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  1. As technology changes its important to keep pace or get left behind. There are a lot new widgets, apps, social, RRS feeds, tags, Alt tags, email interface, SEO masters, CRM software, email list management, tech tools, you name it its happening. The most surprising or shall we say the most rewarding new tech that has effected the closing rate while impressing big and small customers alike has been digital signing of contracts / deals. We use My linkto manage, sort, sign and initial all my contracts. We then simply email them to the customer or client who are amazed by our technological achiev
  2. Your not alone, whats most surprising is the once great Contracting Boards which protected the licensed Legal Sign Shops are not out there sweeping the streets like they use to. See so many illegal, un-licensed companies working off ladders, no truck markings, many code violations and un-ppricing the market because the legal shops pay and play by the rules. Only a mater of time till some one gets hurt, a building burns down or sign falls from the sky... unfortunately it takes pain for action to occur. In the mean time Im sure State budgets have been cut. I believe in keeping it local. Ther
  3. Has any one here provided Sign Site Survey, Sign Install, Sign Permit, Sign Service, Sign Project Management for Applebee's Apple American Group and or both Monton Holbrooks ? If you delt with Mr Eulberg of Apple American Group VP Real Estate and or both Jim Holbrooks or Dan Monton please share whether your experience was good vs bad ? Further, were you paid ? not paid ? paid but not full amount ? Your input will be appreciated Mark Yurik President Signs West, Inc signswest.com
  4. New to the group, been in the sign and print business for 26 years, glad to be a new member

  5. Glad to be a new member of the group

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