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  1. Get paid in full for the 1st job. That is a separate PO and completed work with no issues OR....Lien that job As far as the 2nd job, Read in between their Policy lines. It probably says " We can hire any contractor to fix or warranty the work and deduct it from you " This is the usual BS wording and rarely done. They should have called you and told you to fix it and move forward. Maybe it was a simple 15 minute job for you. But the next guy was told " Don't worry about the cost, it is on the other company and charged it without any hesitation to cost. Maybe the Original Company charged you 3 times what the repair company charged. Its all about making money. If you can't get paid, Lien the job. You have NO FRIENDS left at the Original Company,
  2. Call Elliot and demand answers. Was she an Authorized Dealer for them ?...... Elliot is a big Company and probably doesn't want the bad reviews. OR they can let it go because they have many other customers Then there is always the Sign Shows for you to tell your story to others All my trucks are manufactured to my specs by STAMM, A Personal Professional Company that does personalized work. It's all about relationships. And friendship building. I never have put down any deposits for any of my trucks. WHY ?.........If I don't buy it, they will sell it to someone else
  3. Why don't you or someone you know go down there and give her a Personal visit. I'm sure she will be happy to see you. They are just the " Used Car Dealers " with a tent . Ready to pack up and leave at anytime. At the least, it will be warmer and you can get a quick tan _____________________________________________________________________
  4. You need to make the final calls to United. If your not satisfied...... Call the Dealership and speck with the :" Bossman " and tell them your problem Call Audi Corporate and tell them your problem Most likely, United is not the real company that did the work, they are a Middleman Desk Top. No One wants a bad reputation and problems LEIN the job and everyone you can get information on ( United ROBBED YOU !, They are not your friend ) Don't wait till it's to late
  5. Digitally Print the colors on the vinyl film and to the Plexi faces You can match the other faded faces
  6. $ 1.79 a gallon ! There is a something we will never see again .........Lets Go Brandon !
  7. BACK THEN IT WAS 68 Cents a gallon TODAY ITS $ 6.80 cents a gallon I bet people ware pissed off at 68 Cents a gallon also
  8. All tools are great until they break. I have every tool brand that is made Everyone of employees and friends swear by and defend the brands they use It is just a matter of choice DeWalt is the most popular and available almost everywhere.
  9. Everyday is something new that the price went up. Alum sheets 4x8 used to be about $40 bucks give or take. Now they are close to $110 AND im only talking about 0.040 thickness. No matter where you look it just out of control. Our prices go up day by day and we can only rise our prices to the customer so much before we lose the job. You also have to be on the lookout on the bills for materials because there have been times they rise the price crazy between the order and delivery. Only a matter of time until Paper Signs are popular again and we can all make money again like the good old days.
  10. You could ask the Nationals for the same information also. Why do you want to work for or represent a company that maybe has criminals ? The next questions will be what Political Policies and Groups do you follow ? ......... Do you or anyone in your Co own a gun ?.......... Do you have an American Flag on your trucks, building or clothing ? ............ How about asking the National for more information.... Like how many times have they filed for Bankruptcy ?................ How many name changes ? .............. Who is the real owner and their personal information ? .......... We all want to have good employees and have them represent our Sign Company in the best way. We have a choice of who we employ and who we work for. I would not answer them. Just do the work under your terms
  11. NYC Fire Department September 11th Memorial " LADDER 343 " Designed and Lettered by Paul Signs This Ladder truck will be used for Memorial and Ceremonial Functions only. It includes a Photo History starting from the Towers on fire, The Firefighters going to the Towers, After the Towers came down, The Recovery of the Firefighters and a final " Thank You " All 343 Names of every firefighter killed on that day are listed in alphabetical order on each side. All Photos were Digitally Printed, 3M Reflective Stripes, and the rest is Vinyl, old school lettering 20 Years later. Some remember, Unfortunately others forget.
  12. Deal with them exactly like you would do with anyone else. When the job is done, collect. Make your terms known and stand by it.
  13. Bob, I wish I was 40 years younger and I would apply for the job. 3 Days off, I haven't seen that since High School Best wishes
  14. 24 inch x 24 inch .............$ 140. each. Lifetime Guarantee Works great and looks Professional Come on Keith, Spend your Communion money ! _________________________________________________________________ . I have not lost one yet. The guys love them and protect them. If they lose them, they go back to the heavy wood
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