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  1. 3 hours ago, Twright said:

    We did hire a good installer recently but that lasted only about 2 weeks.


    He wanted to be in this area due to his son living here, but when he got here that's when the issues started.


    Day one he shows up with two small bags and it was all he had, no place to live no real money in hand.


    He was a very good installer, but his ego was bigger than could fit in the trucks.


    He left because we got to a point where we decided we could no longer pay for a place for him to live, pay for all his food and listen to him bitch about it.


    He said he had lost his drivers license ( but had a copy of it) and it was due to expire anyway and didn't seem worried about getting a new one, so he couldn't even drive our trucks.


    When he left he told us he did us a favor and we should have basically rolled out the red carpet and kissed his feet ( of course not those exact words), and supported him like we were taking him to raise.


    He also said he got hired elsewhere and they were flying him out, where ever out was.


    In reality he did do us a favor, as we just didn't see the drama ending.


    Now the hunt for a replacement continues.

    So you did NOT hire a good installer.

  2. You really cant hire within the industry. Because if they are from the industry and out of work, especially now there must be a reason... The best bet I think is to just find jacks of all trades and train them on the job. Hire good human beings with positive attitudes rather then the cowboy who thinks hes done it all and seen it all, yet is looking for work.  And most of all pay them well!

  3. so glad you are making these products available erik, and at a reasonable price. up next Id love to see you with some parking lot light pole heads. an easy retrofit option to remove existing heads and install new LED fixtures.

  4. 2 hours ago, Sign Lady said:

    Didn't know you could do that either!  Don't know if that would work for mine because it is a 17 ton Manitowoc - I think the max it will lift is 11,000 pounds - even though we rarely lift that weight.  Just looks like there would be some kind of exemption for the small guys like us that don't do that kind of construction work/lifting every day.  They are going to eventually make it so the small guy can't survive!

    Im interested in if you can for a crane that size

  5. 13 hours ago, wizzy00 said:

    Curious with the photo, will an extension ladder do that? He will not get very far out of the bucket and up the ladder. But they win the prize for stupidity. Have found that once these guys are caught by OSHA or in my country the MOL. They crack down on all of us

    you cant have your feet off the bottom of the bucket/basket

  6. 21 hours ago, Signworksinc said:

    Thats because a “service coordinations company” called and said we will give you 300 shinny bucks NTE

    "We have a service opportunity in your area for 1 man in a bucket truck our NTE is 275"  does that sound familar?

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