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  1. as usual it was a case of complain first, work later. the vinyl off and scrapers did the trick...took a little longer then we estimated originally but not bad. we had looked at replacing the panels, but it was more cost effective to spend the time cleaning them. thanks for the input
  2. So we are working on removing vinyl from a couple of sun beaten acrylic faces with dryed out spider webbed type cracked vinyl. My guys are saying vinyl off, wd40 are not working. Anyone have any magic tips to get this crap off them? Hoping there is something out there like strip-eeze for paint removal that we havent heard of that someone else has. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you
  3. if this is still kicking about, we did an install for marshalls a few years back...the vinyl was spec'd as oracal middle blue...
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