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  1. 7 points
    "Fuck Em"... What can they really do? Band together and scold you? Can they come after members who are posting in real time about bad payer's? They can try, won't go anywhere... The fact of the matter is the majority of us, if not all. Run our business' with honor and pride. Which translates to paying our bills on time. Supplying the customer with the products we quoted them. Fabricating the jobs as specified. And servicing all of our customers to the best of our abilities. Are the bad payer's going to blackball all of us that have outed them? It would be redundant, since we no longer do work for them. These bad payer's are probably starting to feel the pinch. They're not getting the quality sub's they were once used to. Who knows, but if they're pissed at this site. You know this network of subs has banded together. And told them, No thanks, and No more. It's an easy fix for the bad payer's. Step up, come on this site. Apologize for mistreating their subs. Start paying deposits, and paying balances per the agreed contractual terms. This site isn't telling them how to run their business'. It's just promoting the good nationals. And pointing out the bad nationals to partner with. As far as your supply business goes. The other suppliers might want to spend more time developing or expanding their accounts. Getting the "big shops" to pay them on time. And quit worrying about another qualified competitor.
  2. 4 points
    D O N O T W O R K F O R .......... KFM 24 7 LTD Keystone Facility Maintenance 15949 Fredrick Rd Woodbine MD 21797 301 854-6776 KFM247.COM FEB 29TH SATURDAY AT 415 PM KFM Calls me to do a Emergency Call for a Banner falling off of a Victorias Secret. Its an Emergency and they need it right away. ( I pass this Banner everyday , 2 times a day for the past 3 weeks. It has been falling since then ) I tell them a price and I will be there in 1 hr. I want a Credit Card number for the amount. We all Agree and they will send me a PO immediately for the agreed amount . I go to the site and remove the banner. Simple job, In and out in 15 minutes. Total time from call to back in the garage is 55 minutes. Nice and easy I come in Monday and there is a PO for $ 175. for the work. WTF ? The Credit Card doesn't go thru either. I call them immediately and no answer. I call them for the next 4 days, 4 -5 times a day. Nothing. Now its my turn. I call the Victoria Secret store and I talk to the store manager. They will handle it and get back to me. 20 Minutes later KFM calls me and wants to " Take care of the Misunderstanding " They said that " You were on site for 15 minutes and that the price was way over their allowed limit. I informed them that I did not care about their limits or anything they have to say. That I already had placed a Lien and Victoria Corp was involved. SO they paid me immediately. Remember......" they said it was a misunderstanding " Today, 10 days later KFM called me to say..........I"m the Manager here at KFM and that there was a misunderstanding and I want to pay up and clear the Lien. These " Scumbags" dont know that they already paid me 4 days before. THEY ARE 100% LOSERS This Re Enforces my Hatred of " Facility Maintenance Companies " who work out of a desk or tent. Always get the End User information and make a good relationship with the store manager when working. It pays off to be in control.
  3. 4 points
    Oh lord. Tell us which distributor and I promise we will never make a purchase with them again. See how they like them apples, haha. Or are they on the east coast?
  4. 3 points
    Yes this is very sad to everyone. The " Good Guy " just trying to do the right thing. The other issue is .........These Message Center Sign Companies who sell to the General Public. ( The Florida Specials ) They advertise and sell directly to the Schools, Churches and Public. They sell the sign and send them the 15 Minute Video on how to install it. " You can do it " advice.
  5. 3 points
    I always call. No exceptions. You don't build a relationship with a vendor w/o actually talking to them.
  6. 3 points
    Discrimination ? Really ? I am a White Male, Born here in America, Speak English and went thru the Public School System. I got the same schooling as everyone else did, Blacks, Whites, Orange and Green, Male or Female College Aid.......Nothing for me, my parents worked. I have been discriminated against my entire adult life. In Civil Service, It was minority hiring....1 White male for every 3 minorities. ( Failures too ) Then it was the Women. They could not pass the Physical Test. Again they and all the Minorities got special free schooling to pass the test. I had to pay. ( All the White Boys ) Same with all promotional tests. In the Sign Business, and other businesses, I lose to all the Minority Contractors and Women Owned businesses. That's the law. Some Companies go as far as asking are you Women Owned, Minority Owned, Gay, Transgender, Bi-Sexual and ...... My fault is I get up everyday at 6 am and work 6 Days a week, for over 30 years. I am the Minority I agree with Sign Lady. I am entitled to what I earn, because I work for it.
  7. 3 points
    http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/STMG/sott_201608/#/110 Oh boy Robin Donovan of Signs of The Times is a Doooofus. Looked at a few things about her and it appears Wade left the sign industry typewriter with a Greeny, Hippy, Meditating, Buddahish........Activist. She's one of those that believes that "Hands up don't shoot" by Michael Brown in Ferguson really happened. Nothing more than a thug who robbed a store, beat up the store tenant, and assualted a police officer and tried to take his gun away from him and probably murder him with it. So I'm sure her typewriter hands have been clinched waiting for an opportunity to spam about Fear, Pain, & Ugliness, portraying false victimization and White Guilt on a industry magazine....the best place for this? Most of the people holding up signs #Black Lives Matters really have no clue where to truly place their anger and message, it sure isn't at our law enforcement community nor stopping traffic and interrupting everyday citizens normal lives. BLM is a thuggish movement about to borderline a domestic terrorist movement. I once coined Wade Swormstedt as the "Community Organizer", which he lost when he turned this magazine around for the better, but she....robin Truly earned this new title but it's more fitting than it ever has!
  8. 3 points
    I dont do it for nationals, but I do drive around towns and write down and take a pic of outages and give the list to a salesman to call
  9. 2 points
    I'm going to avoid the comments above but throw in my two cents (which may be all my post is worth but..). Way back in the dark ages when signs were still hand painted, a company called Gerber Scientific came out with the first good vinyl plotter. And yes, there may have been others, but this was the first one that (at least in my area) saw large sales. The local sign writers bemoaned the fact that now any "monkey with two fingers" (a phrase I heard more than once) could now lay out and make signs. Other phrases like "its ruining the industry", "taking away jobs", etc. flew about. I wonder if the first mass produced brushes got the same kind of comments? We used to make wholesale channel letters (all by hand) and after I saw the Gerber 4-B at other shops, I tricked (long story) my father into buying one. it cost $10K (in 1982 dollars) when that was a tidy sum. it came with a whopping seven fonts. It saved us a lot of time, allowed us to stop hand cutting/reverse spraying faces, making letter patterns, etc. I was just learning to hand letter at the time, but that was left on the wayside. I still wish I had fully learned to hand letter but i digress. Anyway, channel letter benders are just another tool. In the hands of an experienced shop they can really be a money maker. Digital printers are another similar item. If you know how to use them (and market that service) you can make a lot of dough. In the 21st century channel letters, digital prints, aluminum extrusions, etc. are all commodities. You can buy an assemble-it / install-it yourself set of channel letters on-line from at least one source. I wonder when Amazon or Walmart will start carrying channel letters, cabinet signs, etc. Now, anyone with deep enough pockets can gain entry to the sign business, be it with electric signs, vinyl graphics, 3d carved signs, etc. by buying the right equipment AND hiring the right people. TBH, isn't that the new business model in these times. If you have enough $, you can get into most any business. Put together a business plan, get a loan, assemble a team, rent appropriate space, buy "stuff" and run with it. It will never be as easy as the franchise salespeople would make you believe, but people will try and some will succeed. Now I'm putting on my helmet, body armor and hunkering down in my foxhole and try to avoid the shrapnel.
  10. 2 points
    Obviously human error ! The entire sling and lifting set up was wrong from the start. As soon as it lifted off, the sign flipped and it was to late. Did you see the Real Sign Company truck drive by just before the fall.
  11. 2 points
    Great article, well thought out and written. I agree on the shipping portion as neon is always a issue in shipping. Also the amount of qualified neon shops has diminished by 80+ % or more. I also think as time goes on fewer shops will be able to diagnose and repair neon fluorescent and HID signs. Eventually it will be so bad that some towns wont have a way to service anything but LED's. As we have spoken about before I have wondered if light degradation and the importance is a huge issue. Not that it fixes the problem but likely most storefront shops wont survive 5 years, will have moved or have rebranded. Lastly I agree wholeheartedly about trade mags and associations. Harder to stand up to your friends then enemies.
  12. 2 points
    Magazines need money to publish and stay profitable. Corporations and Manufacturers pay the bills. Its all about the money. Not the truth or end users
  13. 2 points
    Sell him the LEDs. Remove and save his old neon. When the LEDs fail in 2-3 years, you can sell him back his neon Can't fix stupid.
  14. 2 points
    Hahaha - You would be surprised how often I hear "is there somebody else there I can talk to?" My husband gets on the phone and tells them the EXACT same thing I just told them (him) and they say "okay". I think it must be my southern accent. LOL ..... WOW - seeing that in color REALLY makes my decision for me. I am not going to sell this guy something that he is going to look at me in a year and wonder why it looks so bad. Just not going to do it. Because when it goes South he won't remember all of the conversations we have had about it not being a good idea to change it out. He will just insist that I fix it. Given the costs I have already gotten for the LED (not including labor), not going to eat it, that's for sure - and that's what he would expect me to do. The install there currently is a REALLY BAD version of the conventional shown above. They have entirely too many feet per transformer for starters is the main thing we have found - but I believe it is 18mm glass. I will have to pull the work folder and look at the survey. I am currently working on the diagrams to get the EXACT linear feet drawn out - been using "close" numbers up to this point just for pricing sake. I will send you one when I finish it and that way we can compare real world instead of hypotheticals just for shits and giggles. hahaha I SO appreciate you sending this to me - hopefully it will be enough to convince him to stay with the neon.
  15. 2 points
    Like I originally said in the beginning of this post, not only a shitty weld but where is the sleeve inside the pipe at the weld point? Duh. Morons can kill.
  16. 2 points
    That's funny. Obviously it's different to each person but I'd say 75% of my FB friends were for Trump, more quite and not so vocal but it almost seemed like the opposition had a smaller audience. I never had intention of posting these here but since we're on the subject. I have to say that years ago when Dole ran for office and made his acceptance speech which was held at the GOP Convention here in San Diego, I decided at the last moment to go. Oddly enough I had no problem finding parking with 1 hour to go to speech time. The Convention was dead, at that point I knew he was going to lose, there was no energy. Fast Forward to this election cycle, Kirstie and I jumped at the opportunity to go to one of Trumps Rally's here in San Diego. Most of you who follow know what happened here in San Diego and the violence that came. We went, and I felt a certain duty to go, but I wanted to see "the movement". Unlike other cities when it came to Trump Rally's, SDPD didn't fuck around and quickly knocked out the unruly law breakers We had to park several city blocks away and walk, rocked our Trump shirts and walked through all the protesters. The protesters weren't really Bernie or Hillary supporters and I didn't see too many holding up signs of other candidates. These protesters were mainly very young, college age, old and young hippies, Hispanic and their message was that of anarchy, not for the opposing candidates. Inside the convention center itself, the supports were numerous, I mean a sea of supporters NOTHING like I saw for the Republican Convention for Dole. The energy and diversity of all those who showed was HUGE. By no means was the crowd of supports a "white thing" as the press would try and have you believe, you had people from such a huge variation of background and diversity. After the Rally, the police had to detour and funnel us out a different direction because the entrance was now bombarded with protesters on borderline rioting. You had thousands and thousands of supporters coming out, but compared to the protesters they were small and minute. Maybe a hundred or two. They were just loud, probably professionals. We went to a bar (one of my customers) and had lunch, at that time things were getting out of hand (un-beknown to us) at the convention center and legions of police made their way to the center as you can see the look on Kirstie's face while I held my camera out to snap a pic. San Diego known for the diversity, being at the rally, at that point I had little doubt Trump would win. The Energy, the numbers of supporters, it seemed like destiny to me. On Social Media for me, it seemed to be dominated by Supporters for Trump. For my networks it seemed to be more dominated by women than men. I think the women had bigger balls than most men (sorry guys) when it came to social media posts, comments, battles. Haha Anyway, thought I would share this.
  17. 2 points
    Matthew.....is that an inside joke? Two spelling errors while correcting someone else's???
  18. 2 points
    Any of the morons claiming that they will move to canada will not be missed by any of us!
  19. 2 points
    Thank you for the kind words Dom. One day I hope to have a beer with you,hopefully under one of the signs I did I was asked why I posted this, and if anyone is wondering it's because lately in person and over the phone I've been helping/doing some things with members of this site and they let me know how much they appreciate it, and I let them know how much I appreciate what they have done for me now, and in the past.....and well it's reciprocal. So I thought back to the old conversation above and I thought that to be sad. Wish I could elaborate more on it, as there is more to it and behind it, but it's not important. Some people will be lonely all their lives and those that wish to follow under them in that work motto will be too.
  20. 2 points
    My Invoice states....All products delivered to the purchaser under this contract shall remain the property of Paul Signs Inc. whether the same have been installed in or attached to real property or not. Until the purchase price is paid in full, Paul Signs Inc. shall have the right to to repossess its products and to enter upon and sever the same from any real property where delivered or installed. It works. We always are paid.
  21. 2 points
    We have some very BIG changes coming to The Sign Syndicate that we will be announcing soon, a few to be exact. It's going to change the landscape a little bit, and I'm going to have to give some deep consideration/thought on a few longtime aspects on this board because it may even alter those as well, or maybe not. Some may not like it, some people who already dislike what we do here will REALLY hate it and us now. But I have to admit...I'm excited about it because I love what I do and I love this industry. Maybe we'll announce it on the board first or maybe we'll announce it on your Youtube.com SS Video Updates. We'll see. Stay Tune!
  22. 2 points
    If you build your business, Forget all the Blue Books and Bidding companies..Its a waste of time. Build your business on quality and service. Then your reputation will get you more work then you want.
  23. 2 points
    Ditto, all the sentiments expressed above. I am tired of writing off bad debt to worthless national companies. When someone we have not worked with sends a project, the first two things I do is run a credit check and log into SS to see if anyone has posted their experience. If it becomes public knowledge that there are a group of nationals and vendors banding to try and shut this site down I will do everything I can to not purchase materials, or accept further work from the guilty parties ( if we are still doing business with them ....). Keep up the good work. It is nice to have a resource that is not censored like the trade rags or controlled by ISA.
  24. 2 points
    Just to shed light on this whole mystery thread, let me add this information to the issue at hand. Mark is correct that RMS (Retail Maintenance Service) did indeed change its name to "Ascential". It was then consumed by "Facility Source" which is now owned by Warburg-Pincus. WB being a venture capital and investment firm which would explain the intricacies and vagueness of their contract. I am quite sure after reading their Manifesto, it would be quite impossible to be paid on a timely basis. However, the afforementioned RMS is not the same company as Retail Maintenance Specialists who are listed on the Sign Syndicate forum. I have experience with this company and can say that they, as well, are an avoid at all cost company. Apparently we were confusing the two companies but my friend Mark has experience with the RMS turned Ascential and has had a bad experience. But the two companies should not be confused. Blink your eyes and the company you were dealing with has changed like a pair of dirty work pants and you never quite know who you are dealing with. This NSP "Acid Trip" our industry has embarked on is truly something to behold. Anyhow, I still decline to work for Retail Maintenance Specialists and have amicably declined to accept any contracts from the said Facility Source/Ascential. This website has been and will continue to be a wonderful source of information to me that has helped keep my aggravation index at a manageable level. Best
  25. 2 points
    I to have for many years told people about the site on my many journeys. Being one of the first couple of members have seen the site grow, grow and grow. Many have told me that the site wont last like some other sites that just go away or get over run by one or two people, but probably has close to or more members than some of the magazines in the trade keeping in mind that the mags send multiple copies to each shop for different peep's where I know some shops on here have one member and share the site with others in the office. Way to go Erik and Kgirl.
  26. 2 points
    I hate the thought of having to work with the union in any capacity. I will not take on any work that requires working with union people. We set up for a show in New York a few years past and was told that if we even plugged in a drop cord they would not set up our display. CRAZY!
  27. 2 points
    You're way off the mark here, Erik. "Do nothings"? Really? Did you wake up grouchy and want to pick at any topic you clearly don't understand? What gives you the right to stand on the outside and cast barbs at those that devote a good portion of each day to making the industry better. I've been active in our state and national sign associations for over 25 years and it's bums like you that rant on as to what's wrong but are always missing from the table when the issues are discussed in a fair and open arena (not this sandbox of a forum). I tell you, your words and gross generalizations do nothing but drag the entire effort down, that's for sure. Next time the ISA or CSA Boards meet to discuss ALL the issues confronting the industry, I'd like to see you there. Oh wait, no, you'll be outside exclaiming how rotten the bastards are that are inside doing their best to bring credibility and stability to the industry. Wise up.
  28. 1 point
    Our phone is literally not ringing AT ALL other than the PMs checking on the jobs we already had. We are so far behind because of all of the rain that the guys work daily on the back log of stuff on the days it isn't pouring buckets outside. I have never seen so much rain in all of my put togethers - Now the coronavirus to add to it. I am praying that thing moves out of here with as little damage as possible and our lives can get back to "normal". Hope all of you are well and remain that way!! We shall survive this!! How long that takes is left up to us. We have to all do our part and do as we have been asked so it doesn't continue to spread. Stay safe everybody!
  29. 1 point
    Eric Good Day! I think we all play a part in getting the truth out but you had the idea, determination and perseverance to see it through. So kudos and bravo to you. So to commemorate the Sign Syndicate Community Effort to Stay on top of the truth here is an idea you might add as one of your product offerings.... or some other meme in the same direction. See attached photo. It might catch on...
  30. 1 point
    Are you wanting something to attach to Panel Boxes, Contactors, or a Switch? I have one of these devices on all of my trucks. I call them Apprentices. :)
  31. 1 point
    Forget the 4 x 8 Cry once and smile for the next 20 years Pay the price only one time and Buy a 5 x 10 MultiCam and never look back or worry. My MultiCam is 15 plus years old and only 2 service calls were required.
  32. 1 point
    Let him sell them that way if there is an issue you are NOT the target of those big corporate lawyers.
  33. 1 point
    Chinese LED products can be okay IF, their mfg'ing hands ar being held and the quality is overseen similar to what apple does. But so far no American Company selling LEDs has had that control that I know of, in fact their filled with horror stories you won't hear about publicly. American reps will show up to those factories once a quarter or once a year, or never again and they have no real control, it's just based on hopes and dreams that they won't get deceived by a manufacturer who is making modules for 10 other companies as well. I have yet to ever see a Chinese product, or an American company who is using importing Chinese Diodes & materials...the ol "Assembled In America" really last or have a nice color rendering. In fact what I see is a lot of inconsistency.....lay out and light a whole string and you'll see what I'm talking about. To many manufacturers here aren't from this industry and all they want to do is just "sell" a product. The objective is only produce cheap and sell for as much as they can get, quality is of no concern. That's okay, because a lot of sign companies are the same, they just want to collect a check and walk away, and others will deal with the mess like above. From all of our testing that we've been doing here, I've yet to see one of these products actually hold up with out degrading in light output over a short time short time or color shifting in that short time. From all the testing we've been doing, that list of who's products I would ever is is only large enough to write on my hand. None of them are Chinese. My standards are high, because quality is first on my list A lot will say, "I've never had failure". Their standard or scale of "failure" is most likely outright failure, NOT degradation. Yet, they wonder why in a few years why that once even face is now hot spotting. It's hot spotting because that original module spacing cannot fulfill that spacing any longer because of the light loss. I am generalizing about Chinese LED module products because the standard their next too, and competing against when it comes to quality, has yet to be surpassed. If there is one, I should like to get a hold of some so we can see how they hold up to what is made available. When you put a quality LED module product in a channel next to what I've described side by side, the comparison is obvious. But you won't know until you have two to look at. To date, I've only been impressed with Korean and Japanese components
  34. 1 point
    I can get the sign cheaper. And it is LED . That's the answer we get. We made and installed signs for a Large Storage Company for 8 years straight. All Neon They decided to go with another vendor who said LED was the way to go, the savings, the quality etc. 2 years later those signs had the common dimming and outages. They called me back and said......Why are your neon signs always lighting and no service calls ? I'm back making all the signs with neon, only at higher prices this time. I love the shit signs from others. Keep up the shitty work and cheap prices
  35. 1 point
    Very nice!! All of the colors look amazing, but the white is so crisp! Do you have a price sheet you could send me??
  36. 1 point
    I hear and respect what you're saying. I think it would be a moot issue if the installation companies stood together and passed on the low ball jobs out there. There is only so much markup these "outsourcers" can factor into the job and still pull a profit. Part of that profit is coming from low balling the installers, or cutting corners on the manufacturing (NY Paul's post comes to mind.....the "quality" LED sign he had to remove)... Installers walking away from the low ball work we'll keep these guys out of the market to begin with.
  37. 1 point
    So you're saying. Letting the opposite sex use the different bathroom shows compassion. For that individual? What about that person showing compassion for the rest. Who use our gender specific restrooms? Why should 1 persons choice, affect everyone else's? If they want their own bathrooms, fine. Then they should pay to have them installed every where. Honestly, I couldn't care less if a chick decided to use the restroom next to me. It's happened many times at concerts, sporting events, clubs... But for a guy to walk in on my wife. And make her feel uncomfortable. Why should his level of comfort, trump hers?
  38. 1 point
    You count me out, it'll be a cold day in hell when I produce a Transgender Bathroom sign, or any sign based on how people think what gender they are in that minute in time
  39. 1 point
    Erik, I saw that one too on Linkedin. I believe one of the marketing folks for Sign Vine was stepping down publicly. Here is a public link if anybody wants to read. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/great-idea-didnt-work-mike-prongue?trk=mp-reader-card I really enjoyed the comment section on that post. They previously bashed the sign industry for not being technologically advanced enough. In the newest one... "Non-profits seemed to expect more of a grant than just another fund-raising campaign. So their interest level was cool at best. Then the reality is that the "crowd" tended to be the church congregation and not curious and benevolent visitors going to the site to be part of something they believed in. The anonymous visitor was not making a $20 donation to fund a Broadway play- they were helping some church they would never visit or see buy an electronic reader board. While noble, that is not very exciting. When you give your services away for 6 months and it still does not draw a crowd, it was time to reconsider."
  40. 1 point
    Starr; I have worked for them in the past and can heartily give them a "Thumbs Down". They will try to hammer you for the most unworkable pricing, hound you for updates on any job they dispatch you on and then proceed to forget you after it was complete and it comes time for payment. You will have to fight tooth and nail to be paid and hopefully you will see payment at 90 days, if at all. You will hear every excuse why this all happened only to be repeated if you should take another service call. Stay away............... I will leave you with a saying you are probably familiar with in Lafayette, LA................. Poo-Yi ! (Hopefully I spelled this correctly) Best
  41. 1 point
    Beautiful truck BUT It needs to be fully stocked with Transco Ballasts, Transco Neon Tank Transformers, & Axiom LED Power Supplies! Transco Silicone GTO, Caps, & Boots. Oh, and a Transco Lamp & Continuity Tester!
  42. 1 point
    Paul Signs truck in the movies. We were hired to be in the movie making business. Alot easier then hanging signs and alot more money. The Movie..."Tracers" is being shot in NYC and the "Star" is being chased down the street and then jumps on the back of my truck. Then (stuntman) runs up on top of boom to the 3rd floor and jumps onto the building. 12 hrs of shooting one day and 8 hrs the next. Probably only a minute in the movie. Great advertising and future work. Every day is another adventure
  43. 1 point
    This is one of those nigerian scams that has been around for years. There is a website http://www.419eater.com/html/letters.htm that details some pretty funny revenge on the scammers.
  44. 1 point
    Melissa; I read your post and I now have a smile on my face. You have a supporter and fellow American who cares about yout out here on the "Left Coast". May good health and good fortune find you, your mom and the rest in your family and community. Heck, may good things happen to all on this board and all my fellow Americans. Last Christmas I had a business meeting and was asked by someone what I wanted for Christmas. I replied that I really didn't need or want anything because I felt fortunate to have simply been born an American and would like only peace and prosperity for my family, fellow Americans and all places around the globe. Lord knows it is needed. Everybody at the meeting proceeded to laugh at me and call me a dreamer. My first inclination was to go ballistic but I shrugged it off, repeated what I wanted and endured the laughs like a man. You just validated that what I wanted was correct all along. Have a great day today and keep everyone around you smiling. Dominic
  45. 1 point
  46. 1 point
    Below I'm posting a a thread for a friend. If anyone out there has the experience in electric signs who can: Qualify for a CA contractors license of their own, tired of working for someone else and wants to start making real money, or has a small established shop possibly working out of their garage but wants to expand - this thread may be for you. I think this can really really work our great for someone one out there Starting up or downsizing - this is an opportunity for you. I have space, some equipment, and infrastructure that will make it easy for you to start your own electrical sign business, or, if you need to downsize to a smaller space, this could be the answer. You won't need to spend time setting up phones, electrical, internet, or even basic furnishings. We can share use of a 4 x 8 Vision router/engraver, panel saw, table saw, work tables and benches, small tools, Matthews paint system, 48 inch digital printer, vinyl cutters, color printer. We have a super artist, plus other staff you might want to share. We also have two trucks sitting idle. Let's work out an equitable way to share the cost of our lease and overhead. Your electrical sign work can supplement our architectural signs and ADA specialty. We have been in business for well over fifty years, and have a good reputation and have always had good credit, but the downturn is not sparing us! Let's pool some resources and come through this with a winning combination. Our location in a gated Long Beach business park is freeway convenient, one block off the 91 and just minutes from the 60]5 and the 710. Check out our website at http://www.4adasigns.com and http://www.accesscommconsulting.com
  47. 1 point
    I totally agree. In my opinion there is a definate "in your face" agenda hidden in a cloak of religious freedom and tolerance. Obama should take a moment to put himself in the shoes of the people who were directly affected by 9/11 and understand that this would be almost unbearable for these people to see the Mosque built there. It would be like building a monument to the Nazi party in Aushwitz and telling the Jews that Hitler and a couple dozen of his buddies were the bad ones and ruined it for the rest of them. Some things should not be done just because they are extremely insensitive.
  48. 1 point
    I play Dungeons and Dragons......
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    yes. It is my understanding that Global went out of business. Global was the x president and some others from SRE that left back in 2000 or so. they had some accounts and then suddenly went out of business. I never heard what happened...good luck in your search. Here's a link. http://www.customsigngenerator.com/dunkin-donuts.asp?text=who+builds+me%3F&text2= d
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    I'm not adding a secondary ground. When using LED (Tetra), the wires do not jump from one letter to the next, but all return to the power supply. Typically, short pieces of flex are used for thru the wall, the flex is not extended all the way to the power supply (in transformer box). Instead, a ground ring is put on the flex connector, all of the ground rings are wired together then a wire is run to the transformer box to supply a ground for all of the letters.
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