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  1. Here's my .02 ... Everyone's money is the same to me, religion / politics, I don't desriminate against anyones dollar and their right to spend it with me. Church's (the baptist mostly) always worked out well for me, as I do ongoing indoor work and outsourced the big stuff. Nothing like a one off $300 ada sign that I kept a stack of back at the shop to make me play nice. Church commitee's are a nightmare - yes - and I charge them for that. As long as I'm getting paid, I'll sit there and listen to you argue - no problem. Any kind of committee - charge well and chrage often, and belive me y
  2. I break down and take off from blueprint interior division 10 ADA braille signage and interior way finding packages. I also do full color evacuation maps at less than half the price of internal employee's. My breakdowns allow companies outsourcing the interior signage packages the ability to get apples to apples comparison's. over 15 years in this industry ensures my breakouts are ADA federally compliant and include every space on your blueprints. I return full color PDF proofs overlaying the blueprints along with an excel list of every space, ID number, room number, room name, and sign ty
  3. Disney used to pull that crap. In the fine print for a lot of interior packages sold direct to major construction firms, you will often find the "you don't get paid till we get paid" statement. I never actually read the 400 page document till I wasn't getting paid from one of the largest construction firms on the eastern seaboard who had done work for the tribe (the indians) up in North Carolina. Funny thing about tribes, they are federal case's when they don't pay and I had to wait till the lawyers were done spitting at each other to get paid. The other side of it is bonding. If I take a
  4. The need for a super high end paint depends on what your painting. To say all sign shops need to invest in high end Mathews is not true. Most internal sign manufactures don't need the expense or issues provided with Mathews. Most of our stuff is direct print or back sprayed onto acrylic and Mathews does NOT like being shot without a base coat or primer - in my application you can't do this and need a paint built for plastic specifically. Mathews does self level, which is great, but if you are in a high humidity area, your error rate shoots up. It's a pain in the ass to shoot properly if
  5. I'll take sweating my ass off over trying to finish up in a snow storm any day of the week....
  6. How much does a Matthews Set up cost now a days? I spray very little metal so the initial cost of mixer and spray hood, etc was prohibitive for me. I used a Sherwin Williams commercial division metal paint for my stuff. Self leveling, cleaned up like normally, wouldn't kill me in my little unprofessional booth and Sherwin Williams would color match it. I have red ground level signs in mountain weather next to roads for 10 years still looks decent.
  7. I thought it was slow compared to past years, but I was there on the first day - Thursday. For interior manufacturing I only saw two really nice "new" items. One was a new type of plastic that disperses LED light better to create an even glow through the face and sides. The other was a opoxy that made interior polymer signage indestructible. Impressive stuff that basically is clear spray-able Teflon. Everything else was same old same old except the shear number of Chinese. Its always fun talking to other interior sign manufactures and that was pretty much my entire day. This was my
  8. The translation is not patentable, The software he wrote - the translator - was copywritted. Accent used to hold the patent on the braille bead's and probably still does in the US. When you bought your translator you would get a certificate to buy the braille balls as well. Flex uses a plug-in - not cut and paste, in 2013 they changed over to some other software system because of the multi-language ability. Duxbury now has a multi language translator so they might have gone back to them. Last I understood CroelDraw use's MegaDot as it's plug in so you don't have to cut and paste. I don't
  9. Braille output is done with a conversion program to machine language through software written by Duxbury. http://www.duxburysystems.com/products.asp Duxbury started by writing the conversion program for books. It makes the braille #2 - the "reading" braille for blind people and the ADA required braille for signage. The "Font" braille which is Type 1 braille is a direct letter to letter conversion and is not legal on braille signage. Most braille layout's are done with the font just for ease and then the proper conversion is laid in at time of production. Type #2 braille is truncated to r
  10. Right now the LED / lighting market, where it pertains to the sign industry, involve mostly illumination of exterior signage. Box signs, channel / can lettering, racetrack illumination is the easiest and most accessible foothold into the sign industry that lighting has historically had. Lighting for interior signage was few and far between because of the size, power and heat requirements of older lighting techniques were not really appropriate for most interior signage or sign packages. LED’s have changed everything, including the accessibility for the lighting industry in the interior sign
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