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    there's always a surprise inside
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    This is a first ever trial run. Use link below or use the main horizontal menu header above "PHOTO COMPETITION" http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/competition/ The rules are simple. One entry per member, up to 8 votes per member. Please don't search the internet for pictures, please use your own that you captured around town or during a job. It's the first and a trial run, we'll figure out a 1st place price. This ends August 8th 2019 Please do not Photoshop pictures. The Contest: FUNNIEST SIGN PHOTO This is the Funniest Sign Photo "Contest" that has to do with a sign in the photo. The way it looks, the content, the shape it is in, or perhaps something that happened to it. No Photo shopping. Please no searching the internet for photos, it should be your own that you captured around town
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    It was a sign company. This same guy did a motel just down the street from this restaurant kind of like the picture of the dollar store you posted. Except this jackass used .040 aluminum strips he cut by hand and attached modules to it. When he got on site, he apparently figured out he cut the strips too short at his shop, so he cut short pieces to make the length he needed, drilled holes in each end and attached the short piece to the long piece with zip ties!! The customer called us a couple of weeks later because he noticed his sign wasn't lighting up like it should - half of it was dark - so he wanted us to come "check out the work that had been done" - so when we got on site to check it out we found that the zip ties had failed and over half of the pieces along with the modules were laying in the bottom of the sign!! The owner said he was going to make the guy come back and put in L.E.D. lamps like he paid for! We haven't heard anything else from him, so I don't know what happened. I thought I would give him a couple of weeks and check back with him to make sure he got it fixed. It is a shame and disgrace that people are doing this kind of work. Makes us all look bad. Pisses me off!
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    I just have to say - NOW I have seen it all. Check this out! You can't make this stuff up. My guys found this yesterday!
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    Where do you start, First thing, those Fluorescent Pig Tail Bulb in the letters is just a treat to see, then the LED Light bulbs, that is just pure GENIUS, but the recycled Neon Letters, that is pure cheapness at it's finest. What the Hell has our industry come to, when this is what is becoming the norm and not the exception. Now looking back at these, I am truyly speechless and that is saying something, I am rarely speechless.
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    Nah, it's international. For over 30 years I employed staff, average was around five to seven people including myself. Many were long term. For the past five years it's just me and I could not be more content and now I get to pick and choose who I work for and the jobs I take on. No more stress, no more staff. GC
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    I am a good installer, so I hired myself =0) Been doing it for 6 yrs now. Started supporting all the local sign shops, got so busy I had to convince my dad to retire from the postal service and work for me. Now I'm grooming my son an nephew! Fully agree with going outside the industry. I started life as a mechanic. I love being an installer because no one is ever sad to see the sign guy show up and get to work bringing their business to life! After getting a look into the back door of several sign companies I see the issues they face and feel for them....but I also see some self inflicted wounds. Installers tend to be the end of the whip and have to make up for all of the timing issues through out the project. Its hard to want to work hard when your not set up for success. There are a few sign companies with killer processes (sales all the way through end of project fully mapped out) and have seen great success with hiring, training and retaining sign installers.
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    Now Hiring Experienced Sign Installers and Service Techs in Tyler Texas *SIGN ON BONUS* *LOWER COST OF LIVING* *AWARD-WINNING SCHOOLS* Do you have previous sign installation experience? Are you a highly motivated and safety conscious individual? Are you looking for a career with an established and fast-growing company? If so, we’re looking for talented and professional candidates who are focused on teamwork, task completion, and customer satisfaction. If you're looking for a rewarding career, not just another job, then come join our team as a Sign Installation Specialist! Design Center Signs a Comet Signs Company is one of the largest and fastest growing signage and graphics firms in Texas located in in the beautiful piney woods area of East Texas. Now part of the Comet Signs family, our resources and opportunities have accelerated our success even more! We need SIGN INSTALLERS and SERVICE TECHNICIANS to join our award-winning team in Tyler. Ideal candidates will have the following prior experience, including: mobile crane operation, sign installation, electrical maintenance, welding, valid CDL class A, ability to pass drug test and background check. Journeyman Electrician (or Sign Electrician) license is a plus. We offer competitive pay, insurance, vacation, paid holidays and workers comp. SIGN ON BONUS (and possible relocation assistance) for those that want a career and are ready to go to work! If you like fishing, hunting and recreation of all types near lakes, forests and hills, this is one of the most picturesque places in the state to call home. Comet Signs, LLC offers the following benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life 401k with match PTO 7 Holidays Referral Incentives Competitive compensation depending on experience To apply: Email responses are encouraged with attached resume robin.patterson@cometsigns.com In persons at 3245 W. Grande Blvd. Tyler, Texas 75703 Monday -- Friday 8am -- 4pm Fax resume to 210-341-7279 We are an EOE employer.
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    Ah, the old "you can't get good help these days" song. I sing it, my father sang it, Moses (no relation though my kids think that he apprenticed under me) probably sang it too. Yes, good installers are hard to find. The good ones have steady jobs and aren't interested in talking to you. The bad ones will tell you that they have worked for this shop (but got laid off), for that shop (which closed down), that other place (fired this time for using the company CC*), cut trees for a few years, spent time in jail (or rehab or on the lam from a wife or..). Hmm, but can you give a guy a 2nd chance? Don't you mean 22nd? It's an uphill battle. Paul - I love that comment. However, at times I think half is being generous. UFB - LOVE LOVE LOVE that graphic. * - relative of my wife really did get fired for running up "ONLY $2500.00" on the company CC for personal expenses and seriously couldn't understand why he got canned, and why he ended up in court. He would have paid it back eventually. SIGH.
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    BTW this is a nationwide epidemic getting skilled labor and people that will work.
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    We rarely hire from within the industry, unless we poach them from another shop.
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    "...about half..." When I visit local shops, it's entertaining to see the ones that have bounced around from shop to shop and think to myself *oh boy*. They're the ones that give owners the headache. They have bad habits..bad work ethic, probably never learned the right way, you can't teach an old dog new tricks, they find ways to stretch the clock, and now they're at a new shop repeating what happened at other places of employment
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    We stopped doing this years ago on the recommendation of our insurance carrier. We were advised if the employee is injured when in our shop we would be subject to workmen's compensation. It did not matter if they were on the clock or not.
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    This is a no win for the owner. Yes I allow my employees to make their own projects for their own usage. They can do it on their time only They let me know before they start and tell me what it is for and what they are going to use. In General, I have no real concerns or problems. If it keeps everyone happy, so be it. Here is the problems........ It amazes me how fast they get their work completed, start to finish. Why cant they do my work as fast ? I let them use everything and anything they need to. Complete access to everything. I ask that they pay for all new materials, ( Sometimes ) Otherwise I hope they use scraps if they can When they have to reach into their pockets to pay, it becomes a fight on material costs. Ask about Labor Costs and they will tell how many minutes they used. Forget about any damages to my equipment, Don't go there because it would have happened at anytime. You cant win on this subject. When I see them abuse the " Benefits " I stop it.
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    Sooner or later they (employees) always take advantage of a great situation. I allow my employees to build small projects for themselves, not for resale. If they need something for their kids team, a B Day, Anniversary... I'm cool with that. I let them work on their vehicles, borrow a trailer and truck to move. But when it comes to money, regardless of the amount. If it's happening in my shop, it's my money.
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    I would have no problem with personal projects, but I wouldn't allow projects for profit, you're fitting all the overhead and more.
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    Well, a small update. I found a painter that had experience ( oh yeah not sure i mentioned we had to let the new painter go last week that we hired a month or so back) , and sounded familiar with the type of paint we use by the questions that he asked me. We set up a time and day for him to come in for an interview. He no showed. Had an interview set up yesterday for an installer He no showed 🥺
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    We did hire a good installer recently but that lasted only about 2 weeks. He wanted to be in this area due to his son living here, but when he got here that's when the issues started. Day one he shows up with two small bags and it was all he had, no place to live no real money in hand. He was a very good installer, but his ego was bigger than could fit in the trucks. He left because we got to a point where we decided we could no longer pay for a place for him to live, pay for all his food and listen to him bitch about it. He said he had lost his drivers license ( but had a copy of it) and it was due to expire anyway and didn't seem worried about getting a new one, so he couldn't even drive our trucks. When he left he told us he did us a favor and we should have basically rolled out the red carpet and kissed his feet ( of course not those exact words), and supported him like we were taking him to raise. He also said he got hired elsewhere and they were flying him out, where ever out was. In reality he did do us a favor, as we just didn't see the drama ending. Now the hunt for a replacement continues.
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