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Future of the Sign Industry

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What makes a Sign Sell? And do Sign Company owners really want to sell more signs?

THOUGHTS FROM CHATTERBOX DESIGNS. At The Sign Syndicate, we believe this portal is for experienced sign companies, sign owners, and sign industry people who want to know more about all the details of every facet of the business, including making quality signs. Just about every business (and the new ones opening) needs a sign, and a large percentage, electrical signs. Could we possibly sell more signs, and better designed signs, if the Sign Industry (the experienced sign people), interacted together and shared the knowledge of how to beat the marketplace? Are sign company owners interested in learning from one another, or do they just, "know-it-all." Is there a pervasive, kinda-a-like, "paranoia" that is in this industry, or is it something else? What I have seen in my 10 yeas is a thought, "if it sticks sell it." "If it doesn't, oh well." This is not my opinion, this is what I have seen from small and mid-size sign companies in many Western states. As a small business owner, I don't understand this attitude. I have never once, seen sign owners, I know, open to learning how to sell signs better. Most sign owners have the attitude, "Let's see how long this salesperson will last." There is absolutely no training involved." No weekly sales meeting, with a little training each week, feedback, and "how-do-we-do-it-better," mentality. What sells signs? How do you increase sales? Some factors to consider: 1. Initial assessment BEFORE even taking a job to determine if the customer is going to "buy" or is just "fishing?" QUALIFY the sign buyer. 2. Is it the "fast-talking" sign person, someone new to the industry hungry to get a sale, just a good sales person (without knowledge of signs), or experienced sign sales people that sells a sign? 3. A good sign design, a properly formatted sign submittal? Does it really help, or not? Does the customer need to see a design, or not? 4. The vibe of the market at any one time in the year, or a business needs sign regardless? 5. Fact: the customers needs a sign? Oh well, they may go to your competitor. Sometimes it is all about price, and the customer will go somewhere else. This is a given. But what about increasing sales by 25%, 35%, or more? Most people, in every small business, just want to make a quota, pay the mortgage, and get by. GET BY? I think America needs to wake up. EVERY OTHER NATION ON EARTH is nipping at our shores. Americans better wake up. Period. Do sign companies set goals for sales? Or, it is just that, sign companies love to make signs, and, oh well, it just happens to be a business?




Future of the Sign Industry

I have some very interesting idea of where the sign industry is going. With the Global marketplace, sign franchises growing, cities expanding, business cost skyrocketing, etc. I would like to hear some veteran sign industry people, preferrably SIGN COMPANY OWNERS, what they think is going to happen for the Sign Industry and Sign Companies, in general, in the next 3, 5, 7 years? Expansion, Contraction, Teaming up, Brokering, Wholesaling, etc. If you are a vendor and have been in the SIGN INDUSTRY for more than 10 years, I welcome your comments. Or, if you have some unique insight, I'd like to hear that. Not totally closed to vendors. Thanks.