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  1. Thanks - I'm not sure what motivated customer, but they first brought this up last Summer as Joe Biden was surrendering Afghanistan. The CMC Steel re-bar plant is in Sayreville, NJ - unfortunately, due to their location ( off of edge of town ) by the Raritan River - you pretty much need to be inside their plant to see the flags. Certainley a job we were all thankful to be called upon to do. Jim
  2. Milwaukee Cordless ( 12 volt ) Rivet Guns are GREAT ! Sorry not to get back to this sooner - I said I would share my experience after buying two 12 volt cordless Milwaukee rivet guns ( 1 new - 1 used ) ...... they worked perfectly - could not ask for better. We needed to rivet some fifty 4' x 10' painted aluminum sheets 90 ft high on an aluminum structure ( called a "Bag House" ) at a steel mill, and ( thanks to good weather in February ) we completed install in 5 days - guns never jammed - batteries lasted all day - SEE PHOTOS OF 50 FT. WIDE US FLAG
  3. Thanks Paul, I went with the 12 volt Milwaukee - cordless rivet tools apparently are a new thing, so the 18 volt costs $900 right now and just came out, whereas the 18 volt has a few years of good reviews for just $190 ( bare tool ). I'll give everyone a review after a few weeks of use. Jim
  4. Are you guys ( Ray and JJ ) talking about the 12 volt Milwaukee ?
  5. Thanks - that helps me - I was open to buying the 18 volt Milwaukee system, but the rivet gun is so expensive ( probably just because it's new ) - I can see getting the 12 volt even if the rivet gun is the only tool I ever get in Milwaukee cordless. I'll see if there are a few more responses and pull the trigger later this week. Appreciate your input, Jim
  6. Rocco - which tool does your friend have - the 12 volt ( M12 approx $190 tool only ), or the 18 volt ( M18 FUEL approx. $899 tool only ) ? Jim
  7. Cool, the price and name are good - maybe it's time for Dewalt to have some competition around here ! Thanks, Jim
  8. We have a job that requires us to attach around fifty 4'x8' aluminum panels to an aluminum factory wall 80' up in the air. Has anyone worked with cordless pop-rivet guns ? I would prefer Dewalt 20 volt since we have so many batteries ready to go, but Google only shows $1,700 rivet guns ( what the hell is that about ? ) On the other hand, I see Milwaukee cordless rivet guns for $190 ( but I have no other Milwaukee cordless tools or batteries ). Love to hear from anyone who has worked with any brand they do or, don't recommend. Thanks, Ji
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