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  1. Actually a very professional description of the job but might help your achievement if you'd say where the job is!?
  2. Have a great birthday today Eric! 47!! Damn, you're getting old!
  3. Wow, your oldest is off to college? Wow time flies, but you lost your install helper!
  4. He does an awesome job. Too bad he wasn't around Many years ago! He'd have been a huge help in the Ina years, and the pre- ground fault days.
  5. Nice looking sign! Different white behind the aesthetics bar?
  6. That's what I said after I looked up the people behind arcapita. But they understand bankruptcy laws in the US. Quite varied purchases also. $$$$. Will make for long distance mailings to get paid?
  7. And that's after they took over coastal signs in March. But all of that after being leveraged by an equity group. Follow the $,
  8. Tomorrow you're 46 Eric? Still a young pup! Happy birthday my friend.
  9. Tell him I said hi. You're doing great kid. Proud of you and what you're doing! Kirstie married a good one, and here I thought I was the last of the good ones! Haha.
  10. Funny, sad, and true. Went to a small company here, told me, boy, you've got the experience, but we're looking for a 18-20 year old with that kind of experience!
  11. Just my personality showing thru! Some old Grey farts still appreciate craftsmanship!
  12. And then companies have the balls to tell Grey haired old farts that they are old and stupid. Right on only one point...
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