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    I'm going to avoid the comments above but throw in my two cents (which may be all my post is worth but..). Way back in the dark ages when signs were still hand painted, a company called Gerber Scientific came out with the first good vinyl plotter. And yes, there may have been others, but this was the first one that (at least in my area) saw large sales. The local sign writers bemoaned the fact that now any "monkey with two fingers" (a phrase I heard more than once) could now lay out and make signs. Other phrases like "its ruining the industry", "taking away jobs", etc. flew about. I wonder if the first mass produced brushes got the same kind of comments? We used to make wholesale channel letters (all by hand) and after I saw the Gerber 4-B at other shops, I tricked (long story) my father into buying one. it cost $10K (in 1982 dollars) when that was a tidy sum. it came with a whopping seven fonts. It saved us a lot of time, allowed us to stop hand cutting/reverse spraying faces, making letter patterns, etc. I was just learning to hand letter at the time, but that was left on the wayside. I still wish I had fully learned to hand letter but i digress. Anyway, channel letter benders are just another tool. In the hands of an experienced shop they can really be a money maker. Digital printers are another similar item. If you know how to use them (and market that service) you can make a lot of dough. In the 21st century channel letters, digital prints, aluminum extrusions, etc. are all commodities. You can buy an assemble-it / install-it yourself set of channel letters on-line from at least one source. I wonder when Amazon or Walmart will start carrying channel letters, cabinet signs, etc. Now, anyone with deep enough pockets can gain entry to the sign business, be it with electric signs, vinyl graphics, 3d carved signs, etc. by buying the right equipment AND hiring the right people. TBH, isn't that the new business model in these times. If you have enough $, you can get into most any business. Put together a business plan, get a loan, assemble a team, rent appropriate space, buy "stuff" and run with it. It will never be as easy as the franchise salespeople would make you believe, but people will try and some will succeed. Now I'm putting on my helmet, body armor and hunkering down in my foxhole and try to avoid the shrapnel.
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    Its another Miracle cure for the sign industry. Buy one and you are now a full complete electrical letter manufacturer with the push of a button. This is on page 3 of the Franchise Fantasy. " You too can be a fully Qualified Electrical Sign Manufacturer "
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    Not sure of the rule of law in your state but, If you file a lien its on the property and property owner. If the guy that stiffed you owned the properties than you can collect on the sale to release the lien. If someone else owned it they are liable. Thats why many companies go crazy getting lien releases when they pay in full.
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    I'm 100% with Paul on not holding back. If you have someone who is ripping you off, why go easy? Do you ever plan on working for them again if they are a no payer? Are they going to write a bad review about your company because they are a dead beat you have paperwork to back up? Hit them fast and hard so they see you're not playing around. That's food from your family's table they are stealing, take it seriously.
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    I prefer to correspond through email for "paper trail" reasons as well. I have no problem talking to people either its just that to get details that I can refer back to their is no better way then email. Also Paul your people have you so well insulated its hard to even get through to you. they screen the hell out of the calls when asking for you
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    Yep the only time I get bit is when I break the rules. Had a guy stringing me along on getting a deposit and we still did the design, got eng. and permits which tooks 2 months at variance hearings. Fast forward the guy still kept forgetting his wallet and needed a Banner for grand opening. I did so and the day of I show up a 1/2 hour before the news and the mayor and all the grand opening stuff and forgot his wallet again. Quite a big deal. BTW the way had just retired from pro ball and had a world series ring. In front of him and all of his big shot friends I took out a knife and shredded his banner. He was pissed and embarrassed and said I fucked up his event. After he was done yelling I told him that when I get back to the office I was calling the city and cancelling his permit which would set his highway frontage sign back 3-4 months. That he card take his quote and my card and stick it his ass and to lose my phone number. Best 2 grand I ever lost. I would rather lose money than let someone steal it from me. That was 25-30 years ago and still enjoy reminiscing about it. BTW never give out your design drawings.....
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    Steve, I think we had the same teacher in the same business school. I have never " Not been Paid " by anyone. I have zero collections because of the above business policies. By the way.....I have " repossessed " Church signs right before Holidays , National Chain Restaurants just before Opening Day and placed Liens on National Chains and their Top Management People. No one or Nothing is off limits when they attempt to steal from me. Once they see that you are not fooling around, they always pay. AND DO NOT forget to charge for all the additional time, legal expenses and aggregation. If you remove the signs, they pay additional for that and then to install them again. No Mercy NO Credit Cards on problem Jobs. Credit Cards can be cancelled up to 18 months later and then you are F#$&ed This only happens once every few years when we don't follow our own policy No Deposit means no work, Problems with Deposits means problems with the balance
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    Lien the property, the store, the guy, his dog, everything and anything he is associated with. Its a lot cheaper then you think. Then go to his existing business and remove your sign, its your property ( depending upon your contract wording ) Go to his new location and tell him you want your money, he robbed you. No difference between him and a thief. Show No Mercy to him. Call all the Town Depts for all permits and violations.......Start the computer up and let the public know
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    Magazines need money to publish and stay profitable. Corporations and Manufacturers pay the bills. Its all about the money. Not the truth or end users