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    = we have a service opportunity in your area that requires a 2 man bucket truck and a NTE of $250, and oh now we will pay you in 90+ or not at all
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    your customer, your problem. I deal with you, you owe me.
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    Forget the 4 x 8 Cry once and smile for the next 20 years Pay the price only one time and Buy a 5 x 10 MultiCam and never look back or worry. My MultiCam is 15 plus years old and only 2 service calls were required.
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    It is okay to bleed red ink all over their contracts before sending it back to them. I do that with almost every one. You've got to protect yourself and if their contracts are so one-sided that they put all of the liability on you, fix it before sending the signed contract back! Then, if it's a company that requires you to sign every single PO they send to you, save a copy of the marked up contract in a file so you can send it back (with a new signature and date) with the new PO they send you just to make sure they didn't add anything funny to it. That sure beats having to re-read every single contract every single time you get a little service job! Just because they send it to you that way doesn't mean you have to accept it. It's a contract and you need to make sure it is a fair deal for both parties. That includes their, usually ridiculous, "budget" amounts. Those crazy-low numbers are just a negotiation ploy designed to get you to work for pennies. That doesn't mean you have to accept it if you want the work. Change it to what the job is actually worth and send it back. You'll usually get it ... if you're a good company that they want to work with.
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    Hmm, isn't that company from the OP located on Long Island? IIRC quite a few of these national maint. companies started out on L.I. Just an observation, though I guess I don't have enough statistical data to draw a meaningful conclusion. And I just popped onto google maps and that address is the first bank of long island. Hmm, curiouser and curiouser. Wasn't there another thread with a national maint. company with a questionable address? I'm glad that, at 59, I only have to deal with this sort of people for another 30 or 35 years before I can afford to retire. 🙂
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