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  1. I know this is a loaded question and probably way more than can be answered with a few forum responses, but how do you START to go about doing a vehicle wrap? I've got a friend/customer that wants me to do a wrap for him, but I've got no idea where to even start. He knows my current abilities and all, but has asked if it's something I can even do (outsourced or whatever). This would be for a racecar or a couple of racecars. Any help, guidance and/or resources would be cool.
  2. I would guess that you will get a lot of response on this, but I'll be the first one to post and say that I can offer this to you. No, it would not be a fortune for what you speak of. Only you can determine if getting a cutter is right for you. You would have close to $1000 for even the cheapest setup I can think of (after you factor in supplies and equipment). You may be better of getting some stuff done for you at first, and then evaluate cost -vs- volume and see how it adds up. Let me know if I can be of help to you. I, too, am a home-based business trying to make this a full-time ven
  3. I would (and did) buy a Summa D60 if in your position. If I would have had the money at the time, I would have stepped up and gotten the Summa T750 or a Graphtec FC-series cutter.
  4. Although I'm not an owner (yet), I've heard lots of good about the Roland VersaCAMM. It is pretty slow compared to many wide format printers, but it's print cost is very low - much lower than thermal transfer like a Gerber Edge, Summa DC3 or Roland PC-12/60/600. I've had some stuff outsourced that was printed on the VersaCAMM and have been quite pleased. I hear they are going up another $1k this year, so bad news there. You will also need a laminator if you plan on doing vehicle graphics with it.
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