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    Great article, well thought out and written. I agree on the shipping portion as neon is always a issue in shipping. Also the amount of qualified neon shops has diminished by 80+ % or more. I also think as time goes on fewer shops will be able to diagnose and repair neon fluorescent and HID signs. Eventually it will be so bad that some towns wont have a way to service anything but LED's. As we have spoken about before I have wondered if light degradation and the importance is a huge issue. Not that it fixes the problem but likely most storefront shops wont survive 5 years, will have moved or have rebranded. Lastly I agree wholeheartedly about trade mags and associations. Harder to stand up to your friends then enemies.
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    Just another day in the pacific NW!
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    Great article. I've had issues with LED retrofits in lighted sign cabinets because the LEDs will cast shadows on the faces if there is anything at all between them and the face, even a frame for a flex-face sign. That's not a problem with fluorescent tubes because of the way they cast light in all directions.
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    Very well thought out and great explanations. I'm guessing a few were pissing themselves at the thought of this going to print.
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    Have you ever done any calculations with the T-5s? We do a fair amount of interior lighting using them, but haven't encountered them in any outdoor sign displays as of yet..... They may be too bright that without a diffuser would be more likely to create hot spots..... Anyone else have experience using them in a sign application?
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    Too bad they didn't have the huevos to follow through sign guy, that would have been something to see for once. Nice write up and very informative with some calculations that are easy to follow. We don't support sign associations for our own reasons but this could have been one we would have even so far away. It fizzed and couldn't make it past the finished line it seems lol. They could have learned from you. Oh well, their loss. Cheers!
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    Hopefully you'll post those pics when you're done, that sounds like a huge undertaking and a LOT of Transformers! I would suggest Franceformers!
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    Great job E! I have yet to take the plunge into any sign trade organization. I have my personal reasons, no need to go into those details. We're still building plenty of evil neon, and fluorescent signs here at ALLTEX! We're actually re-branding a chain restaurant group, with exposed neon building signs. Triple, and double stroke letters, and border accents. We'll also be building an amazing neon sign project (2,500' border), plus the largest neon building sign, and pylon sign I've ever been associated with. ( In my 26 years in the sign biz. ) This is for a different customer. You will actually be able to drive under this sign. I designed it as a feature piece. The city actually signed off on it. This location will also have 10' tall neon channel letters mounted above the building. We're all really pumped about this job/opportunity. It's a real blessing to have loyal customers, who have vision, and trust in the, "old school" technology.
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    Eric, I was sorry to see you go. Your time at USSC reminds me of the movie "Life of Pi". Not quite the elephant...more like the tiger. LOL You have a lot to bring to the industry and to the manufacturer's TRUE values, so desperately needed. Personally, I believe you'll have the best presence and impact as a "game changer" this way. You've always got my support and interest. Keep up the great work and I'm certain our paths will meet again. Until then, take care friend!
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    Magazines need money to publish and stay profitable. Corporations and Manufacturers pay the bills. Its all about the money. Not the truth or end users