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  1. Our company like Sign Ninja has been scammed by Steve McCullars. (his last name is McCullers) He is supposed to be a big shot salesman in Panama City, FL., sold his company with a non-compete agreement that is now over and just wanting to get back into selling, with just providing him a 1099 and he will pay his taxes, etc. that away you won't have to worry about all of the taxes, etc., HA, HA. According to him, has had a very successful career and loves selling signs, will provide you with a bunch of drawings that are produced by a friend that is retired and will work "for peanuts", get you to bid on all kinds of jobs that are really good, supposedly the high end customers and waste a tremendous amount of your time while stealing your monthly draw. Will tell you that the large job you just bid on has sold with the "Signed Proposal" and "Deposit Check" will be sent within a week, etc. when it doesn't come thru, he wil tell you that there were some changes that the company has made and requiring a rebid. Other jobs that are supposed to be sold will also have a problem, the company was sold and now the new owners want to update all of the signs and require you to provide new drawings (his guy that works for peanuts does not have the time to redo the drawings) and you will have to provide the drawings this time and have to update the proposals, again, wasting your time all for NOTHING!!!!! His proposal is that you will pay him a "modest draw" for six months so he can get familiar with sign buyers again and after the six months are up, he will continue working and selling and for commission only...HOGWASH ! I have been in the business for over forty years and thought that I had met every kind and that I could smell a rat, but this dude totally pulled the wool over my eyes., I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT I COULD HAVE BEEN SO STUPID!, BELIEVE ME HE IS GOOD! I know that some of you are making fun of Sign Ninja, and that is ok, however, my goal is to let you know that this guy has "scammed several other companies", he is really a good salesman on himself so wanted everyone possible to NOT GET SCAMMED!
  2. Yes, I know because he also did the same to our company, such a CROOK1
  3. Does anyone know Steve McCullers in Florida? Has anyone had any dealings with him?
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