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  1. Vantage EMC

    Vantage is an excellent company to use. I have about 8-10 of their units out there and customers like them. You get a better much better margin with Vantage then with Watchfire and a much better warranty-currently (7) years parts AND LABOR. Their customer service is a good as anyone's and I have sold Watchfire, Daktronics, Adaptive, Optec, Think Sign, Olive, Ebsco/Stewart and a few more I can't think of right now. I can't say enough good about Vantage.
  2. The City has gone full Nazi on signs!

    The city of Peru, IL recently put a 90 day moratorium on ALL SIGN PERMITS. Can you imagine these people thinking sign companies and businesses could wait three months for them to re-tool their sign permitting process? After passing on information (Thank You ISA) and attending three weeks of meetings, they finally realized it was unconstitutional to do so, and revised their moratorium to LED signs.
  3. who builds love's truck stop signage?

    David, We just bid installation for Love's here in Oglesby, IL to the contact below. Christy Kallenberger Project Coordinator christyk@effective-images.net office: 605.753.9700 fax: 605.753.9701
  4. Mark, I have a competitior who used to approach customers we both were bidding and tell them to let me quote and design the sign. He then told the customer to give him my sketch and quote and he would take 10% off in order to win their business (he would then tweek the design to make it "his"). I know it worked some of the time but it also backfired on him too. I talked to some of my buddies who work in other trades and it seems every industry has their weasels. It just seems to me we have more then our share in the sign business.