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  1. While most of our business is selling window LED and Neon signs, one thing we're very good at is getting websites to rank well in Google for popular search terms. We own this website/domain (using a picture above, as I'd rather keep the domain name out of the thread...) Though we haven't yet developed it, it's on the first page of the search results when you search for "wholesale signs" on Google, Bing, etc. We do plan on selling wholesale neon open signs, small window programmable led signs, etc, on the site. That leaves the site unused for other types of wholesale signs and supplies that we don't plan on selling. As I mentioned before, we're pretty good at driving internet traffic. Since we'll have exceptional deals on the window signs, we should also build up a pretty good repeat business from sign shops. Between the two types of traffic, we expect a significant amount of potential for sales of signs or supplies that we don't plan on providing. Anyhow, if you're interested in having your products on the site, shoot us a note: sales@brightsigns.com. We'd prefer an arrangement that keep them on the site, versus linking out somewhere else. Thanks.. Kerry
  2. Hello, We're a retailer that sells quite a bit of small custom neon signs. Currently, most of our orders go to a single supplier, and while we're happy with them, it's never smart to put all of your eggs in one basket. If you, or your shop, is capable of creating small indoor neon signs of the type that are hung in a window, we would be interested in talking. You would need to be able to pack and ship them as well. Send us an email if you're interested...sales@brightsigns.com. -- Kerry
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