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  2. So here's the thing about using Facebook Ads for sign companies: it's just not the best platform for generating leads. Trust me, people aren't scrolling through their Facebook feeds thinking, "Hmm, I need a new sign!" Facebook is more about catching up with friends and checking out funny videos, not hunting for signage solutions. If you want to get serious about lead generation, check out usnationalleads.com. They specialize in marketing for sign companies and get this, they work with only one sign company per city. I gave them a shot recently, and wow, the results were impressive. I landed 53 new leads from Houston alone in April this year, Feb was a little cold, got like 25 leads. Not to brag, but it made a huge impact on my business. what do yall think, do facebook ads really work?
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  4. Openings for nationwide installers willing to travel the US and beyond for large scope / high rise projects. OSHA, Crane, Rigging and Repel certifications a big plus. Great pay, benefits and team member atmosphere. This opportunity is the reason you got into this business! Please contact Matt Robinson if interested. mrobinson@easternsigntech.com
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  6. Good day, I am Edgar from Philippines. I would like to apply as a remote sign designer. I have attached my CV and my previous work samples for your reference. Thanks and regards. resume.pdf sample.pdf
  7. Toggle Switch Locking Safety Plate

    Case of 25 - FREE SHIPPING (U.S. Only)



  8. A & B Sign Company is a full service, family owned, sign company serving the Prescott - Northern AZ area since 1951. We have an immediate opening for an experienced sign fabricator. Must have experience manufacturing all types of signs including monuments, pylon signs, pan channel and reverse pan channel letters. Welding certification, experience spray painting and experience operating a CNC router is a plus. The ability to stand for long periods of time and lift 50 pounds or more is required. Must currently possess a valid drivers license and a clean driving record. We offer an extremely comprehensive benefits package that includes an affordable, high-quality health insurance plan. We also offer group dental and vision. Generous paid time off and a simple IRA Plan with company match. In addition, we offer a 4-day work week. That’s right, a 3-day weekend EVERY weekend! Competitive pay DOE. Pre-employment background check and drug test may be required. Please visit our website www.absignco.com for more information on our company. Please email your cover letter and resume to sales@absignco.com or call 928-445-6995 and ask for Bryan. We look forward to speaking with you.
  9. A couple pallets of the High End 12V & 24V BrightON LEDs to a California Sign Supplier. Here they come!!!
  10. BrightON II Logo 2.png

    Ruby Red 24V .8Watt BrightON II



    BrightON II Ruby Red Label.jpg






    For questions, place order by phone, please call us at (858) 880-1400 or email us at orders@thesignsyndicate.com



    Product Info

    • 5 Year, 50K Lifetime
    • High Brightness Ruby Red
    • 18 AWG Wiring
    • 24V LED System
    • High-End High Brightness LED Modules for Channel Letters and Sign Cabinets
    • Constant Current Regulated LED Provides Stability Control Over Time For Longer Life, NOT Constant Voltage
    • .8 Watts Per Module
    • U.L. File E520387 FULLY Weatherproof IP67
    • 175˙ High Efficiency Uniformity Optics
    • 80 Modules per bag, 1.5 Module Per Foot Fully Stretched (53.33 Linear Feet)




    Bright II Measures.jpg




    Product Summary

    A Look at How Light Efficient our BrightON Ruby Red is due to the Chip Quality of the LED Modules.  For the Same Power the Ruby Red produces more light for the same or Lesser Power.  Double in most cases!








    LED Power Supplies

    Use with our France "True Power" Lighting Solutions LED Power Supplies


    France Lineup 2.jpg




  11. A&B Sign Company is a full service, family owned, sign company serving the Prescott - Northern AZ area since 1951. We have an immediate opening for an experienced design, digital print and cut vinyl production team member. Check out our website to learn more about our company: www.absignco.com Skills required include: Minimum of 2 years experience in the commercial sign industry or related print/graphics design industries Light layout/design work using Flexi Sign Pro software Output files to plotter or digital printer Processing materials including weeding, transfer tape and laminating Installation of materials onto substrate Installation of window graphics in the field Installation of vehicle graphics Assist other departments as needed Ability to lift 50 pounds Benefits include: Paid vacation Paid holidays Health, vision, and dental insurance Simple IRA with company matching contributions Option for a 4-day work week Competitive pay depending on experience Please email your resume for consideration. sales@absignco.com
  12. I am a neon fabricator since 1992 and have my own equipment. Willing to relocate with my equipment if there is a steady demand for neon and repairs. Yes, I do other sign related duties besides neon. I'm a serious minded sign guy. I can pass a tier 2 background clearance, therefore no vices not even booze. Currently in central Washington and will consider moving and bringing my shop. I'm fairly fast and accurate bender and very knowledgeable. May consider tube bending at your facility as a hired gun on an as-needed basis. *No offers that seem too good to be true-been at this game for quite some time.
  13. For Sale: 8'x10' vacuum former. Everything works, we just don't use it as we have bigger formers that we typically use. All hydraulics and heating elements are operational. Priced to sell at $5,000; Machine is located in DePere, WI (54115) Any questions on this machine or a number of the other items we have for sale, please contact Jason at Jones Sign Company . (920)-278-5004 . (920)-278-5004
  14. Revised! Our Newer BrightON SunFire LED modules are due in within 2 Weeks, or Mid May!!!
  15. If you liked the BrightON Sunfire, it just got better!!! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, just did a quick lil video of one of our most unique LED Sign Modules for Deep Sign Cabinets.
  16. Is this unit still available? please contact me 586-463-8315 Competitieve Lighting inc.
  17. This Elliot is on an International 4300 with a Cummings 2350 B101 Diesel engine and Allanson automatic transmission. It has 71,782 miles and has been serviced as required sing the day we bought it new in 2016. The dropbox link has a few pictures https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uupwbrfuwjwqxe6/AAC5jr-PFU8h-z96mKeZonpNa?dl=0 $138,000.00 1764979077_ElliottL60R_Spec_Brochure.pdf
  18. Serial No: 006355-189-1008 Year: 2008 36" x 48" work area Machine is located in Richmond, VA Priced to sell: $5500 Shipping available at buyer's expense. Accu Clinch Video.html
  19. For Sale: Fasti 215-40-4 Folder Year: 1995 Asking: $28,000 Full Back Guage Power: 5-Ton Capacity 40x40x4mm 220V, 15A Machine currently located in Tijuana, MX. Can be moved to San Diego, CA. 829668119_FastiVideo2.mp4 383496228_FASTIVIDEO.mp4
  20. Street Wrap is a flexible back bend LED lighting track. This is professional sign quality indoor/outdoor LED track lighting. We have a number of brand-new sections available for sale ranging from 7' to 30' in length. Street cost is approximately $40/ft. Available now for $10/Ft. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. More information can be found at https://www.p-led.com/products/street-wrap-flex-back-bend/ Street-Wrap-Flex-Side-Bend-Datasheet.pdf Street-Wrap-Flex-Side-Bend-Datasheet.pdf Street-Wrap-Flex-Side-Bend-Instructions-Guide.pdf
  21. Starting Tonight.....We will resume shipping for any online store orders Monday April 17th
  22. I've not noticed an appreciable difference with constant voltage LED modules - also if you break the modules into parallel segments you can minimize the voltage drop - you are also dealing with I**2R (V*I) losses and you will lose 1/2 as much power with a 24VDC system.
  23. The BrightON-II Ruby Red vs Principal LED Qwik Mod Red ShootOut So, we got some interesting feedback from our last Shootout between the .8w 24V BrightON-II, .8w 12V Principal LED Qwik Mod 2, & .96w 12V Sloan's Value Line 4. Confusion First and foremost...We are from the Sign Industry as Fabricators & Designing and we will continue to build LED systems from that view point.... There seems to be a lot of confusion in the air with our industry as some were quick to say the comparison was bad because the BrightON II LED module was 24V compared to the rest only being 12V. There was also confusion when I explain that the BrightON II LED Module was way more light efficient. Let's take the first one. There is nothing about a 24v LED Module that makes it brighter over a 12V if they are both .8watts each, the only difference is 24v is double the voltage, but half the current of a 12v LED Module....just as a 12v LED module is half the voltage but double the current of a 24v LED Module. What's important about the 24v BrightON LED line is that they are built to last (and we have 12V LEDs too), that being said....we design for 24 volt system because it means the module is taking half the current through the system which means it's getting half the resistance and heat of a 12v LED Module. Lesser heat and resistance means longer life. LED's HATE heat! The second part, when I say Light Efficient, I don't mean it's "Energy Efficient" for the client. I'm saying the quality of the LED chips (Diode) is such a high quality that it requires very little power in for more light out. In other words the BrightON II Led Module, is producing more light for the same power as the Principal Qwik Mod 2, or lesser power than the 1 watt Sloan Value Line 4. This means the BrightON is built with higher quality. BrightON LED is building Quality, NOT Quantity. BrightON LED is building lighting components for Competitive Light, NOT....Usable Light. And it's producing more light being under driven, NOT overdriven to produce more light, hence the BrightON II .8watt produces more light than the .96watt Sloan Value Line 4. Alright, enough of that. Now we enter the .8w 24v BrightON II Ruby Red vs Principal LED's Red Qwik Mod 2. The Shoot Out Principal LED Qwik Mod 2 Red (Left), BrightON II Ruby Red LED (Right) The Benchmark Comparison Details Similar to the last comparison, not much changes. Both are contained in a 24" x 4.25" x 5" Channels. The faces are 1/8" 2283 Red by Plexiglas MC Grade. The BrightON II Ruby Red LED is .8watts per module and a 24volt module, the biggest difference is that the module is Constant Current, NOT Constant Voltage, the wiring is also 18 AWG. The Principal Qwik Mod 2 Red LED is also .8watts per module and is a 12V module with a contact voltage system. The wiring is 20 AWG which will have voltage loss for long long runs and jumps that are involved with Channel Letter lighting that will lead to dimmer lighting at certain points in jump from the Power Supply Both modules are spaced equally, 6" OC, 3" from the ends. The Results Well, the results are significant...... The BrightON II Ruby Red is significantly to say the least, WAY more Light efficient than Principal LED's Qwik Mod 2 Red. The BrightON Ruby Red has double the Luminance (Light on a surface) than the Principal Qwik Mod 2 Red. The Foot candles per watt are also double. If you had two signs with the same name "Rug Depot" and they were both side by side, the difference at night would be HUGE. You could even say we could space the modules of the BrightON Ruby Red out much farther to use lesser modules and the sign would still be brighter and the Qwik Mod 2 Red and the Cost of Operation would be much less. We could even be so bold to say that we could down size the wattage of the BrightON Ruby Red to a .6w or .5w module and still be brighter than the Principal Qwik Mod 2 Red. Constant Current vs Constant Voltage Basics As explained before... Constant Voltage Let's talk about the Constant Voltage LED System and how it affects Sign Applications and Projects. CV LED modules only use Resistors to protect the system, this is minimal. Sometimes LED Power Supplies can kill these Systems especially when not loaded right. A lot of LED PSU's (LED Power Supply Units) vary in the voltage out, or secondary. Some Secondaries can output about 12.15 to 12.24, sometimes slightly higher. That fraction of a volt makes the LEDs run hotter and the brightness of the LED goes up beyond the intended purpose. Also, if you light a string of say 25 LEDs, the first module takes a bigger hit than the last LED module on the string, also the light output of the first module is brighter than the last. You will have inconsistent lighting of LED modules on long strings when it comes to CV Modules. Fractions of a volt dim the LED modules from string to string or Jump to jump. Constant Current With Constant Current LED systems, each module has a current regulated by having an on board CR Chip. What this does is govern the current, in short....it's extra protection. How it differs is, unlike CV LEDs, where the last LED module on a string of 25 will be just as bright as the first module on that string. Also, going over the intended voltage will not affect the light output or life that it will with CV LED. CC LEDs assure consistent brightness throughout your sign, and longer life than a CV LED Module where they can be overdriven Loading Advantages With the 24v BrightON II Ruby Red LED modules, you can load 120 modules on a single channel 96watt France Lighting Solutions Led Power Supply. On a 12v system you are limited to a single 60w channel which will give you about 63 modules being on the safe side. In Closing The Results Speak for itself.... This is not to take away from what light the Principal Qwik Mod 2 Red produces, it's decent, it's your average red creating usable light. But it's Constant Voltage and it uses 20AWG wire for it's system which will further voltage loss when used for channel letter lighting along with dimmer light with that voltage loss. The BrightON Ruby Red is just a High-End module producing premium light for the same power compared to most modules on the market today. I'll say again....first and foremost...we are from the Sign Industry as Fabricators & Designers and we will continue to build LED systems from that view point....NOT, the other way around If High-End, Long Life, Competitive Lighting is what you want to integrate into your Sign & Lighting Projects for your clients, then the BrightON LED line is what you want...
  24. I was just having a conversation with a buddy the other day about the Sign Industry. He asked me what I think is our industries biggest problem right now is. I answered pretty quick as it has been on my mind a lot lately. I told him that there isn't enough competition like there was decades back. Glantz just bought another Sign Supplier, there have been a lot of mergers between other Sign Suppliers. Right now, when it comes to LEDs that we buy at Sign Suppliers, those options have shrunk. Let's look at Principal LED for example. They bought Transco, they bought Ventex (took their LED line away), they bought Aries Graphics (Neon & LED Wizard), and just recently they bought Sloan LED. Quality when it came to their LEDs has been average over the years. There's nothing real premium about them, in fact over the years the quality and efficiency has gone down. Options of what you can buy as Sign Suppliers has shrunk, you can go there and you can buy, let's see....Principal, Sloan....and Principal & Sloan. I just saw a concerned post the other day on FB stating that LED prices are going up. I'm sure, why would they lower when the options are so few??? It's like the shrinking of Gas Stations, think of it as if there was only Mobile to buy your Gas. With less competition, can you see prices lowering, quality improving? No. That only happens when there is enough competition. The only real improvement in the last couple of years has been MET joining into the Laboratory fray. There is no longer just UL, there is also MET. This is the ONLY improvement I've seen in some time. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm all for Capitalism, and credit Principal LED for making all the right moves and rubbing out the competition. There is PLENTY of upside for them with making moves to shrink the competition, it's just when we as consumers are provided with less options....we end up paying more for less, that is the downside with not much competition in our market place. Unless of course, Principal LED becomes real generous and decides to cut prices and build better products despite the shrinking competition and takes this upon themselves....but this rarely happens....let's be real, how often as consumers does the happen? Just think if you were the only sign shop in town with no competitors to compete with? Would you be driven to provide the best customer service and use only the very best in components for your signs so they stand out at night? Would your attitude towards your clients change a little?
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  26. I'm Looking For Job In Glass Neon Bending I Have Upto 20 Year's Of Experience In This Field I Belongs To Pakistan
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