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  1. LIMAC factory has moved to a brand new venue. Welcome to schedule a visit. LIMAC China www.limac.cc
  2. limacchina

    LIMAC CNC Router

    LIMAC CNC Router machine from China
  3. LIMAC has recently made several big modifications on our CNC Router machines, strictly according to CE conformity. -Protection switch: Machine power shut down automatically in case controller cabinet is opened when machine is working. -Imported buttons with bigger currency load, provide enough safety for operator. -New tool sensor calibrator elimiates EMC, making the machine a complete safe and stable-working equipment. -Two limit sensors in the long direction of machine -Cable chain in long direction is closed to prevent dust -Controller electronics new layout completely eliminates EMC.
  4. We are a chinese cnc router, plasma, laser, waterjet cutting machine manufacturer. We need a service engineer in California to provide setup, service for our local customers. Salary: $1000-$3000/each machine serviced. Requirements: Must be in cnc router industry as service technician for at least 2 years. Age: Under 40 Pls. contact mary@limac.cc to send your resumes and talk details. Thanks, Mary www.limac.cc
  5. The most important for working stainless is the bit shank length and the feedrate, and also spindle RPM. Normally you should cut in several passes to achieve the best result. Mary ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- a fan of sign making and technology of sign making LIMAC CNC Router makes your sign making experience enjoying and easy and fast! www.limac.cc
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