Storm war hit and business just stopped. I tried real hard to outlast that recession but just did not make it as Innovative Industries, Inc. My former partner passed away and the IRS went after his estate so I was left with only two choices, work for them or toss them the keys. I opted to shut it all down and opened another company with the help of some friends in the business as Sign Central, Inc. as a supplier for many local companies as I had one of the first and largest CNC (Cyber-mation) router tables in the area. My client list grew and grew and we had successfully transitioned in to our role as a subcontractor to many local and regional sign companies. In June of 1993 a major health problem surfaced. I had a six way heart bypass surgery and almost ended my problems here on this earth. A miracle happened and with God's gracious hand he healed me. It took me most of two years to sell my company and I retired to Florida to live out what life I had left. That turned out to be almost 12 years of living in the sunshine state and still keeping my hand in the business by selling signs for a local Fort Lauderdale firm. My wife passed in 2006 and it became quite lonely down there. After two years I decided to relocate to my Hometown of Aiken, South Carolina where I had many relatives. Trying to avoid boredom I decided to continue selling signs for one of the local sign companies in Augusta, Georgia (17 Miles from Aiken) and have been here since. Still doing what I love to do in the most remunerativly and creatively rewarding business there is. I hope I have not bored anyone with this bit of my personal history but I finally wrote it all down. I have had a wonderful life through God's Grace, I re-married six years ago and I enjoy every precious moment that I live and I am so grateful for the wonderful people I have met and/or worked with over those years. I hope that they might feel the same way about me. Just in case some of them might read this, my email is EddieL@finufsign.com. I would love to hear from any of you and share some other moments and memories. Eddie Larsen, Sales Manager - Finuf Sign Co., Inc. - Grovetown (Augusta), Georgia
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    The other day I got an Email from a "National Maintenance Company" Another new name on the scene looking for subs. I asked how they are paying for the work. They replied that they pay by check after 30 days of completion Sorry, I want full payment when I'm done by Credit Card. You are a 1st timer with me. Their answer was that ....Our company rules are that we pay 30 days after the job is completed. I Looked at Google Maps and found............ Their " Company" is a Private House on a nice tree lined street. They are working from their bedroom on a lap top, probably in their pajamas and drinking Starbucks. Everyone wants to be in the game, but can't play or pay
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    I've worked at a few shops that had written guidelines for this very purpose. As they say, things can look good on paper... It sounds like you hired outside of the industry with little to no sign experience. Maybe on purpose or possibly because there was no applicants with experience. Either way, you've got your work cut out for you. Everyone is different, but it's safe to assume it takes most people at least a year to learn enough of the basics to do a good job. A written reference is a good start, but a group tour of jobs you've completed and other sign types throughout your immediate area would probably the quickest way to install the proper ideas in your team's heads. This may seem expensive to lose a whole day touring signs and you may even get some finger pointing from some passerby, but consider it an investment. It shouldn't be haphazardly planned, but structured by sign type and potential options/pitfalls of specific scope. The above should greatly help you on board your Sales and Design staff. I don't know what to say about your Estimator.... In my opinion, this role should always be filled by an experienced sign pro who already knows materials, fabrication, installation, and the all important understanding of how other trades work. I've always believed your estimator and production artist/engineer should be the go to people for your sales team when it comes to feasibility. You need to have someone that is the "Master" that others can be mentored by. Just my two cents. I'm sure there are plenty of companies who got past your challenges using different methods. It's always expensive to train staff, but it's more expensive not to. HTH.
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    Like I said before....The Sign Companies that kept neon going is like having water in the desert. Neon is a skilled craft, installed and serviced by skilled professionals. And you will get the big dollars for it.
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    I totally agree with ALLTEX's Statement. I have been there, done that and passed all the same shit ( road blocks ) on the way. The closed door behind the curtains mentality is now in full view to all. There are no more demands by the Nationals to play by their rules only. We have a choice and we now make our own policies. True facts..........The Nationals are only as good as their subs. The subs control the nationals accounts. PAY the subs on time. Everyone benifits The Nationals have taken notice to this site and some have changed their ways of doing business, The subs are learning how the Nationals operate and we can make our own choices if we want to work with them If everyone of us stopped ordering supplies from our regular supplier for 1 or 2 weeks only. They would shit themselves and come back with a completley new approach and pricing. And watch the other suppliers jump up and want a peice of the action too. The same goes for the Trade shows, Organizations and Magazines KEEP IT UP ERIC Keep pulling at the curtains and exposing the truth. We all have benifited from this site and made progress, friends and partners
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    Oh lord. Tell us which distributor and I promise we will never make a purchase with them again. See how they like them apples, haha. Or are they on the east coast?
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    Ha! Action Services just called me and asked for a quote for a job and then started questioning the break down on the estimate (arguing over travel). I then informed her that they would have to pay up front, she replied we don't pay in advance to which I said no you don't pay at all. I thanked her for the call and hung up.
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    Wish I had known that someone else was building my business for me. I wouldn't have worked so many 16 hour days. If I had only known, I could have been drinking beer and laying by the pool.
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    Boston's Famous Citgo Sign Catches Fire POSTED: 12:28 pm EDT October 15, 2008 UPDATED: 2:28 pm EDT October 15, 2008 BOSTON, Mass. -- The world-famous Citgo sign that sits behind the Green Monster in Fenway Park caught fire Wednesday. Two ladder trucks were dispatched to the sign late Wednesday morning. The fire blackened some of the panels on the red, white and blue sign. Fire department spokesman Steve MacDonald said flames were visible when firefighters got there, but the fire was quickly put out. MacDonald said the blaze was likely caused by an electrical short circuit and estimated the damage at about $5,000. The sign, said to be the largest sign in New England at 60 by 60 feet, was originally built over the Cities Service divisional office in 1940. The original neon tube sign was rebuilt in 2005 to feature thousands of LED lights. October 21, 2008 Don't Blame Neon! The Citgo sign that is located behind the Green Monster in Fenway Park caught fire on October 15, 2008. Immediately "neon" was the blame. Unfortunately the neon sign that was in the stadium since 1940 was rebuilt with LED's in 2005. So in reality it was an LED fire, not a neon fire. Why is it that neon is the scapegoat for all things that go wrong? Just because LED's are a newer technology, doesn't mean it is a better technology. Neon has stood the test of time, meanwhile LED's are still unproven. And yes LED's can cause fires as well!
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    there's always a surprise inside
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    BTW this is a nationwide epidemic getting skilled labor and people that will work.
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    Frustrated 1st thing in the morning leaves the entire day to really get pissed off. When people ask me " How many employees do you have working for you " ? I answer " About half " That is the reality of being a business owner If this was easy, everyone would do it.
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    Yes this is very sad to everyone. The " Good Guy " just trying to do the right thing. The other issue is .........These Message Center Sign Companies who sell to the General Public. ( The Florida Specials ) They advertise and sell directly to the Schools, Churches and Public. They sell the sign and send them the 15 Minute Video on how to install it. " You can do it " advice.
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    Sooner or later they (employees) always take advantage of a great situation. I allow my employees to build small projects for themselves, not for resale. If they need something for their kids team, a B Day, Anniversary... I'm cool with that. I let them work on their vehicles, borrow a trailer and truck to move. But when it comes to money, regardless of the amount. If it's happening in my shop, it's my money.
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    Does anyone talk anymore ? Every day I constantly get Emails about jobs. Please send me an estimate for ........1 4 x 8 white sign with 27 black letters on it. Or similar Crap. Even the Nationals send the same nothing info and want pricing. Whats your best price ? No one wants to give a phone number, talk about anything. Just send a price on the unknown. We are all becoming push button morons
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    But the lady on Pinterest said they do this ALL THE TIME
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    I always call. No exceptions. You don't build a relationship with a vendor w/o actually talking to them.
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    Dave, Our previous wonderful Presidents have let other countries have their "way" with us. We haven't had fair trade up until now. When has NAFTA ever benefited our Farmers, factories Automobile plants etc for us? Our farmers are suffering and losing their farms, our plants ar just about shut down in the last 30 years. Our largest steel plants are about to shut their doors. Other countries tax our exports 25%+, we tax them 2.5%. Is this fair? Does Canada do this? When you say "his way" you mean our way, because this President, our President is following through on promises he ran on and was voted in to fulfill, like him or not. Cost for us may go up for the short term (hopefully), and that's something we may just have to bite on a piece of leather for a bit,...but this is to get/rebuild our industry back up because we're losing it.
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    You have GOT to be joking, right?? So, let me get this straight. THEY have the right to protest and act a fool, but I don't have the right to post a question to see what the thoughts are on it, on a site that I visit EVERY day with people I consider my friends?? That proves exactly where we are in this Country right now. SOME have rights (the whack a doodle left), and those that don't AGREE with THEM don't!! And the sad part is, the irony and hypocrisy of that just completely escapes them. And as for the one that stated "as a woman, I don't want to be ridiculed. Just because you don't experience sexism ....." - nobody has been ridiculed in this post. It was merely a question that I asked AS A WOMAN!!!! Which, last I checked, I have the right to do. If the snowflakes took offense to this post, maybe they don't need to come on here. LOL - I am sorry I caused you any problems though, Erik. I hope you know that was NEVER my intention or purpose in asking what I thought was just a thought provoking inquiry because it was on my mind that day. These people, that if you don't agree with everything they believe, think that opposition things should not be posted or discussed, should not be on here. That is just my personal opinion. This isn't a college campus where you can shout people down & shut them down just because you don't agree with them, or act like children and turn your back on a speaker or burn the school down because you don't agree with what the speaker says or believes. Because, in my mind, that is what I LOVE so much about this site. The differences in opinions and the ability we all have to agree to disagree at times without this kind of crap/behavior/temper tantrums. I just STILL wonder what in the hell they were "protesting"????? Like someone else said - if it were REALLY about women's rights, they would have been doing this every year, but they haven't been. Just be honest about it. Call it what it was. A protest of President Trump - for whatever reason Hollyweird tells them they should today. Time to get rid of the safe spaces, the therapy dogs, the hot chocolate and get back to being responsible ADULTS!!!! Enough is enough. #NOTMYMARCH!! #IHAVERIGHTSTOO
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    Discrimination ? Really ? I am a White Male, Born here in America, Speak English and went thru the Public School System. I got the same schooling as everyone else did, Blacks, Whites, Orange and Green, Male or Female College Aid.......Nothing for me, my parents worked. I have been discriminated against my entire adult life. In Civil Service, It was minority hiring....1 White male for every 3 minorities. ( Failures too ) Then it was the Women. They could not pass the Physical Test. Again they and all the Minorities got special free schooling to pass the test. I had to pay. ( All the White Boys ) Same with all promotional tests. In the Sign Business, and other businesses, I lose to all the Minority Contractors and Women Owned businesses. That's the law. Some Companies go as far as asking are you Women Owned, Minority Owned, Gay, Transgender, Bi-Sexual and ...... My fault is I get up everyday at 6 am and work 6 Days a week, for over 30 years. I am the Minority I agree with Sign Lady. I am entitled to what I earn, because I work for it.
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    Personally the way his campaign has been run from the start to now, and how he will execute his ideas and policy I feel like I'm looking in a mirror. When I look at him and how he's battled both sides the only difference between he and I is.....he has a ton more money. So I'm a little bit partial to him From a serious stand point, and a business owner. It's time we've had a true outsider in, with successful business experience to run this inefficient government . I think he's VERY serious about putting this country and it's people first with every decision he will be making. A lot of us look back and compare greatness to Reagan. During those times he was hated, but later loved, and so many tried to wrap themselves with his wake with their own future elections. History will tell, but I think Trump will be even greater, and in future elections others will try and warp themselves with him. One thing is certain, no other Republican candidate could have taken on the Democrat or Republican party, and fight the media in the gutters where they took it. Time and time again we always see the weak knee Republican candidates fold like lawn chairs. AND no one apologizes better than Republican's against the power weapon used on them "political Correctness". Trump has shown the Republican party how to fight, and with that EVERYTHING has changed from here on out I've been excited watching all this unfold, and I think we're all going to be experiencing something great whether you love or hate him, and we will all benefit. My feeling is....America's Rising
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    Utter Reckless Sign Making Got an opportunity to fabricate and install a reverse pan channel letter sign using the Reckless NC LED lines that we carry. Unlike most LED's on the market that are Constant Voltage, made in CHINA....unregulated, and short life for whites and especially color LED's OURS are ALL Constant Current, long life and of course rated for IP68...not that that was needed for this....but nice to have an know! Here we used our Yellow/Amber, Red, and our Reckless High Powered White (Amazing 3% Light degradation in 15,000 hours from our testing in Project Tighty Whitey). I have to reiterate again, it's only been the last few years that The Sign Syndicate got into Light Source Sales since we started out testing for the electric sign industry. We were amazed with our benchmarks on a few lines, and from someone who likes Neon over LED's I was impressed. Neon is still my preference, there are only about 5% of what we've tested that I would ever use when it comes to LED's. If you like LED's, then this is one of those lines. We started selling Axiom LED's for bright high powered white, and soon after I became so impressed with NC LED, it soon followed. I was asked for a couple of years to sell this line, and I finally gave in, here is a little of that "why". I like selling only what I use, and know to be quality. Their main focus was "eco", or constant voltage, I requested a constant current line when we first started testing, it wasn't something they focused on. But after seeing results of other similar make up we soon saw NC LED exceed those that came before it. When we finally picked up the line I wanted something even more different here in the U.S., I tailored a configuration that I thought best suited the needs of the American electric sign industry when it comes to LED's and what it was thirsty for. A product that also does not help financially support those across the ocean that aren't exactly our enemies, but NOT exactly our friends either. Enter the Reckless... High Powered White, high grade/tier Samsung diodes, Constant Current, high standards of quality control from Korea (think Japan) and here in the US hence the name #teamncled All that put together and we get a 100% Sexy...Bad Ass module, it's disgusting I know. The Reckless is my baby, it's Team NC's Baby, and we're going to treat her right. It appears in the last few months we've been doing almost too good of a job promoting her, and now many suppliers (reading this) are starting to flock to become carriers themselves. Guess their feeling that that what they've been pushing and promising is just not all that, and the failures are hitting them hard. But be assured, learning, seeing, and observing from what happens looking into the past with other mfg/supplier relationships, we've not going to let her be whored out and eventually cheapened #TeamNCLED is going to be taking very good control with all standards when it comes to this particular product, and who can offer it. What keeps great products going and preservation of that, is the team behind it. It's another reason why I'm proud to be apart of it, it's not just a business but it's a "family" of individuals that are and will stay strong, and stay together. That said, I have to say, I'm very proud how this particular job came out. It was going to have to be LED because of clearances, I could have made the "Orange" in Neon and I did think about it, EGL green pumped red. But I REALLY, wanted to see what the 1/2 watt Amber modules could do for halo lighting. From an optics standpoint, I love that the modules castings are the color of the light they will produce, no second guessing....easy! The wall the signs were going on was pretty VERY much appreciated. Flat, light colored, perfect for reflection. We we're lucky, some walls in the shopping center were dark brown, NOT good for halo lighting unless you install with some flat white reflectors flush on the wall. Easy wall to drill through, easy well enough access behind the wall but ALL Power supplies had to be centered on the wall because of access. If this was a Neon sign, it would be dreadful behind that wall. Behind the wall was one of our Union Elecom 120 watt (Dual Channel), and one 60 watt per sign, which totaled two signs. At a glance. Our Constant Current IP68 NC LED .48 watt Amber/Yellow Our Constant Current IP68 NC LED .48 watt Red The NC LED system engines, Union Elecom Power Supplies The Sign Day Shots Last but not least, and more important night shots to wrap it up Right now just about all of the signs are LED only, and all white. Some ugly gray looking white, cheap blue white, high kelvin I'm sure but sold as 6500K with a poor bin process, and probably 50¢ modules. There is only one sign what has a nice white like our reckless, a national chain. Other than that the colors involved for this sign REALLY make it stand out, which leads us to this. That's the point really, to stand out, to compete against our rival/competition (our customers too) and WIN! Winning brings you more clients/customers and referrals, and MORE future work. That is what you will get when your signs have our LED's integrated into them, it's all apart of "Making Long Lasting Channel Letters, and What It Takes" and the products are only going to get better...BELIEVE ME! One thing you have or haven't noticed, we've NEVER sold LED's with marketing statement such as "More Energy Efficient...Saving the Planet..Better than Neon or Fluorescent Lamps", those are myths and mis-information, we just sell better LED's than those that claim they do. This is also NOT my full time job, product sales is fun for me. Not being my full time job mean something of value to me and should for everyone else reading this. Not being full time for me means I don't have to lie or whore myself just to make a sale to float my boat. MANY do that because it IS their full time job. I'll just tell you it is a REALLY great product because we've tested it for years, and I myself use it. I can't bullshit for sales, I never have, never will, I never have with signs and I sure as hell won't do it with components....I'm not the type who can look at myself in the mirror if I did. "NOT made in CHINA!!!" Go #TeamNCLED
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    http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/STMG/sott_201608/#/110 Oh boy Robin Donovan of Signs of The Times is a Doooofus. Looked at a few things about her and it appears Wade left the sign industry typewriter with a Greeny, Hippy, Meditating, Buddahish........Activist. She's one of those that believes that "Hands up don't shoot" by Michael Brown in Ferguson really happened. Nothing more than a thug who robbed a store, beat up the store tenant, and assualted a police officer and tried to take his gun away from him and probably murder him with it. So I'm sure her typewriter hands have been clinched waiting for an opportunity to spam about Fear, Pain, & Ugliness, portraying false victimization and White Guilt on a industry magazine....the best place for this? Most of the people holding up signs #Black Lives Matters really have no clue where to truly place their anger and message, it sure isn't at our law enforcement community nor stopping traffic and interrupting everyday citizens normal lives. BLM is a thuggish movement about to borderline a domestic terrorist movement. I once coined Wade Swormstedt as the "Community Organizer", which he lost when he turned this magazine around for the better, but she....robin Truly earned this new title but it's more fitting than it ever has!
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    This may not sound encouraging but I mean it to be - this is on you if you are in charge. Sounds like it is time to step back and work on your business instead of letting it grow out of control. Look at your processes and kill what is not working and try something new. Establish new process and standards and stick to them for at least 90 days and then reevaluate. Create a new business and marketing plan and go after markets you want with the clients you want and fire the rest. Create a new niche or develop a new product or style. Been there. Sold my last sign shop ten years ago for the same reason and then later realized all the mistakes I had made. Keep fine tuning and run your business, dont let it run you into the ground.
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    Wow, did you just pull out the white privilege card? Let me tell you something as someone who's visual appearance is that of not "white". White privilege or White entitlement does NOT exist here in America today, it's nothing more than a weak excuse, a label by those who can't or have failed to do on their own or use it to "blame" for not having what they think they should have. What makes this country great is the fact that we're all American, we're all one, I feel sorry for those who look at other American's and labels, or classify people based on their appearance or skin color and group them into "communities" and use words like "Minority". Minority mean handicap, and when people think that, it cripples them. It's an insult to be labeled a minority because the use of that name mean they need a handicap to get through life and that they need governments help because they are ecapable of doing/making it on their own As a business owner I've been asked to classify myself as a Minority owned so I could continue business with large retailers , I refused and lost jobs (but got them back later). I'm not going to pull a race card and push myself over someone who could be better than I based on the color of my skin or "status". In this country we're based and get as far in life on our own individual efforts and actions and NOT by the color of ones skin.....well that's how most American's and business is based on.
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    You need to really look at your expenses. I bet you you don't clear $ 100. at those rates. On the other side of this......... At your rates, other sign companies look at your pricing and know you don't know what you're doing. Go higher and you will get jobs
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    I agree with most of the China-vs-West ideas, but I think China in a business sense is more capitalistic than the US and other rich Western countries. A dear friend of mine runs a business in Hong Kong. As as business you can pretty much do what you want there. Copyrights, environmental regulations, truth in advertising, etc. are not strictly enforced. Money dictates the rules. The government is of course very anti-democratic - but I think business there is much more slanted toward pure capitalism than many other places. Capitalism does provide incentive to work harder and do better... but "do better" means what? In a pure sense it means to make more money for yourself. Period. You can be very financially successful and create mass-misery, poison people, and destroy the environment at the same time. There is no incentive in pure capitalism to create jobs. On the contrary, a job is a liability and cost to be eliminated. Think of countries with products most consider well made: South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, France. All are considerably more socialist than China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc, which all crank out cheap products. Agree there are few is any standards coming out of China. But standards mean regulation. Even if voluntary, someone has to confirm and/or track compliance? I don't mean to sound unpatriotic, but I think this county's problem is we let big monopolies exist and don't foster enough competition. And it's getting much worse. We have a punishing copyright and patent system that rewards the status quo with ever increasing winfalls. What's a copyright now... something like 60 years after the author's death??? Drug patents renewed when you change a word in the prescribing instructions? We allow pharmaceutical companies to buy up competitors and shut them down. We have the crappiest, slowest, most expensive internet service of any rich country, and we are still approving mergers of the 4 companies that control 80% of the market? And lastly lets not forget banking.... which used to be here to provide working capital to businesses. Now they exist completely to enrich themselves and aren't even required to to operate in the best interest of their clients. Wtf? (off my soapbox now and back to work. I swear there was a point in here somewhere about LED's....)
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    I was told not that long ago by an old guard in a conversation of the industry that you can't keep friendships in this industry because it's just "business". I thought that was an unfortunate and sad statement to make, and maybe that's why problems exist with their own company and cause. As long as I've had this site I've developed many relationships and made lots of new friends, but I've also had different relationships with friends depending on how it was relative to the industry, fellow sign shop, supplier/distributor, component manufacturer. I've had some try to take advantage or think that because they were a customer, had a beer with them, or have been a financial supporter of this site that they were owed some sort of favor. I've always been real clear by my actions on how I run this site that there is a clear boundary because I will not let friendship or relationship in anyway dictate, cloud, compromise and jeopardize this site in anyway and turn it into something which it is not. Selling of advertising, products is always second and integrity of this site is always #1, and as most of you know who have been on this site long enough I've been more than happy to loose or toss that aside as it's happened overtime. So, I've had to let some people go over time. Friendships built on honesty, loyalty by individuals can carry and across crossing or parallel lines. I have many friends that I call family, I consider many on this site to be a family, family doens't always have to agree but honesty and loyalty is key.....and there is not much I WOULDN'T do for family. Anyway, just some closing of the week thoughts
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    I dont do it for nationals, but I do drive around towns and write down and take a pic of outages and give the list to a salesman to call
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    This is a perfect example of "There's a sucker born every day". Hey follow that carrot on that stick, it will get closer.
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    Sounds like that came from the White House!!
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    Hey, "FREE SHIT!" The socialist crowd sourcing model strikes again
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    Bringing America Back Home First I want to say that I fear for the future of the American Electric Sign Industry, this is why I say the things I do when it comes to this trade, and of course our leadership and the role their supposed to fill. I've never been accused of of holding back my feelings, so let's not give that a second thought. This topic has been in the making since our Vegas ISA Trip. I've been meaning to post for some time, I've written some, saved it, written some more, deleted some content and saved it all while working on sign projects and life events....and it's grown since since I've had some conversations that brought up this very same material that I've had in the back of my head. All very similar mindset so I know I'm not the only one thinking that a new movement IS needed, and very badly. I thought I would start this in a new forum away from the ISA Trip thread which is where at first it was going to go as a reply to a already existing topic. While being at this years show and reading a few accounts of other peoples experiences of the show that they had on site, it made me think.......because that's what I do. I think we can get very different opinions about what everyone sees when they go to a large sign show these days. I think if you're a sign association employee you look at the show and said..."Good turn out, how can we expand even more...". If you're a newby or someone from say the print or vehicle wrap world you said "Wow, cool LEDs and message boards!". If you're a seasoned electric sign tradesman or women you most likely said...."eh.....at least I got to see my supplier and product manufacturers in person....". Not just by what you say walking through browsing, but based on the "education" seminar line up too. I would even go so far as to say the general feelings on what's being done for the electric sign industry might be the same. Again, based on the fact if you're a seasoned, well versed individual in our unique trade. I think we need to draw a line that shows contrast, and show what the differences are between what the current associations are doing for the electric sign trade, and what the electric sign trade is, and what it's interests are. I look at ISA now and when I see the makeup it's frankly gotten too big, it's too broad and most of those that run it aren't from our trade, their from others and they cycle from one trade, to ours, and then they cycle right into another somewhere else.....and frankly their heart is NOT in the same place as ours is when it comes to OUR trade.....the electric sign trade, or...the American Electric Sign trade. I think it's become forgotten because there is just a lot of money in a lot of other areas when your association model becomes or is turned into a business model rather than taking a stand for the industry. The International Sign Association is acquiring and buddying up too fast to other areas that are and not related to the immediate needs of the most important aspect of the sign trade, the "Electric Sign Trade" The needs of the American Sign Companies to the needs of the American Sign Manufacturing Companies. Most of those seasoned people I refer too above who said the show was "...eh.." say they wish the show was separated so they wouldn't have to walk too far to see what they ONLY came to see, or to see the booths that relate to just them. That would be nice but, the show wants you to see the whole floor so they can collect that traffic and they need, that traffic to show all the exhibitors those numbers completely, even though those numbers don't really reflect who's there to really see what or who. The smart thing to do is scatter so one must tour ALL and give an opportunity for all to be visibly seen. That way later when they come up with attendance number is can be used to make all sectors think it applies to them, or maybe that's a stretch of a statement to make. I personally think a new association needs to be formed one day, and the framing from those fathers needs to begin today. I think some real intelligent like minded individuals that have experience in other sign associations, combined with component manufacturers and individuals from sign companies need to come together and meet the needs of the American Electric Sign Trade, an interest that puts American capitalism back in the forefront, and not the Asian or European model of our current. At the same time promotes our trade to the public and educates the public about what it is we do, who unique and specialized it is and what we can build. Our trade does NOT have that right now, we only have brochure mis-information that the public get blanketed with. I think that's what I see missing, and what I see as a big void that needs to be filled because we have a black hole forming. We need to show contrast and it's this. For the electric sign companies the trade itself is in the midst of being lost. The real education that one should be obtaining that most received of yesterday is gone. We need to get back to the basics when is comes to sign fabrication, structural, planning, light & energy engineering. Get away from the new model which is turning this trade into a commodity. We need strong leadership that truly, truly...fights regulation...not agrees, rolls with it, and figures out a way to make a program out of it to pass on down and charge their members....and instead of partnering up with other aspects of the sign industry that don't apply like screen printers, apparel, and printers, we need to partner up with other groups, watch dogs, causes, or associations that have mutual interests in staying regulation free. Regulation that interrupts the American Electric Sign Industry and robs us of our right to proser and right to happiness. Regulation is not going away, don't get me wrong I'm not anti- regulation nor an anarchist, I do believe we need to have moderate regulation...just not license stacked on top of license and over safety where it costs us who in turn pass it along to the consumer. The environmental product and safety movement that we have in this country is a strong powerful funded movement. Our own industry right now has large sectors that aids this movement and here we are as a whole shooting our own toes off trying to prosper at the same time killing our own future. Right now in some states the International Sign Association is trying to find ways to make it okay for companies who posses no contractors license, lack any kind of electric sign experience to just roll up in this industry by simply purchasing a vinyl quick stop shop and execute and sub large sign programs involving electric and architectural signs. This is happening right now in Wisconsin which was aided by their own association and it was attempted in Texas. The Texas Sign Association even had a pair and said "hell no" to that idea. We already have a bad enough issues when it comes to illegal sign contracts that involve companies posing as licensed contractors who hire legal contractors as subcontractors. A big problem for the west coast states and most others who have state contractors laws. The very investment of the electric sign companies who posses such a right to do business because they went through all the proper channels and avenues going from a apprenticeship to journeyman is being diminished because a particular sector of an association who has more members than the electric sign sector believes that the electric sign trade is NOT a trade, but rather a commodity? A commodity where even the Home Depot clerk and decide to execute contracts and sub out his own roofing or water heater jobs as work a 3rd party? This is not in the interest of the American Electric Sign Industry. A NEW JOURNEY Let's imagine the build of a new association for a minute to illustrate the differences between our current, and what our own beliefs are as a true trade that recognizes & reflects those traits that humble us. "Integrity & Tradition". We need to educate the public about what the electric sign industry can do and properly perform, what light sources can and can't do. To become apart of this American sign & lighting (I did sneak in "Lighting" there!) association there also has to be a strict code of conduct, and the standards and bar MUST be set high. Everyone has to be dept free, from the leadership to the basic member and not be behind or in debt with other members. Leadership roles need to be held to limited time, the last thing an association needs is someone who is concurrently serving in 3 to 5 different associations at once. Individuals can only serve a position once, ONCE. This again is in the best interest of our industry, and to the consumer who needs to get the correct information. The core or the employed of this association, from the president on down NEED to have a background in the electric sign industry, that's a requirement. ISA has this new Elite Program for the young and moldable "executives". We need to get back in touch with our more seasoned veterans of this sign industry and beg for forgiveness for pushing them aside for something greener, faster and cheaper. Our more experienced have a bigger key to play in all this than any of us, they hold the key to what's been forgotten, and that "character", character of this industry of a long time past. This industry needs to return to what makes America exceptional, it begins with mutual vision of hard work and values, and we can learn that best by those who came and ran this industry before us. Not by the old guard who like to keep things as they once were, nor by the few who liked to be empowered by ego. It's just an idea, an American idea, an idea that promotes to the public that we offer a very unique form of custom electrical advertising that is a specialty. This industry has a long hard road ahead if we are to maintain this as a trade and not let others who are outside of our industry dictate to us and turn it into something which it is not by executing statements about our capabilities and never fully explaining, that's the mis-information! We have to create our own industry standards by measuring what we know and what we work with so the public (consumers), outside groups, or government won't be clouded or mislead. When this happens in only enables the environmental, product safety movement that restricts what we do. I'm talking about coming up with a measurable standard that measures light and power, after all, isn't this what we do and build? No current sign associations does this, you have to ask yourself why? This is one of the most important questions of our day, seriously....ask yourself. Don't you wonder??? If they actually did dare to create such a measurable standard that interferes with their membership advertising makeup we wouldn't be in the current mess that we are in now. We wouldn't have to rely on manufacturers, or government bureaucrats who end up misleading because they have something to sell or a reason to get more power for themselves by manufactured lies. If someones going to come into our industry and make a claim, it needs to be measured, and verified. This is NOT being done right now. If we can do that, it will make the integrity of our industry stronger, and in turn it will make us all more valuable. Not just to ourselves but against any regulation that might be endangering the way we do business. It looks like all we have done as a industry is make others outside of our industry profit as we loose. It's been this way for a while because we've given up control and given them the reigns of our own industry to those who have never spent a day in a sign shop where one has to trim cap, bend & process Neon, manage projects, stress over payroll, maintain licensing I believe that there are others who think as I and a few others do, maybe not completely 100%, but enough to know....to look at ourselves, at where we are and know where we have been....and know we are far from where we should be, and want that back. To leave something behind where the current residents now say "run, and get out of this industry as far as you can". In recent days I've had a a few conversations in person and by phone about this topic unknowing to them, they hit on some key points I've sort of hit or outlined here I've let them know what I pretty much said in this topic and most of what I've said is a big mutual concern. So this is the main reason why I'm getting this out there. It's not my intent to shit on our existing sign associations I think most of you know I've always had a difference of opinion on them, I'm just emphasizing the contrast in who they are, what they do versus what we need for the electrical sign trade. Their hearts and interests just aren't in it nor the same as ours, with all their other off/bi-trade acquisitions, mergers and partnerships in the print industry, garment industry and other off-shoots, coupled with the politics that goes into their membership......how can they be? In short, we need a new American Electrical Sign & Lighting Association that forms a rock solid wall of standards by measuring the components that we use, in lighting components and otherwise. We need to use these standards and educate the public, they need to know the strengths and weakness's of lighting and how they perform to their environment and application use. We need to promote American Companies ( & Canada), find ways to incentivize entrepreneurship, innovation, and production of products back in America and to this industry. We need to educate our trade about proper fabrication and installation of all light sources for all sign and lighting applications whether it's Neon, LEDs, Fluorescent Lamps, HIDs, etc. We need to partner up with similar groups, causes, movements, watchdog groups, and associations like the IAEI (National Electrical Inspectors Association) to fight and minimize regulation, the environmental product safety movement and increasing costs because of those factors to the consumer. I think I've said more than a mouthful, it's been hard to find the time to squeeze this thread in with so much work I currently have going, but here it is. Wish I had more time but I shouldn't complain. This Industry is looking for leadership, this industry is looking for ideas on how to bring that about, I have a few, we need others, and I think it starts with like minded individuals from various enterprises, expertise that might have a similar idea that is AESLA, or American Electrical Sign & Lighting Association. Anyone smell that new fresh car smell? Better get a whiff.....it only comes around once.
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    There are many books and a lot of information on the web about sign construction. I don't think their is one book that covers all the answers about sign construction techniques. If you don't have an experienced designer/fabricator on board you have to do your own research,research and more research. I think many may have not replied because it's is funny question. It's like saying"I want to be a brain surgeon"Can someone tell if there is a book that shows me how. If you have a particular question I am sure there are many folks here that will help you out.
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    I think if you look at a neon lamp hard & long enough, I think you'll see that it has a soul
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    Found this can of AMP energy drink last week in a sign while doing some service work. Looks like the last installer ran out of 36" bulbs but had a 30" left, so to make up the difference he taped a socket to the can.
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    Been super busy lately, actually swamped for the next 5 weeks booked. That distributor wouldn't happen to be the one who likes to have product drop shipped in so they can tack on to the shipping for even more profit?. IMHO Erik's syndicate is the most valuable asset on the web for the industry. The people who do not want this around are afraid. I do not understand why. the people who contribute are only trying to improve the work of others, the lurkers are the ones that are to proud to admit they need help or stuck in the mindset that they do not want to help anyone out cause they know it all ( i have met both types and dealt with them). I have been a part of this site since the beginning and it is not going anywhere. My suggestion is that the main sign organization step up to the plate and offer Erik a chance and see what he can do and bring it back to the way it was when the core of its purpose was to teach and have legitimate professionals offer advice and present seminars on an unbiased or even a item specific biased topics, or even a network of professionals that is not based on how much money is contributed. If a step like that is not something they would do maybe use one of it's offspring CSA to do it. if it works then go further if it doesnt no harm done they go back to the way they are now. just my .02
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    It's always about the money....Unions, UL, OSHA, inspections , permits, fines. None of these things accomplish what they were designed to do anymore. Which was to create and insure some sort of quality level and while also making sure working conditions were safe for the actual workers. Unions have become similar to a mafia run organization. It's members are protected by the power of the organization. While they are taught to hate and try to strong arm and intimidate any one who isn't in their organization. Unions also destroy hard work and creativity by advancing members based solely on seniority.
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    We have been fortunate and have done some work inside of the GM Orion Plant without being a union shop, but I get really irritated when we have to have a union guy sit on his fat arse and watch us while getting paid waaaay more money than any sign people I know. Unions had their place decades ago, but now they are part of the demise of this country. I am Detroit born and raised, so I am surrounded by union folk. It is ludicrous that someone on the line can be in the six figures while screwing in a bolt without needing a brain while people who work their butts off barely get by. But, just my opinion :) And don't even get me started on the whole UL, et al fiasco - one of the biggest ripoffs in the sign industry since ADA signage.
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    BAR STOOL ECONOMICS Suppose that every day, ten men go out for a beer and the bill for all ten comes to $100. If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would go something like this: The first four men (the poorest) would pay nothing. The fifth would pay $1.00 The sixth would pay $3.00 The seventh would pay $7.00 The eighth would pay $12.00 The ninth would pay $18.00 The tenth man (the richest) would pay $59.00 So that’s what they decided to do. The men drank in the bar every day and seemed quite happy with arraignment, until one day, the owner threw them a curve. “Since you are all such good customers, he said, I’m going to reduce the cost of your daily beer by $20.00. “Drinks for the ten men now cost just $80.00 The group still wanted to pay their bill the way we pay our taxes so the first four men were unaffected. They would still drink for free. But what about the other six men – the paying customers? How could they divide the $ 20 windfall so that everyone would get there “fair share?” They realized that $ 20.00 divided by six is $3.33. But if they subtracted that from everybody’s share, then the fifth man and the sixth man would each end up being paid to drink his beer. So, the bar owner suggested that it would be fair to reduce each man’s bill by roughly the same amount, and he proceeded to work out the amounts each should pay! And so: The fifth man like the first four, now paid nothing ( 100% savings). The sixth now paid $2 instead of $3 (33% savings). The seventh now pay $5 instead of $7 (28% savings). The eighth now paid $9 instead of 12 (25% savings). The ninth now paid 14 instead of 18 (22% savings). The tenth now paid $49 instead of $59 (16% savings). Each of the six was better off than before! And the first four continued to drink for free. But once outside the restaurant, the men began to compare their savings. “I only got a dollar out of the $20“ declared the sixth man. He pointed to the tenth man, “but he got $10!” “Yeah, that’s right, shouted the seventh man. “why should he get $10 back when I got only two? The wealthy get all the breaks!” “Wait a minute,” yelled the first four men in union. “ We didn’t get anything at all. The system exploits the poor!” The nine men surrounded the tenth and beat him up. The next night the tenth man didn’t show up for drinks, so the nine sat down and had beers without him. But when it came time to pay the bill, they discovered something important. They didn’t have enough money between all of them for even half of the bill! And that, boys and girls, journalist and college professors, is how our tax system works. The people who pay the highest taxes get the most benefit from a tax reduction. Tax them too much, attack them for being wealthy, and they just may not show up anymore. In fact, they might start drinking overseas where the atmosphere is somewhat friendlier. For those who understand, no explanation is needed. For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible
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    your customer, your problem. I deal with you, you owe me.
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