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  1. We called these guys at Dynapac Rotating several ago and they helped us with an old rotating pharmacy sign that looked similar to your project. They were very helpful and friendly. Here is some info from their home page: "Did you know that Dynapac has a full staff of engineers with competencies including Control Systems, Materials, Electronics and most importantly MECHANICAL ENGINEERING? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-801-485-2221 now to schedule a FREE 30 minute engineering assessment of your project! We can help you identify the best and most cost effective methods for making your dream a reality." https://dynapacrotating.com/
  2. I would love to see a sign magazine Call the " Sign Syndicate Magazine" and I bet most of us would agree. A true sign trade magazine not catering to the corporate advertisers. Just the facts mam! I wonder how much funding it would take to get it off the ground? What you say Eric? We could all do our part by sending in articles and subscribing to it.
  3. We are in Georgia which opened first. Most of our projects are Metro Atlanta and the surrounding 50 mile radius. It has slowed down for us and some of our projects were put on hold. All of our projects that were on hold have now resumed. One positive result of the debacle was we were able to get a few permits issued without going to design review board meetings. Maybe they will decide they don’t really need those meetings after all. One can hope sanity prevails. The permit was handled by a few emails. Lots of businesses here in Georgia never really shut down. Some of the more visible ones in downtown areas locked their doors and did business by appointments only as not to be too obvious. Most of the restaurants stayed open for drive thru and take out and some cities even allowed people to order take out alcoholic beverages. I guess the cities and counties wanted to keep that liquor tax revenue flowing into their coffers. I always wondered who the essential businesses was for essential for? Essential for who? Now things are beginning to return to a semblance of a normal pace, the restaurants are now open for sit down meals and some are even using real plates, cloth napkins and silverware instead of the plastic or paper throw away type. Most cities are requiring the subjective spacing between tables and booths so that is limiting seating capacity therefore automatically cuts the amount of business in half. Some of the restaurant owners that I spoke with are saying they may have to close up if the spacing restriction is not lifted soon. All of the people serving food that I spoke with said they would really be glad to get rid of the mask as soon as possible. Most said it was very uncomfortable to wear a mask for a whole shift. Especially the ladies makeup was getting messed up and glasses were getting fogged up. Some said they felt less energy and even dizzy sometimes so they had to step outside and get some fresh air. I noticed that the national chains and some but not all grocery stores had these policies in place and some were more restrictive than others. So far in Georgia I have not been asked to wear a mask at any of the stores I visited. One positive thing I have noticed much less traffic on the roads and my drive times have been much better so many people must be working from home. I really enjoy driving the bucket truck now with out all the traffic. Speaking of being quarantined how many of you guys and gals are still being quarantined at home. Seems like each state is different. Some are saying this quarantine of healthy people is unconstitutional. What do you think. I saw this he other day and it makes sense to me: ‘Quarantine is when you restrict the movement of sick people. ‘Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of healthy people. My personal opinion is that we as Americans learn what is going on and do something about it if we what to keep our freedoms. What has happened is unprecedented in our country. If you want to here my uncensored thoughts on this join me in the Bar Stool Madness forum
  4. We are going about as normal without masks. Just installed 2 sets of channel letters yesterday in downtown Atlanta. **********************
  5. My friend sent this photo to me last night. Looks like the driver tried to drive in between poles of this pylon sign in Wylie Texas. I wonder if the other pole is still standing. Just curious of opinions of what would be the proper steps for a professional sign company to take to restore this pylon sign?
  6. Carlton we are in living in historic times. Things are rapidly changing in the world and here in America. Best to prepare so fear doesn't cause one to panic. So how can one protect yourself and family during these times? Beyond common sense approach of washing ones hands, disinfecting surfaces and staying away from infected individuals you can take the following precautions and integrate these into your life to enhance your immune system. For Covid-19 Coronavirus or any flu the best protection is to build up your immune system with proper whole organic food and nutrients plus avoiding things that will compromise your immune system such as sugar and junk food. Supplementing with vitamins A, C and D-3 will build your immune system as well as certain mushrooms such as Chaga. Chaga keeps viruses from attaching to human cells. I will post a picture of some immune enhancing products that we have found that work well for us. One is called Immunity Matrix Mushroom Mix and it has a synergistic mix of several mushrooms plus vitamin C. I put this in my coffee or hot chocolate every morning and it does't really change the flavors. Other things one can do is get some colloidal silver to kill viruses and bacteria in the body. You can use a nebulizer to atomize colloidal silver solution and inhale to kill viruses in you lungs and nasal passages. If you have to be in a crowd of people you can use the nebulizer as soon as you return home to be on the safe side. We have an Omron nebulizer that we got on Ebay for $37. You can order these products online and most health stores carry these products. There are several good thing about sign service and installation work regarding staying safe from infections are you can work alone or with helper outside so no big crowds. We have continued to work during this time and so far we have not had any problems. Another thing to think about is having enough food, water and supplies so you don't have to make too many trips during this time of medical martial law. Many are reporting that the Corona Virus is a cover story to bring in the new money system and get rid of the central banks and the federal reserve bank or to shift the blame of the economy failure away from being blamed on the central backs/fed reserve. Some are saying arrests of corrupt individuals are taking place and the virus deaths being reported is really how many were arrested in a certain region. If you look at the history of fiat money it has a life cycle of about 70 years so its time for a monetary reset. I think it's odd and statistically impossible for the amount of celebrities who say they are getting the virus. Think about it most of these people don't hang out in the public and they take private jets. They have a contraction rate 1000s of times higher that the general public and that does not compute. That makes me think this media hype is to generate fear and panic to control the people so something else can take place while most are looking at the virus. The magician wants you to look over here so you don't see the trick. There are a few reports that are explaining what they have uncovered about the truth of what is happening regarding the Corona Virus and New Monetary System. One of the best reports is the X22 Report. X22 Report has 2 updates Monday thru Saturday on youtube and bitchute. He has some recent ones about the Corona Virus and geopolitical events surrounding the virus. Amazing Polly is another good investigative source. I like to listen to X22 report while I'm getting ready in the morning and having my coffee. I'll post the links below to some reports that may relieve some of your fears concerning the virus and if you or anyone has any questions I'll answer in between my projects. Below are the links: Amazing Polly https://www.bitchute.com/video/-727K585amo X22 Report https://youtu.be/sYVVvMIqKbo The Fall of the Cabal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmA8rreTvm8&feature=youtu.be Act of 1871 https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1224088728106348551.html
  7. Eastern Metals has several size extrusions. https://www.easternmetal.com/signage_extrusions.html
  8. Eric Good Day! I think we all play a part in getting the truth out but you had the idea, determination and perseverance to see it through. So kudos and bravo to you. So to commemorate the Sign Syndicate Community Effort to Stay on top of the truth here is an idea you might add as one of your product offerings.... or some other meme in the same direction. See attached photo. It might catch on...
  9. What do you think... I think we owe Erik an Appreciation Day for being a truth warrior all these years and standing up for the rights of sign people everywhere. Let's be honest it's not an easy task taking on that responsibility, taking the fiery arrows and taking the risk. He is speaking the truth and freeing us from the propaganda of the entrenched corrupt self serving corporate interests that continue to try to dominate us and take over the sign industry and other industries. When we speak the truth we are freeing one mind at a time. Thank you Erik! You are a truth Warrior and True American and are bringing freedom and light in the darkness. Below are a few truth quotes I found that seem appropriate. It would be great to here from other sign syndicate members and see others thoughts on truth and how we can show appreciation for Eric the Truth Warrior! In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. “It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.” ― Mark Twain The farther a society gets away from the truth the more they hate those who speak it. Truth Warrior - figuring out what is true and then standing up for it
  10. Our policy is to always get paid in advance for removals unless you already have an existing working relationship with them. Totally agree with Paul321
  11. Trump wants Chinese parts out of American weapons. Especially those spy chips! https://americanmilitarynews.com/2018/10/trump-wants-chinese-parts-out-of-american-weapons/ Time to expose the enemies in our own government. Protect against enemies foreign and domestic
  12. This is where self worth, discernment and your intuition come into play with each customer. You will get a gut feeling about each customer and will begin to trust your intuition. Plus put some policies into place that keep you from excess drawing time. We only use a virtual layout of the sign showing how the sign looks pasted onto a photo of the wall and scale it to be accurate. For monuments or pylons we have a scale stick that we place in the photo so the scale is accurate. No specs or details with customers we have no history with. We answer all the customers questions about dimensions etc and tell them they will get the spec drawing or shop fabrication drawing with all the details once they contract with us to do the project. You can always tell the ones that want to get your drawing and shop it all around. Sometimes we get the feeling from the start they are slimy swamp creatures so we only show them the layouts in face to face meetings and we retain control of the layouts. We tell them to have all decision makers present at the meeting so they can see the layouts and decide. We do 2 initial layouts and then one revision of their favorite layout. If they want the layouts we tell them they come with the purchase of the sign. Over time you will find out good people who are serious about their business and are not manipulative have a different energy about them. The bad energy people just vibrate out of your picture and you won’t have to deal with them. Everyone that contacts you will not become your customer, only the ones that are your kind of people will become your customer. Be glad the time wasters and manipulators go away.
  13. I agree that you should create the right circumstances to get paid such as 50% deposit and payment on delivery prior to installation. That is our policy an we rarely have a collection problem. However sometimes you will get into a situation in commerce that requires additional efforts to get paid. In commerce Liens are a good way to put on the pressure to get paid. Also Learn how to go after the Performance Bonds that are purchased by the person you contracted with for them to get their business license. You go after the bonding company that bonded the company. Most are unaware that there are 2 sides of the accounting ledger public and private. Sounds like in this case you could create an Affidavit of Truth which is a first hand account of the truth or facts. This can be attached to the private side of the man that did not pay you. There are options for collecting from the private side. I would call a law researcher named Winston Shrout at www.wssic.com and he will point you in the right direction. Winston is in his 70s and has been studying all types of law for many years. Equity law, Commercial Law, International Law, Admiralty Law, Canon Law, and Common Law. It may cost you $200 for a conference with him but much less than an attorney. He will give you some material to study so you know what to do. He has transcripts and video guides to help you understand the law processes. He will answer your email questions after you study the materials he suggests for your case. You will not need a BAR attorney this is something you will write and file into the public record yourself. Winston has won many many cases and acts as his own lawyer Pro Se. There is a difference between attorney and lawyer. Once you know the difference you will be on the right track. The BAR is a monopoly and we Americans don’t like monopolies because they are unfair and are by nature designed to extract the maximum they can squeeze from you. Learn how the system works and save lots of money by doing it yourself. Also you avoid any future headache by learning where the snares and landmines are located. This is not hard to do but If you are not inclined to study and follow directions then this path is not for you. So fair warning to butt heads you will be your own worst enemy. Know thy self. Good Fortune to all.
  14. How are we controlled by jurisdictions? How does a sign overlay district compare to larger overlay districts? How have we unknowingly given our consent to be controlled by these overlays. David Williams has the know how to step outside of the control of these overlays and regain control. The 2 video links below will go over the basics. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/08iGjlvJoUQ https://youtu.be/KA2Qi3g-VgM
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