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  1. Swing Sign Hanger Brackets

    Wow1 That use to be standard hardware that every supply company carried. I probably have some around still. Send me a pic if you haven't already found one and I'll see if I have them. There are a few different styles.
  2. Does anyone have any tips on applying vinyl to fresh paint (especially matthews) and not get gas bubbles in vinyl. We always have to wait 2-3 days for paint to cure. No problem most of the time, but there is always that hurry up job that needs done tomorrow. Any thoughts, tips or tricks? Thanks,
  3. Thanks Gary! It was worth the effort!
  4. I thought I would share our Parade entry, which, for the second year in a row won the "Grand Prize" award. It was a great time and really brought good will to our company from the community. If you have one of these in your area you should participate.With our industry knowledge and tools at our disposal, you will have a distinct advantage. And everyone loves a Parade....:-)
  5. Christmas Night Parades

    Thanks Paul. As I mentioned it was some of the best PR we've had. In fact some of our drone pictures were used by the city on their Christmas card last year and they have asked us to take some more "official" shots this year for them. Also made the front page of the paper. It was all 120 volt. the sign on the back was a Nativity picture with lights forming a pyramid up to a star. In addition it gets your employees motivated to be part of such an effort. We kind of took everybody by surprise last year and I think this year we are going to see a lot more entries step up big time. We shall see!
  6. Christmas Night Parades

    It was a lot of fun and really not to cold as I recall. Tomorrow night it's suppose to be around 40 degrees. Perfect weather for a Christmas parade...:-)
  7. Has anybody else participated in a Christmas Night Parade? It seemed a natural for us as a sign and lighting company. We took first place last year with this entry. It was some of the best publicity we have ever gotten. This years parade is Friday. I'll let you know how we do. We took overhead shots with our Drone....
  8. Recycled plastic

    That's unfortunate there are no good recycling options. This stuff truly will lay in a dump for a hundred years and not degrade.
  9. Recycled plastic

    I would be interested in knowing what others are doing with their old plastic faces and scraps. Any good recycling operations you know of that take whole faces as is? I have had companies bring a shipping container to my place and I've filled and it was sent to China for recycling, but that is very hard work loading by hand and they don't want to leave it for more than a day or two. Usually about 25,000# will fill it. They will pay you for it but price is going way down.
  10. Strong Winds Knock Down 1,500-Pound Business Sign

    From the google street view it looked overloaded. However an additional inside ring would have probably prevented this from happening. I imagine the plug welds broke loose first which allowed it to move slightly, which put a constant back and forth on the top ring which eventually broke loose and then a banging back and forth probably several feet until it split the second stage pipe and allowed it to fall.
  11. New Elliott Crane

    A beautiful machine! Alas, all us sign companies can do is dream of such. Utilities are the only ones who could afford such a beauty! Vegas and Times Square possible exceptions.
  12. That was hilarious! Enjoyed the laugh track and music too!
  13. This is absurd! They take 50 years to enforce a law? I suspect this is about something else. Not sure what but I would bet MONEY or a POWER GRAB is involved.
  14. Jet Lite Neon

    Here is a couple pictures of complete unit. Just purchased on eBay that was new in box. Only one I could find.