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  1. Not sure if this is in the right place. I just had my inspector come by. I have to make sure all my manuals and whatever else is up to code. They have that stuff scattered everywhere. I need to know where to find the FUII (follow-up inspection instructions) to make sure I have the latest version. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Wal Mart doesnt pay enough to even bother with their crap. The only time they are worth fooling with is when they are in a bind. Then you can charge what you need. And Im not wal mart bashing because my wife works there and its a big part of our income.
  3. We are doing this kind of stuff already with adobe illustrator. I alway sassumed that sign shops had good art people because the two I've worked for did. But I see some drawings from other sign companies in the area and I want to laugh. The sign companies that have the crappy drawings are the bottom feeders though. Cut everybodys prices and spit out a bunch of junk. Back on subject though, I think the sign placed on a pic of the customers building or lot is a good selling point. Really helps them to visualize it and keeps the guessing out of how it will look finished.
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