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    I use them all the time, great product, great sales staff, very easy to use....and the competition is always trying to catch up with them and their technology.
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    Obviously human error ! The entire sling and lifting set up was wrong from the start. As soon as it lifted off, the sign flipped and it was to late. Did you see the Real Sign Company truck drive by just before the fall.
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    Magazines need money to publish and stay profitable. Corporations and Manufacturers pay the bills. Its all about the money. Not the truth or end users
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    I agree, they outdo everyone else with their warranty, customer service and ability to always stay ahead of the competition on technology.
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    I use them as well. The salesman I work with is really great. They stand behind what they sell.
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    This thread is closed. For everyone that is interested in the Low Voltage LED Pass Thru for Channel Letters I'll make an announcement once I have them in the online shopping cart. Or feel free to call us if you want to place an order by phone (858) 880-1400 By email orders@thesignsyndicate.com
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    Should have just used a roller....spray paint is too much work
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    Good Morning [emoji274][emoji2][emoji295]️ Something I've learned... "If you Really Want It, then YOU need to work for it! Period!! There will be days that won't be easy.. there will be days that are harder than others.. But YOU just need to push through and you'll see the end results whatever that might be...whether it's your health and fitness or your dream job. You'll see the things you really wanted and that feels SO GOOD!" If you fall, it's ok, pick yourself up and do it again... Never stop trying! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    And also remember Kirstie, obstacles are what you see when you loose sight of your goal.
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    I won't go into details but I just want to say, and give a big Thank you to Voltrac, namely Joe Walsh. I deal with reps on a daily basis and vendors all the time. Thank you Joe @Voltarc for taking care of us. Glad you're still in the Neon Industry, and it can't be a surprise you're one of the few left to serve the needs of it. We appreciate you being there!
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    Much cheaper! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As this drawing sits right now, it's a neon nightmare. Theses are the types of signs that end up selling tons of LED's because this sign will be arcing and burning from many places. Sometimes, when letters can't be made wider and deeper, LED's are just a better fit. I think as the sign company you HAVE to tell this customer that it would not be in his or your companies best intersest to use neon in this application. And if he wont budge, tell him to find someone else. I would not be involved in this project as it sits right now. If he insists on neon then you have to insist on enlarging the letters. This is like telling GM you want them to build you a new car, but you do not want brakes! (sorry, I use a lot of auto annalogies). Sometimes you can not allow the customer to tell you how to make a sign.