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  1. 23 minutes ago, jamesw001 said:

    I would love to know what the best way to build a sign with a flex face, both economically and mechanically. We have used F-clips for years and really like them except that the retainers have to be so big to conceal the clips.


    We've run into CTS clips before but never built a sign with them. Are they reliable? Reasonably priced?


    James - If you would like to contact me here at SignComp I would be happy to go over with you other tensioning systems. You can yreach me at sbursach@signcomp.com, also our sales rep will be in your area next week and would be happy to stop by and see you and show you what we have. Please send me your contact information to my email and we can get you set up. The CTS Clip is just one of 6 Tensioning Systems we have.

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