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  1. Cash for Clunker Cars??? How about a little CASH FOR CLUNKER SIGNS. I'm sure all of you have seen many signs in your area that need repair and are such an eye sore. We see so many abandoned signs and signs that look like they are going to fall over it makes our city look so displeasing. Why the big bail-outs for the auto industry? I think the government should put a little money into the small businesses that are the back bone of this country. We always hear about going "GREEN". If the small business owner got a little help from Washington, DC like the BIG BOYS maybe we can get the environment cleaned up a little faster. It might give the small business owner a fair shot at making a decent living while helping the environment. Should we all march on Washington and demand equal time and the same opportunities like BIG BUSINESS? What are your thoughts on this?
  2. I have some advice for your problem............................Are you absolutely sure that your equipment and installers are in compliance? Are you running equipment that is old and not certified? Have you followed proper procedure in obtaining all permits and electrical inspections as required by the city? If permits and inspections are obtained, then you have nothing to worry about and your city would not issue any citations. When servicing signs are you using new or used parts? We recently found this happening a lot lately. We would go service a sign and find parts installed by a competitor that are more then 10 years old. Besides wanting to make an honest living, I find that a large issue in this industry is maintaining safety for our clients and their customers by doing the safest sign possible for them and using the safest equipment while on their property. Poor competition makes for a completely unsafe industry. My advice to you is if your company is doing everything possible to maintain safety and following code then you need to do NOTHING! Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone ran a safe and fair playing field and got along as neighbors. But low balling is really starting to destroy the entire industry.
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