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  1. MET Laboratories UL48 Program???

    I dropped UL and there utter nonsense money based model. So long and good riddance. It was a joke. Took MET less than 30 days for our conversion and now smooth sailing. Saving 35% isnt bad either. I had an ETL rep in a year ago. At that time they did not offer a field sign program. At least not in Texas. ULs days of monopoly are over. Perhaps, I will start a certify company. Free money and only have to sell overprioced stickers! What a scam. What makes there approval any better than CE?
  2. Manuel, Are they going to at some point produce a MH1000 retrofit? Looks good and I am told the Euro market (DE) is already using them on a large scale.
  3. TC Signs, Inc. has openings for experienced and reliable sign installers. We are a full service sign shop in North Texas (DFW). The positions available are permanent and full time. Positions offer great pay, bonuses, paid vacations and holidays, insurance, and excellent atmosphere to work in. Electrical license and CDL is a plus but, not required however, must be able to pass the required criteria to obtain them. To apply please send resume to tcsinc@yahoo.com with topic "installer position". You may also fax to: 972-492-2801. Thank you, TC Signs, Inc. 1620 E. Hwy 121 Lewisville, Texas 75057
  4. Urgent !! Loking for a wholesale installer in Dallas

    We can assist you Mike. Call David at 972-492-2801.