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  1. Its not that simple. the print is embbeded in to the anodised aluminium This process is swiss Perfection Graphic Resolution up to 155 LPI Scratch Resistant Solvent Resistant Weather Resistant Vandal Resistant Exterior Rated for 10+ years Environmentally Friendly Thank You
  2. I am looking for a direct digital printer who can furnish a four color process on clear anodized aluminum. These are 1/8" panels at varying widths. The heights of the panels are all 62.5" tall. They will require 6 holes total, equidistant from each other, 3 on each side. There should be no seams and the panels should be printed on one side (front only). The print should be graffiti resistant, UV-resistant, and should be able to be used outside (exterior). Panels will have satin clear coat upon completion on the printed side. Does anyone have any suggestions on who can manufacturer this typ
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