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  1. I'm done with this. I have a business to run as well.
  2. Hey, Signworks. You guys look real cozy in that bucket. Dont drop a wrench or Bubba is gonna get you in your canucki. HA Ha. I-cranes bucket is an ample 3' x 6' . Enough room to avoid any of these unpleasantries. Man, this is fun dogging someones new truck and investment. What have I been missing out on for the last year?
  3. Here are some base and lift cylinder pivot points for you to dog and tell everybody what a shitty design it is because some lap top boy sitting in his cubical didnt put his signature on a sticker.
  4. Bet your Elliot cant do this. As far as weight, well the auger head, 4 foot extension and 36 dia. bit weighs in at 850lbs. A full load of dirt, another 500lbs. The power needed to pull all that out of an 8 ft hole- 2000 lbs. plus
  5. Id put my I-crane up against that puny looking truck any day of the week.. Enjoy your payment.
  6. If you are dealing with Scam Marcum, you better run before you give him any money. You will be buying yourself years of anguish and torment for starters. it will probably bankrupt you. That is if you survive the catistrophic failer of the truck that you bought. He is the biggest con artist and bullshitter that you will ever meet. ("Brother, have you accepted Jesus in your heart") He likes to start off with that one when hes sucking someone in. I could tell you first hand because I got tied up with him and his trucks for ten years. I'm finally free of him, thanks to a company take over by I-crane and theire new awsome owner Earnest Hillard.
  7. Hey Kendell, why do you bother with these guys anymore? There never gonna get over the fact that they got cornholed by Sam. In three years after you and I have made a few million with our I-cranes they will still be paying $3500 a month for their elliotts and telling us how shitty are trucks are. Id like to meet you one day. I think we got a lot in common.
  8. I know USA Signs/ Regency Signs or whatever they call themselves these days held their contract for a while.
  9. Hey, I saw this truck being built when I was down there.
  10. It is fitted with the Auger option which adds 1400lbs to the truck because the subframe and outriggers have to be made with thicker steel. I'm not aware of any engine issues. I had the same engine and trans package in my other truck and didnt have any issues for 3 years. Only difference is this one is fitted with emissions. Might be some issues there, just not sure yet. The final manufacture GVW is 29,500 as it sits with the generator installed. It has air brakes and requires a CDL. Why dont you call I-crane with all the tech spec questions- Im not thier spokesperson or salesman. Thanks for the props on the color. Shane at I-crane has professional painting experiance and he did a bang out job on the paint. He had all the doors off trim removed hood off. You cant even tell it was not painted from the factory anyware.
  11. The pully placement is an issue if I'm not able to crest a rooftop and I have to raise a sign with the load line to a wall. Taking the bucket off takes about a half an hour and is a pain in the ass. Fortunatly, the truck is equipped with a hefty 1000 lb rated jib winch that covers most of those situations. I-crane is aware of the issue of pully placement and looking for ways to improve the design. I did ask them about the engineering stamp that you talked about. They are actively working with OSHA and engineers to attain an OSHA engineered rating. Once they do they told me they are going to have each truck inspected and approved. The truck is very different than what I'm used to and very much improved. The best way I can explain working with a new truck and design is like having a new girlfriend. I'm taking things slow while I learn her tendencies and charectristics but I really like what I've experianced so far and looking forward to my future relationship with my new work partner and look forward to learning her strengths along with being accepting of her weaknesses and learning ways to deal with them. Nobody's perfect and no truck is either. I already know this is the best truck I have had yet and Im really looking forward to being with her for a while!
  12. Here is a photo of the truck. I have only had it a month and I havnt had much time to shoot photos of it in action. (Or letter it either). When I do I'll post them. Paul, you got me on the fall protection- not very smart espaecially with a Sam truck.
  13. I was sceptical as well when I was contacted by them. I gave them a try. I have done 5 service calls over the last year with them all with Burlington Coat Factory. I have been paid in 45 days with out any issues or haveing to call for my money. So far so good.
  14. These are pics off my sign search add. This is my old skylift unit which was a total piece of shit. Nothing like the I-crane thast I got now.
  15. Hey Signworks, why dont you back off the insults, you dont even know me. I joined this to try to have some intelegent conversations regarding Skylift, I-crane, and all that. Maybe even trade some war stories about Marcum. I'm a damn good installer, I'm very good at what I do. I've had to be, working with the garbage trucks that I've bought from Scam. I have educated myself over the years on what is right and not right in regards to how a crane should be built and I know a lot about them, and I've dealt with that guy a lot longer than you. Why dont you embrace the opportunity to speak to someone who might know a thing or two about what you have gone thru and not be so critical and quick to judge. I wouldnt mind posting some photos of installs that I have done or my new truck and I will if you want to offer something usefull about them, but I feel you just want to have something to slam and spew insults about so I'm not going to untill I feel like you can and want to have a respectful conversation. The new Owners name is Earnest Hillard. He owned the steel manufacturing facility that Marcum was using to stamp out his boom sections, outriggers and basically all the hardware of the crane. When Scam got in to him for a 1/4 million dollars and wasnt paying the bills. Earnest "legally" took over his entire business. From what I understand Sam, his wife and his daughter were escorted off the property by the police. You can call them and they will tell you all about how that went down. That is how I-crane came to be. This guy has the money and the backing to do what he's doing. I wouldnt say it if it wasnt true but he is sparing no expence in making this a nice unit. He has brought in "real engineers" and experienced crane builders and yes, probably pulled down a few Elliots to see how a crane should work. Hell his shop foreman was a former OSHA inspector if that tells you anything. When my truck was ready. I was picked up in a private plane 5 minutes from my house, flown down to there facility, spent 2 days going over everything with me and allowing me to oversee the details and custom work that I wanted done. Basically treated like a VIP for 3 days before handing over the truck.
  16. I've recently purchased an I Crane unit on a 2010 F-750. I am in agreement with Kendal. This crane is fantastic and nothing close to the old skylift units being built by the infamous "Scam Marcum". This company went thru a corporate takeover, Marcum is gone and the new owner has spared no expense in revamping this unit from the ground up. They have gutted all the crap that was being used under the Marcum regime and replaced damn near everything with high quality, industry proven components. You can contact their sales group to go over all the changes but to name a few, High dollar bronze skid plates in the boom sections that you won't find on an Elliot or a Manitex makes this unit feel like its gliding effortlessly as it extends and retracts. A high tech computerized remote system that is fully integrated with the industry proven bufert system hydraulic controls. This truck can be operated at the base, in the basket or remotely. I have owned two skylift units in the past and nobody has been taken by Marcum more than myself so I can understand Signworks anger and frustration because I've been thru it for the last 10 years and I feel your pain., but I think you are directing it towards the wrong people. These guys taking over this company has been the best thing that has ever happened to my business. I think your anger is keeping you from making a fair unbiased opinion of the new unit. It is totally unfair to judge something when you don't have first hand knowledge of it. It is really unfair to the owner who has spent a few million dollars revamping this unit and to the guys in the shop who are very proud of what they are building and rightfully should be. Also, I wanted to touch on the topic of the bucket not being accesible in the stowed position and that you have to put it on the ground to get in it. I never understood building an elaborate scaffold over the cab that adds a couple thousand pounds to your front axle weight just to get in the bucket?. I personally like the fact of putting the bucket on the ground and getting in. its very simple and only takes seconds to do. Ive worked on a Elliott and the only time its used is when you set up for a job and when you put it away. You are not going to put your boom back in stow position everytime you need to come down. As far as not having a ladder to get up on the bed. That is a standard feature on the new truck. However, I opted to put a heavy duty underbody bin in its place and just open it and use it as a step to get on the bed. I'm not so old and cracked up that I needed to waste valuable space for a ladder. These guys will build and customize any feature on the bed that you want so that really isn't an issue. I'll say this to anybody who is in the market for a Sign Crane, that you really owe it to your self to consider the new I-crane. Check it out for your self and form your own opinion. Don't form your opinion of this new unit on the opinion of someone who is bitter from being burned by the industries #1 con man. I would put this truck up against any other truck in the industry. I love it and its beautiful.
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