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  1. Wow I can t believe it. I know a lot of the EMC Mfr's will sell retail and go around you sometimes as well. That said We have done a bunch of signs that the customer has drop shipped in NEXT LED and the product seems very nice and the customers have been very satisfied. The seem to have their act together and have decent service if needed.
  2. So I went thru the nationals list and updated comments if anything was out of date or had changed. All of us who contract services should do this. How do the companies listed get on the list? We do work for a good number of shops that send work all over and are not listed.
  3. We have seen similar in our email marketing blasts. Thank God we have not been hurt to bad. Customer base and the work is being done are a bit different. Remain flexible and move fast.
  4. We have been a wholesaler for over 20 years now and we only sell signs wholesale to the trade period. For example we used to buy and resell gemini products. They started sellinning channel letters and we dropped them. Same when france tried to sell cabinets. I have only done machine work for the sneeze guard stuff for other sign shops and am pissed that some of our suppliers sell them. I would be just as pissed if we did printing. The plastic distributors are selling everything they have, no need to cut into my and or my customers work. I also know that they have increased pricing because o
  5. It pisses me off when a supplier is selling what I sell. We stick to our guns when folks and remain wholesale only.
  6. Clear plex stock has sucked for a while, the secondary issue is that the are running clear only and not running colors. we bought a ton of white so we dont run out.
  7. So far our shop is unharmed and we are still trying to hold it together and keep doing what we do. That said how is everyone else doing? Less that 10 miles away 4 police were shot. 1 POS looter was killed after a police chase and gun battle. A black man who was a employee of a pawn shop was killed at work by looters. Between excessive regulation and taxes, Covid shutdowns and now this. Now more that ever I feel that I am fighting forces out of my control. Despite what is going on we have just had a great month and I am so proud of our employees and customers as well as our customers which
  8. So at the start of this I contacted my Ins agent and asked what I had coverage wise. I have coverage for loss of business. The only caveat was that in order for this to be covered I had to be non essential and ordered by the government. I am guessing a lot of people may be getting a settlement. Along with PPP and EIDL if you applied I am thinking a lot of folks may come out ahead. On the other hand a lot of retail stores and others were barely hanging on and this was the last straw.
  9. We are and have been working. Thank God we have had a backlog of work and are still getting new work. Might be hiring again.
  10. We are not sure. We could see a lot of work be placed on hold. We could also see a lot of work because they cant get it done elsewhere. We have had sale records for 5 years almost every quarter. Doubled or staff in the last year or so and where looking to add 60 to 80,000 sq feet. I am SOOOOO glad we did not spend 3-4 mil on a new building last month. Thankfully 1 building was in flood plan, 1 the ceiling was to low and the other the column spacing was to tight. I am guessing if we come out the other end of this in good shape its sad to say that a better selection of buildings will be for s
  11. We have 2-3+ months backlog of manufacturing. We are working unless the state steps in and says we have to shut down. We are taking precautions against travel, incoming visitors and beefed up facility cleaning by a factor of 4 or more. Given rules for employees in case of sickness. We have 65 plus families to feed directly plus our vendors and customers. I hope it gets hot soon and kill this virus.
  12. Update Email a couple minutes ago!!!!!! Dear ISA Sign Expo 2020 Attendees, The International Sign Association Board of Directors met yesterday to discuss options surrounding ISA Sign Expo 2020 given the current environment. One of ISA’s core missions is to create a platform for the sign, graphics and visual communication industry to gather and conduct business, and we have done
  13. From what I hear its still on. I also hear a lot of vendors have pulled out along with attendees. One of our new customers just took a big booth.
  14. If you are needing cabinets that you finish in house I would suggest Signcomp. If you are looking for a finished cabinet UFB can do it for you. We have a couple customers out your way and deliver often. On top of that I bet we can build one of out UFB VIP s/f cabinets complete with blank face lit with UL and painted any Mathews color almost for the price of yo just buying the components. I dont want to get to spammy so I will stop here.
  15. Not to come to the defense of a non payer, but these big companies are very cumbersome. You cant just ask Betty to cut a check to______. The project folks and the AP folks may not even be in the same floor/building or state. One thing is for sure is that if their system is not followed it will be a pain to get paid. We likely do a mil or 2 with the big guys and have totally changed the way we expect to get paid and have had to adjust to each Biggie to work out how to work together. The rewards can be good if you can adjust to them.
  16. I am guessing that this company had sent you some sort of contract and PO stating terms. If they are way out of terms ask them why and if they are still delaying payment send them a notice of intent to lien project. Every job we have had issue getting paid clears it up real quick. If it does not file the lien and get paid by their customer or land owner. BTW Jesse James palm....
  17. This is a tough one for me. I see pics everyday of way over the top hack work. Yet with our volume we are I think at 16 or 18 UL inspections a year. I have looked into MET a 1/2 dozen times and still get all the answers to make me comfortable to make a change. I would be interested in feedback from any current MET subscribers.
  18. I was thinking about this yesterday morning. We have reservations already booked. If I remember a ton of Chinese manufacturing companies are vendors and wonder if they will be uninvited or????
  19. People are to quick to post to social media and frankly blab about it. Without thinking of what negative impact it would have on the company. A couple groups on FB post pics of all kinds of stuff and its amazing how quick people look in the background or even at the intended photo and start pointing out osha violations or other hack work. For example we staged a pick of a large sign that we had painted INSIDE the paint booth but could not get far enough away so we opened the booth door and faked it. Only a few days later to have the fire marshal come by and said someone called to complain
  20. Call the guys over at Piros Signs. They used to do the Shell work in the midwest.
  21. I dont understand, We had a EPA volunteer audit and DA came up and is not considered Haz waste. Laq thinner yes.
  22. Ask the paint reps if they will warranty their product for that use and the answer will tell you all you need to know.
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