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  2. Accent Graphics is a full service electric sign manufacturer in the Dallas Fort Worth area since 1979. We are in need of a full time sign design artist/graphic designer to work with the sales staff on sign design concept/presentation drawings as well as production drawings. Great benefits. Email resumes to operations@accentgraphicsinc.com
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  4. Looking for a good used neon bombarder for sale. Something that can handle units up to 12'. I'm located in northeast, can pickup or pay for shipping.
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  7. We are looking for 1-2 positions for EXPERIENCED INSTALLER for electrical signs & general signage. We value talent and promote on proven ability and not tenure. If you can also sell, we have commission program to add. www.IntrepidSigns.com ask for Adam
  8. U.S. Company. Still Chinese parts in both.
  9. Angel, thanks for the reply. I'm bidding this for a construction company and of course they don't have the info. I'm going to go by local PS signs and be VERY specific in my bid with a an option or two. Also, this is a "historic" town and won't allow 20% of what PS wants and am sure we'll have to revise when we apply. Again, thanks. Rocco
  10. Angel R

    Angel R

  11. I did a ton of drawings for the Public Storage rebranding in 2019 and 2020. Those specific guidelines are provided by Public Storage when they award the contract. If you've been awarded a contract, just ask your contact at PS to send you the current standards. They are robust and specific and PS has a format you need to follow when you submit the brand books.
  12. I'm bidding a new Public Storage location near me. The sign package page (for once there is one) states that we have to follow "Public Storage Sign System Design Intent Drawings, dated 1/16/2019 v3.0"." Does anyone happen to have a copy of this they would share? I've looked online and they look to use white face lit letters, but I'm sure it's more involved than that. Thank You Rocco
  13. I am interested in all equipment. Can you forward a list of items.
  14. Freeman Signs, Inc. is hiring in all departments. If you are qualified, please email a resume to acalvert@freemansigns.net and include which position you are applying for. Come join the #1 sign company in Colorado! We look forward to hearing from you!
  15. Creative Sign Designs is looking for experienced Fabricators and Lead Installers in Florida. We have a full manufacturing facility in Tampa and are in need of Fabricators and Installers there. We have an installation facility in Longwood, FL and are in need of installers there. Creative Sign Designs is a large, fast-growing electrical and architectural sign manufacturer and installer in Florida. We offer a full benefits package including health, dental, 401k and paid time-off. We are looking for individuals who align with our core values: Sense of Urgency, Positive Out
  16. SDS Automation is seeking a Sharpening Department Manager in our Boulder, CO location. The ideal candidate has experience with CNC grinding or other CNC machines, Bridgeport milling, basic CAD skills, strong math skills, specifically geometry and trigonometry, and more. We offer a competitive salary, paid holidays and health insurance. Click here to learn more or to apply.
  17. Wow I can t believe it. I know a lot of the EMC Mfr's will sell retail and go around you sometimes as well. That said We have done a bunch of signs that the customer has drop shipped in NEXT LED and the product seems very nice and the customers have been very satisfied. The seem to have their act together and have decent service if needed.
  18. thats the craziest thing I have ever heard holy shit
  19. We have used Think Sign out of Louisville, KY and Vantage LED out of California for lower priced LED signs. A word of warning about using Vantage LED. While their prices are usually aggressive they are not loyal to their resellers in my opinion. Vantage offers a (7) year parts and labor warranty with their displays but it is set up with a third party insurance company. We sold a Vantage display to a customer of ours but the display had a service issue after we sold it. The third party insurance company called and asked what we would charge to go fix the unit. They also called my co
  20. I am very interested in this topic, I have been looking for a less expensive alternative also. I have been in business almost 30 years, still looking. I do ask myself why do I care that customers can't afford an EMC or even my sign, am I expected to lower my standards so the customer can afford a sign and in doing so create more work in my business doing the customer service required to do so? I use Watchfire as my main source for EMCs, My second choice is Daktronics. The price of these units are close until you get to the larger signs. These two companies are dependab
  21. I'm interested. Looks like it's been in storage for some time. The glass tubing might be too dirty for use, and the parts of the manifold are broken. But there's probably some good parts in there.
  22. Lots of interest over here, but so far away. What manifold(s) do you have? Do you have transformers on a pallet ready to ship?
  23. What is the make of the pumping station? Do you know which burners are in there? I am interested and in Ohio.
  24. Cleaning out our warehouse area we have several pallets of glass, housings, transformers and related pumping station(s). All of which have been in storage and are covered with dust. Any interest out there in buying a bulk lot grab bag of neon components? Neon Lot For Sale 06.29.2021.pdf
  25. best in the west mikegumm175@gmail.com 209-693-1714 old shcool.....worked for ad\art 4 many ears as a journey neon bender....
  26. Plus it's in the Pacific NW - you've never lived anywhere with prettier scenery!
  27. Any chance anyone out there has an older Watchfire EMC they've removed with a phone modem? Our city has a board we installed back in 07 and the board works great, the phone modem is just shot. Watchfire is no longer making that hardware. Thanks!
  28. Most LED MFG's will just suggest layouts and tell you how many LEDs per foot without telling you how their LEDs will match up against the Standard Lighting in our industry which is Fluorescent HO Lamps. If you haven't done any lighting for cabinets or never noticed, most fall short of even meeting the luminance that Fluorescent lamps give out on a sign face. The light that falls short is known as "Usable Light", or light that just gets you there. It's not Competitive lighting that you would need if your sign I located in a shopping center in competition with other signs looking t
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