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  1. I am going to be bidding on a trailer park directional marque. It's kind of like a park map. The style of the park is an adobe style look. What I guess I'm really looking for is something pretty inexpensive easy to assemble. I'm thinking about something simple with a small soffet above for some HO flourescent lighting. If anyone knows of mabee a location to get some photos to give the customer some kind of idea that would be helpful...thanks by the way.....GREAT SITE!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. This is one of the best questions in the sign industry. In my opinion I think it would depend on the job and the equipment used to perform the survey (i.e. Boom Truck). I make it clear that the information obtained is property of our sign co. I make it clear that the survey information could be purchased if the customer decided to go elsewhere. The customer only gets an undetailed estimate ( NO measurements, electrical information (i.e. ballast, transformer size) COST ONLY.... Again, this really is up to the sign co. Hope this helps. Good luck
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