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  2. is anyone going? I have never been to the Vegas show and figured i'd give it a shot in orlando. Plus I can visit my brother and also some friends while there to make the trip worthwhile in case the show is a bust. Look for a fat, balding old fart wearing an Abco Signs t-shirt. ;)
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  4. Razor, you carpooled with Fred Flintstone too?
  5. That's the same information i was going to post. I've been doing this for 2 zillion years and never ran into those But here it the product link for the clips and they have some PDF probably the as Rocco's info but it's worth looking at. Good Luck https://www.signcomp.com/product.php?cat_id=168&product_id=000000000985
  6. TBH, even after doing signs for a zillion or so years, I don't think I've ever had the pleasure of using that system. IDK if the tensioning instructions from signcomp will be helpful but this was on their site. The last section mentions using a screwdriver to depress the clip like with the plastic ones but IDK how that will work if they are rusted. However i didn't see pricing on the site and replacement clips might not be available anymore. https://www.signcomp.com/media/201509081009-CTS Tensioning Instructions.pdf
  7. Thanks for the reply, it’s a Signtech CTS with CTS clips. There not the black ones they are metal and look rusted out. Any tricks to taking them off to get at the lights with out damaging the material?
  8. It does look like flex material. Without seeing the whole side I'm only guessing so... i would drill a hole in the cabinet (under the molding and then fill with silicone) and look inside. Hopefully there are extruded clips/bars holding the face taut so a whole section can come off without dealing with a multitude of clips. From the angle of the photo I'd say this is a signcomp bleed frame. Are there black plastic clips in the gap above/below the face? if so you can remove them with a screwdriver - assuming the whole thing doesn't come off. I'd sure there are videos on tensioning signcomp extrusion kits that can show much better than i could explain. A tensioning tool signcomp will make re-installing the clips easier but again a screwdriver can do the job, just a lot slower. Anyway, that's my guess!
  9. Good morning Does anyone have any info on Forge Signworks from northern NJ? i just got an RFQ and haven't heard from them before. Thanks!
  10. Cory Haynes

    Cory Haynes

  11. It Looks like there is no flex face in the sign
  12. We do NO business with Grimco. This is due primally due to their lack of integrity, honesty failure to do what they say.
  13. The latest in LED Manufacturer / Sign Distributor LED Module Turf Wars. How these winners are picked by the International Sign Association in endless Social Media Congratulatory Posts, the endless LED Manufacturer & their Manufacturer Outside Sales Reposts, and the reposts and likes coming from all the Association & MFG undercarriage Our Trade Magazines picking winners by sharing their publishing keyboard, allowing them to write biased, self serving, self promotion "factual articles" by whoever pays them the most in advertising. The way our Sign Industry knowingly...or unknowingly eats it up as fact
  14. I just caught wind of the little side segment as it reached through my spam folder and into my inbox. I know Signs of The Times is only 15 pages now, with very little content..... but wow how they have really sunk further down just about the last revolution of the circling toilet water out, on it's way to the sewer. They've never been accused of truthful content on the past, but now announcing they're writing real fiction with their Community Activist writer Rolf L'Mao who is screaming "Fire" where there is none. This man writes fiction to spark controversy and to hit political emotion....what hole did they dig this guy from? So, just read the Red Deal - "The Case of the Channel Changer" ....how sad.... I'm not even the person Rolf L'mao would consider "White"....and I see nothing but Made up "Race Baiting" with using such words as "minority owner" and Made up Sexism...just to spark emotion...to infuse some sort of "White Guilt" We have enough of a divided country as it is, the last place we need to read about it with made up content is from these Brochure Rags....stick to Made up reasons why a Product is Good based on what that advertiser paid that month....give them back your keyboard so they can write up some Sales points As someone who this Community Activist writer would consider, and label ME a "Minority"....lose the labels Rolf L'mao. No one really cares what we look like or what gender we are, most of us just look at one another as People, and fellow American's. I've never needed a label like "Minority Owner" to get through in life, nor need a handicap because for some reason I can't make it on my own without the assistance from government, forcing their hand to put me at the front of a line that I can't do myself based on merit....NOT by the color of my skin. Let me give you little bit of insight Rolf L'mao... in the private sector especially.....we hire, and deal with individuals who are the best at what they do based on merit, character, and based by production or ideas from their own efforts.... We don't hire people or heir their services based on because they are Brown, Black, White, or Yellow, or Man or Women....some do, and that's sad...but that's so small and so few, it's not even worth writing a fake story about. I've been in this Industry since 1993, and I've seen all walks of life as owners, important decision makers. Good ones and bad, we're all just people, and we're all so different... That's one thing I'm proud to have never done, declare myself as a "Minority Owner". Use on a form, or to try to obtain a bid or contract. You either Hire me because I'm good (Which I am), or go hire someone else. There was one time where a grocery chain told me after years of work I had performed for them, that I had to fill out a "Minority Owned" application. I refused, they told me they had to move on, and they did. A few years later they called me back after enough failed projects... No Wonder Why SOT is only 15 pages thick these days He's not Rolf L'mao...he's Rolf LMFAO
  15. Hey all, just looking for some guidance to access the electrical behind the flex face. It does not hinge open. Is the only way to gain access for repairs to the electrical by removing clips? If so any guidance on that would be appreciated.
  16. As the Signs of The Times Magazine circles the toilet fighting to stay a float these days, something of actual relevance pops up on their site, yet..it didn't even come from them.... https://signsofthetimes.com/opinion-historic-neon-signs-are-irreplaceable-inimitable-cultural-treasures/ With the Community Organizer over there away from the Keyboard and the take over by the current Hipsters they still can't get it right. No one in that SOT staff currently has ever fabricated, installed, or processed Neon in their lives. The closest any of them has ever been to a piece of glass is probably at the ISA show in Vegas with them possibly taking a tour at the Neon Graveyard. They probably stared at at the magnificence in all its glory in awe...maybe even jaw dropping while sipping on a fruity cocktail. Not even a whisper that the very publication they work for....helped to enable its fall. Or know, that the publication did what was easy, and take advertising money from the LED sector and allow them to buy influence in not only our supposed Trade Magazines which is nothing more than a brochure rag, but bought influence in our Trade Associations as well....and kill the very Soul of Neon, the greatest Heritage in our Trade. Yet, our Trade Journalism did nothing about it. Nothing to protect our Electric Sign Trades Greatest Heritage, & Tradition that helped put us on the map in Perpetuity....Neon. Destruction of our very roots from within...or are the Trade Magazines & Sign Associations truly counted as one of us, or part of the "Whithin". I say, and always have said that "They" are not "Us". This is best left for another day, but very briefly for those that do not know. Most Sign Trade Magazines are not souly based on one trade, most have magazines that coexist in different sectors like Hospitality or Construction. The same is for the Core Executive that actually pick up a check at The International Sign Association, their employees who head it up never ever came from our Industry, they came from others, Power Lift Gates & Plastics Industry one day and Musical Chair the enxt right into our industry...they're outsiders coming and bringing that recycled business model they used in some other sector/trade into ours. Back to the Article... This Ball less Rag still, to this day has to label this article/letter as "Opinion" That's mainly because the Hipsters that run the rag think it's just entertaining but know there's a hint of truth somewhere....they just can't figure out where. Forget the fact that SOT like others have become irrelevant at the current state. They're all basically 15 pages long these days, with little to no information that you can't get by logging into LinkedIN, Facebook, or watching a TikTok / YouTube Video where the "pay/rent for SOT Keyboard" days are over. Even the LED Manufacturers that once bought space at SOT is over, Social Media and the Internet killed these Rags. All that one sided Light Source influence of LEDs Good....Neon Bad, is gone. They're lucky to have maybe one ad a month from LEDs. Yet, here we are today after much devastation with our Tardes Greatest Heritage hanging on by a nut hair..and this comes out. Where was even so much as an opinion 12 years ago? Forget even having so much as one of their so called Journalists do a little digging in putting up the Pro's and Con's of both Neon & LED, or the Benefits of each. Nothing. Countless articles I myself have written here with real Return On Investment figures here for all to kick around ...which we did a good job of. But, now the Hipsters that run the SOT in their tight pegged Jeans, Drinking their Starbucks, petting their purse dog that sits on their lap at the local restaurant that barks at everyone thought about putting this Man's letter up for all to read his "opinion" The Sign Trade Associations & Trade rags still suck after all these years (I haven't picked one up in years, not even for shits and giggles or while sitting on the pot). In Rags & Associations....Some know, some have known....my experience not only here, being in the field of our trade, and being in a Sign Association for a brief stint has still remained true.....they all lack Courage. There is NO courage to do what is right, only to do what comes easy in both our trade rags and sign associations like ISA...or The International Sign Association.
  17. The BrightON - II Cobalt Blue A quick little intro video of our newest BrightON - II Cobalt Blue A 12V High Efficiency Blue LED Module Driving at .7w, Constant Current NOT Constant Voltage, Under Driven, 3M VHB Tape NOT Foam Tape...and can be mechanically fastened with a #8 screw if need be.
  18. Sure thing! For repairing neon light signs, red and yellow coatings are essential for restoring that vibrant glow. They help maintain the color integrity and ensure the sign catches the eye. It's amazing how a simple repair can breathe new life into these iconic fixtures of urban landscapes.
  19. Sure, if someone is looking for a recommendation for a company specializing in led neon light and light box signs, createneon.com could be a good option to suggest. It's always helpful to advise them to check reviews and designs before placing a custom order to ensure they're satisfied with the quality and service provided by the company.
  20. The pack-rat portion of my tired old brain is yelling at me to not sell the punch. However I haven't used it in at least four years. A new D punch from Signcomp is ~$450 so make me a reasonable offer and you would pay shipping from 08002.
  21. To apply for this role, please send a copy of your resume to: adria@tdisigns.com
  22. We are getting a New CNC. Need to make room!! We have had a Gerber Advantage 600 since 2018. We were the second owners of it. It was fully upgraded in 2015 by CNC Experts w/high performance stepper motor driver, belts, motors, and gearboxes. When I bought it, CNC Experts came here to help us set it up. All works very well, except the Vacuum Hold-down motor went bad. The table has "T-Slots" and we have the holders that work in those slots. Looking to move it ASAP. Willing to part it out (Spindles, Spindle Controller, Gerber Gantry Controller, etc.) if not one wants it all. IF you are still using one of these, here are some nice back up pieces for you. We have no set price in mind so make me an offer. Please email me at plyda@isignaffects.com with interest and we will see what can be done.
  23. TDI Signs is a signage solutions provider located in Santa Fe Springs, CA. TDI specializes in designing, manufacturing, and installing high-quality signs for businesses and organizations. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we are looking for a talented Project Manager to join our dynamic team. Role Description We are seeking an experienced and detail-oriented Project Manager to oversee signage projects from conception to completion. The ideal candidate will be responsible for managing all aspects of project delivery, ensuring that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards. This is a full-time, on-site role. Key Responsibilities: Plan, execute, and finalize projects according to strict deadlines and within budget. Coordinate efforts of team members and third-party contractors or consultants to deliver projects according to plan. Define project scope, goals, and deliverables in collaboration with senior management. Develop full-scale project plans and associated communication documents. Track project milestones and deliverables. Conduct project post-mortems and create recommendations report to identify successful and unsuccessful project elements. Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in project management, business administration, or a related field preferred. Minimum of 2 years of experience in project management, preferably in the signage or related industry. Strong organizational, analytical, and problem-solving skills. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Able to work independently and as part of a team. Proficiency in project management software and Microsoft Office. PMP certification is a plus. What We Offer: Competitive salary and retirement plan with company match. Annual bonus program based upon performance, profitability, and achievement. Opportunities for professional growth and development. A dynamic and supportive work environment. TDI Signs is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.
  24. Interested. What’s the best way to connect for more information? Located in NC.
  25. Looking for the socket punch with the wings if anyone has an extra, or one they no longer need.
  26. Looking for a neon bombarder. If you have one for sale please email me at kellyc1966@gmail.com
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