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  1. Thank you J.Licari, So far, it seems that the feedback is to go with an AC motor. There was concern that the brushes would burn out too quickly in a DC motor. I greatly appreciate your input. By the way - I love the conceptual renderings. I've worked on doing graphics and proofs for customers and really strive to provide to the customer as closely as possible what their sign will look like in real life. I've painstakingly used GoogleSketch and it was great, but not designed for the sign industry - however it was a free tool. Again - Thank you for your feedback. Hope to have somethi
  2. Hello All, I'm putting together a proposal for a set of face lit (led) channel letters, mounted to a raceway. The customer has a cycling fitness business, and two of the "O's" in the name are also wheels. Her website has these wheels spinning and now I am looking into adding this feature into her sign. The permitting office said that they're ok with it rotating, it just can't be very fast. I have never done anything moving before, and my vendor referred me to a company that mainly dealt with rotating displays. It is a white circle w/ black spokes and a black outline w/ a stationary 'fleur de l
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