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    Appreciate it Dave but I'm in the market for a truck in the 85' range. I have a 65' & 42' we use already sir but thanks for the Pic and Offer sir..
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    So.... I'm sure not many American Sign Companies and Vendors will benefit in anyway (and probably could care less), in fact the Brits will probably benefit more as far as user ship goes but.. Yeah..... Apparently ISA and the BSGA have created a partnership, ISA is good for creating something from nothing, that ends up as nothing, nothing as far as benefits for the end user but a return for the association itself. So, this is most likely another cycle, another idea conjured beacause their background is not of our industry but birthed from others. If ISA was filled with actual sign industry people and not Lori Andersons, this probably wouldn't have even been a thing. But here's the curious part that we, here at the SS have ourselves were kicking around. At least the BSGA, British Sign & Graphics Association takes "Pride" in their country to integrate such a name and their flag in their association logo, and I'm sure their more "Pro-UK" than ISA is Pro-American. Now, I don't know much about the BSGA, except for a few members here that are over there across the big pond, but just off appearance I'm sure they do great for their country men and women, well........ I know they do because I've read some of the "goings ons" over the years, nothing current but still, I'm sure it hasn't changed much. I've always wanted to visit their show, because I've always wanted to visit the UK So what have we always gotten with ISA? Well the theme is "International" We get the Association that cares more about overseas monies than building incentive for our own countries manufacturers, or taking up our homegrown manufacturer concerns. No integration of our country's great flag that has been sacrificed for, or good 'ol Red, White, and Blue in our supposed industry "Leadership Association" logo run by non-industry people of course. I mean, if someone had to ask what the colors of ISA is right now....as we stroll through a show, I would think it was Red with a gold star. So now let all the marketing programs commence to our manufacturers to sell them on overseas and partnership programs that DON'T really equal ours or make sense. Somehow there will be a equation chart for "Channel Letters" to "3D Built Up Letters" (<---------- Haha, I made a international funny....funny only if you follow things "international") Guess for now the closest way ISA can get to "Red, White, & Blue" integrated into their logo is by Union Jack, NOT by old Glory.....money must be calling... Maybe the USSC, United States Sign Council can benefit from this, their the only independent Association and their Pro American Themed. Oh....wait.... I forgot, they dropped the Red, White, and Blue too.... Oh and, I don't even think their called the USSC anymore. Yes I remember now....they decided to chase the coat tails and live in the shadow of ISA and their the...Sign World, or Sign Expo, something like that....maybe it's ISA "Jr", or step-child. Still.... .....ISA-UK will allow ISA and BSGA to work together on issues common across the sign, graphics and visual communications industry, including codes and regulations, research, workforce education and events......This is an exciting move for ISA and for BSGA," said Lori Anderson, ISA president and CEO. "The business world is no longer contained by borders and this partnership offers tremendous opportunities for the growth of our industry. Together, we are stronger." This Makes me shutter, not that ISA will ever have much bearing on ever bringing actual change (Thank God) to US regulation and policy, well they sort of, as it pertains to failures, and being on the wrong side of issues for the electric sign industry. I'm sure ISA-Euro is next but... I just hate to read all the upcoming bullshit articles about all their ideas, and supposed ongoing (Salesman face) success with their new venture in all the brochure rags to come. Look for Euro type regulations and ideas. Look for Euro like Environmentalism topics and issues. Regulation & Environmental Tyranny has all but killed our US manufacturing and jobs in the past. All these imported ideas to "Improve" and make American Sign Companies and Manufacturers "better" by making us more.....Euro like. Oh boy, just when I made a self commitment to never dig into ISA again because I was sooooo tired of it. I was actually going to try real hard to find something to cheer for about them, seriously I was.... Until I read about this.