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hey anyone working with ProMed Signs beware!! i worked with them for two of their customers over 10 months ago Poor customers!! They were to send some signs in for install and 8 months later the customer has not recieved the signs but they have paid a large portion or even paid in full without receiving their signs They sent me an initial partial permit aquisiton and partial engineering payment then the customer hardley heard from them untill they wanted more money saying they needed it to finish the job to no result sttill no signs were sent Finaly after 10 months they sent a channel letter set but i had to have the customer pay me so i could get paid for that and a logo cabinet the copy art on it was very low standard it was jagged edges like they tooka copyof it from a print not a good file which had to be redone which also cost the customer The sign sent was not built to our survey requirment s due to no access in wall resulting in us having to re wire the whole sign and making a raceway, so it could be installed on the wall correctly. again no return emails or calls to rectify problems from PRO MED SIGNS I cannot get a hold of them on the phone or online they will not return my calls or the customers The customer has gotten their L E D now by paying the maufacture directly but has overpaid ProMed Signs and PRO MED SIGNS have no interest in paying me im sure for anything like Permit s and Engineering the Crapy channel letter sign Install or installing the L E D Signs Poor customers !!! have to put additonal money out to get their signs installed now How about their warranty !! i doubt that will ever be handeled if there are any problems I Have discounted my cost of Installing to this customer to help them out in getting this completed as it should of been done 10 moonths ago Also the other customer just decide to loose the $3,000.00 deposit that he spent and call it quits with Pro Med Signs once they realized what was happening So Im out months of working with the city and permit and engineering fees Thanks PRO MED SIGNS!! Thought you should know to prevent loosing money and time IF YOU NEED ANY FURTHER INFO OR WANT TO CONTACT CUSTOMERS YOURSELF Please feel free to contact me and i will put you in touch with the customers im sure they would be happy to verify what i have said. Their names are Pro Med Signs 5495 Beltline Road – Suite 100 South Dallas, TX 75254 800-800-2193 972-713-9909 972-713-9598 Fax Their names are Jeff Gibens and Bill Tatum BEWARE!!! They contacted me through Sign Search .com but of course they are not on there now These people give Sign businesses a bad name . And make Good and Honest Companys look Bad Neon lighting & Electric Signs



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