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  1. f3rri

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    6061 Baby! Aluminum extrusion cnc routed with acrylic push through. *ATTN* Permlites ended up seizing or corroding on the aluminum. I had to make a plastic tray adhear the lights to it. I like Permlit twisters but I'm a Sloan fan. Can't really tell by the picture I do finished welds too incase architects look at them. Its and etra 30 min worth of work and makes a world of difference. Any oppinions on photovolotaics. I put one on this one where as most sign companies do timers. I thought I'd try it. Thanks for the compliment. Since it was mounted near the University of Pittsburgh, I had to make sure it withstood the slam dunk factor. I held on it for 30 seconds. Then again I only weigh 160bs... We'll see I would suggest not doing this project in this extruded material unless you have an employee with long skinny arms. I scratched my arms up pretty bad trying to get the inners mounted and bonded. But I definatly was happy how it turned out. Oh the color is GM Corvette silver metallic in a BASF. ...Just wash and wax.
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    She didn't pay on time. LOL!
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    It's me
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