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    Did a Gabes for them, a set of letters and flex faces. Good project manager, and paid at 30 days. A Good company to sub for
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    Sorry I didn't clarify, rent a crane and an operator to run it 👍
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    Although we don't have to worry about the crane cert issue because we are renting cranes when needed, what TDewitt mentioned about the crystalline silica OSHA standard is definitely something everyone should look at. It actually took effect on the 23rd of September. I think this has a much bigger long term effect on our business than the crane regs. We already have GC's asking for our updated safety plans that include the silica dust procedures lol.
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    I will say though that we did learn quite at bit in the classroom portion not so much in the actual operation.
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    That is exactly what I was stating. Those that follow the rules are saddled with extra fees and cost, while those that don't make more money and bid jobs cheaper as they have much less overhead. Never once did I say a cert. made you a better crane operator. Those HACKS will not even get a cert. when it does come into effect. I think I must have worded my initial statement wrong. We couldn't wait until the last minute to see if it actually was going to take affect, and then scramble to get certified before getting fined. That was my bitch. So not fussing at you Angie!
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    Brian, I very calmly take offense at the broad brush of "HACKS" myself. I for one am ECSTATIC they have pushed the deadline out again!! I hope they move it again - actually that it goes away!! Certification doesn't make you a good or bad crane operator. I have men tell me all of the time that I am the best they have ever seen! I actually have folks that once they see me operate my crane, they won't call anybody else. That comes from 30 years of EXPERIENCE - not a certification. A certification doesn't make you a good crane operator. Patience and experience do. Certified crane operators can have an accident just as easily as a non certified one. Not sure if you remember, but since 2008 it has been TOUGH on small businesses like mine (all size businesses actually) - barely held on, but thank God we are still here - because of that 30 years and our reputation - so thousands of dollars to spend on yet ANOTHER certification at this point was not something I could afford to do. But I can ASSURE you I/we are not "HACKS"! If not for the costs of insurances, licenses, permits, keeping up with certifications and regulations and taxes we could possibly make some money. If and when they come up with a date certain, I will bite the bullet and go take a test, but until then, I will continue with what has worked for me for 30 years. Skill and experience. Please don't fuss at me! LOL Have a great hump day!
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    Plus the fact that repumping merc tubes is NOT a great idea.
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    If you move your mouse over their name a small window should pop up and you should see "ignore user". I think that's the one you want
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    Wow Salsa, that was interesting! NOT!
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    I see your IQ does not allow you to have an intelligent conversation without cursing and name calling.... so have a nice day. P.S. There are only a few people in my life that I will allow to dishonor my name... and you sir are not one of them.
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    Great video. Awesome testament to the bulbs and some really nice signs!