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    We put these in for one of our customers who has an old sign with chasing lights around part of it - over a year and no issues. Our customer is very happy not to be changing light bulbs every 3-4 months. They are much brighter than we thought they would be. Well worth the initial cost!
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    Hahaha - You would be surprised how often I hear "is there somebody else there I can talk to?" My husband gets on the phone and tells them the EXACT same thing I just told them (him) and they say "okay". I think it must be my southern accent. LOL ..... WOW - seeing that in color REALLY makes my decision for me. I am not going to sell this guy something that he is going to look at me in a year and wonder why it looks so bad. Just not going to do it. Because when it goes South he won't remember all of the conversations we have had about it not being a good idea to change it out. He will just insist that I fix it. Given the costs I have already gotten for the LED (not including labor), not going to eat it, that's for sure - and that's what he would expect me to do. The install there currently is a REALLY BAD version of the conventional shown above. They have entirely too many feet per transformer for starters is the main thing we have found - but I believe it is 18mm glass. I will have to pull the work folder and look at the survey. I am currently working on the diagrams to get the EXACT linear feet drawn out - been using "close" numbers up to this point just for pricing sake. I will send you one when I finish it and that way we can compare real world instead of hypotheticals just for shits and giggles. hahaha I SO appreciate you sending this to me - hopefully it will be enough to convince him to stay with the neon.
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    They need you, You do not need them. Make your own policy and stand by it.
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    We need to have that music playing the background ...."It's a man's world" Here's a couple of things you can show him. This comparison was last taken back in 2015 A big question you'll have to answer is, is the system on a 30ma or 60ma? What diameter tube, 15mm/18mm? Most likely 15mm? At the last recorded picture it was 23K+ hours of operation, or 6.3 years if left on 10 hours a day, or 7.9 years if left on 8 hours a day. Obviously the Neon started out 5 to 46 times brighter over the LED Neon (on a 30 ma system) You can share these with him. If you scan left to right you'll see some vendors/products were replaced, because they degraded so quickly, the Sloan barely has a pulse. The Sloan & GE rigid have lasted because their in a pipe, and it's low wattage low light output so we can expect those to last BUT, the trade off is for long life, low light. If you look closely you can see the individual break down of the diodes trapped in the silicone/gel flexi. With case history we know Neon has a gradual degradation curve in light, LED, is unpredictable and on a chart, up and down, fast hard tangents. In the first couple thousand hours Neon will take a lumen maintenance of 10 to 18% in loss then slowly drop down( Hg/Argon fill), Clear red will not ans is not affected by ambient temperatures because it's just glass and gas with no mercury to condense up in the cold. For power, Colored Hg/Argon Neon 15mm is 3 watts per foot, 2.5 for 18mm. Rigid LED is about 2.5 watts per foot too. So there is no savings to be made UNLESS the Neon system is on a 60ma then you just double it. BUT let's just say you have a parameter of 100 liner foot. NEON 100' x 3w =300w 300w x 8 hours x 365 days x .18 kwh /1000 power (C&C) = $157.68 annual cost of operation if left on 8 hours a day, double that if 60ma, less if the dimeter of the tube is 18mm LED Tubing 100' x 2.5w = 250w x 8 hrs x 365 days x .18kwh /1050 (Electronic) = $125.14 Annual cost of operation, but see all above for pro's and cons $157.68 - $125.14 / $157.68 = 20% saving in cost of operation using LED Lighting Neon 15mm 167 Foot Candles GE Contour 27 Foot Candles 167 - 27 / 167 = 83% more light using Neon ON your ROI, that is yet to be determined but you know the cost of operation savings Cost of LED Material + Labor = Job Cost / 20% savings ($32.54) = years of ROI, in most cases it's 20 to 40 years BUT will you need to re-retrofit the LED as seen above? Here are some Border Tube Diagrams that I dug up from the Neon Installation Guide, a great reference Conventional = BAD Virtual= Good MIDPOINT = IDEAL How many linear feet are is mama working with?? We can break it all down here if you want for shits and giggles To me, already knowing how to work with Neon you'll bring more money home IMO on the labor, rerouting runs, better tranny placement adding better low cost components like Silicone GTO & Caps etc, and it will be MUCH brighter even with new glass than paying than the big upfront cost of just buying the LEDs itself (paying a dist) Also, you can get 60' of Neon on one Transformer and only about 30' of LED on a single power supply depending on the type etc, maybe even more. So less Power supply placement with neon (Labor) Things change of course with costs but looking back based on 500', just lamps, Neon came to $2,250, GE $27,340, Sloan Flexi $21,250
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    I have some things I can attach here, be back in a bit gotta drop the kiddos off at school