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  1. dave C.

    Looking for used sign crane

    Rocco, Please look at a unit I have for sale on the Sign Syndicate classifieds. 2007 Ford F750 (under cdl) with a Manitex SC62 skycrane. Thanks, Dave
  2. Gary, Hahaha... Heck of a deal eh..... It was probably a little over priced at 95,000.00. Had a number of calls but nobody showed me the money. I think at 73,000.00 it's much more enticing. I know there are people out there looking, it's just getting it in front of them. December and April seems to be the best month to sell equipment. End of year planning and a busy looking summer in April for folks.
  3. Truck is back on the market at $73,000.00! Call Dave at 217-254-0029
  4. Bruce, It is still available. I put it back in service shortly after I advertised it because we got very busy. But things are back to normal; and I have bought another nree truck also. I have lowered the price to 73,000.00. It's still in the same shape with maybe an additional 1,000 mi8les on it. Dave 217-254-0029
  5. dave C.

    dave C.

  6. dave C.

    It's on the tip of my tongue but....

    Eddie, Thanks for the correction! It was Watco where I bought some of their old equipment. Kolux was out of Kokomo, IN. and had the Shell account I believe. As you said, it's been a long time. The old CEO from Kolux went down to Jasper county in Illinois shortly after they went out of business and talked the county into backing him in setting up a production sign company. They were going to make all signs for Pepsi. Needless to say 6 months later I went to their auction and remember buying 150 brand new ballasts for 2.00 ea. as well as a brand new spray booth and a few other items.It is indeed a tough business. Dave
  7. dave C.

    It's on the tip of my tongue but....

    It looks like an extrusion that was used by a company out of Shelbyville, TN. They are long gone now. Kolux I believe or something like that. they made a lot of gas station signs. I still have some equipment of there's that I bought in their closing sale in 1990. Including the form press that could have formed the radius on that retainer you have. I doubt you will ever match that extrusion unless you find an old sign that has it on it. Most of those extrusions were made just for that company and they owned the molds.
  8. dave C.

    Can't fix stupid

    How many stupid people does it take to screw in a (l.e.d.)lightbulb? :-)
  9. Check out a great deal on a well maintained low mileage truck. Listed in the Sign syndicate's Classified! 2007 Manitex SC62 on 2007 Ford F750 Low mileage
  10. 2007 Manitex SC62 on 2007 Ford F750 Dave 217-254-0029 2 man bucket with remote controls Bucket jib w/500lb. capacity Torch and welding cables at bucket 120v receptacle at bucket Tube box behind cab Torch and hose utility box 2- under bed storage and tool boxes 2007 Ford F750 with Cummins engine (98,800 miles) 2017: New Transmission (Allison automatic) w/warranty 2017: New main pump on Crane. 2017: New Rear end and Brakes Jan. 2018: New water pump Numerous other repairs documented, a number of hoses replaced. Complete service file Call Dave 217-254-0029
  11. dave C.

    Swing Sign Hanger Brackets

    Wow1 That use to be standard hardware that every supply company carried. I probably have some around still. Send me a pic if you haven't already found one and I'll see if I have them. There are a few different styles.