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    I have been blunt in the past about the trimless letters and some of the issues I see with them so I figured I ought to be quick about giving praise where its due as well. Our Super Channelbender has served us well and we crank out a lot of letters. Lately we had an issue with a sensor at a very bad time with a deadlines looming and after making a few calls we had several techs from Adams calling us to make sure we were taken care of. They shipped us a part very quickly and we were up an running in no time at all - making precision letters once again. Thanks Adams!
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    From the contract wording, I'm already are familiar with that National. You forgot to turn over the paper and read between the lines to see the invisible ink. It is the Nationals responsibility to provide you with the base plates needed. It is to their benefit. If not, it is custom work that they must pay for. No questions about it. If they dont agree, best wishes to them
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    Hey Brian I operated a sign and service installation company for 36 yrs. I did very well, but had excellent accounts. I had a couple of National Sign Companies, who we had an agreement that I got paid in 30 days with the 45 being the max. In return they got my instant attention and a better rate. What I have learned, You need a line of credit large enough to sustain your business. Many companies will hold off your payment until they collect from their customer. Just remember you are not a bank, you need your money too. Normally I made it clear that its 30 days, 45 days I'm on your A**. I have been told , by my clients when I want payment, that they will not use me again and that is fine with me. I lost one major retrofit account with a National here in Canada, because I would not install any more of their signs until I got paid, of course I had a lot of their product in my yard. They owed me 50K for over 90 going to 120 days. I do need clients like these. I am proud to say one of the large banks here in Canada, (The Royal Bank) has asked me to mentor other businesses. Just remember, watch your accounts receivable, preferably COD or with a good deposit. Sign companies who hire you to do the install, receive a deposit before manufacturing, You must be part of the deposit also. You have a skill that is in great demand and should be able to make a decent living off of it. Dave
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    That's good to hear Brian! @ChannelBender1 One of the Local Wholesalers here who I visit from time to time just got a Adams Bender shipped in. I saw it yesterday fresh on the pallet as I was there to borrow his metal brake. He's super stoked and I'm VERY excited for him, lol
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    I love the photos for the statements you make. Perfect choices Everytime I go on an estimate, I listen to the Customer telling me that they want the " lifetime " LEDs When I explain the propaganda of LEDs , they look at me like I don't know what I'm talking about. Only the educated listen and understand. Same at the Sign Shows, all the same shit with different names and claims
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    His trucks are even more beautiful in person than in the pics he posts. Real pin stripping too by the man himself. He has an awesome family too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi Justin: We are based in the Denver area, and I know a couple of former Arete employees. One has established a sign supply company, and he may be able to help. His company is Sign Lighting World, and the website is http://www.signlightingworld.com/Pages/default.aspx The Owner is Jeff Ingoglia. Mike Adams AdamsTech