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  1. When I was 25; I had become the best sign painter, money could buy. Now , at 55, The top of my field, bending glass, & I can't find a job. I've worked hard all my life, never having been fired. I have run my own neon shop, as well as production facilities for my employers. Their must be a few folks out there, that realize this LED craze,will come & go, like a blow job And all those shops that closed there neon plants, prematurely, will be scrambling to find benders that don't exist anymore. good luck! neonjon@comcast.net
  2. Here's a project I made with it,Neon fill w/ Hg.
  3. neonjon

    oni water head

    WOW! How many trannys light this bad boy?
  4. neonjon


    Interesting play stuff! Looks like you have some spare time to! Do you oven pump?
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