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  1. Be careful they now monitor what you say on the internet....Next suite "NLRB sues media"
  2. The NLRB. Shame shame on them
  3. Whos ready to defend ??? Class action lawsuite???
  4. Have you had trouble with them? or the NLRB?
  5. Thoughts on the NLRB???? Union Contracts???
  6. Thank You!! Advise is much appreciated!!
  7. Just out of curiosity.. what would you pay? How is the price to high...
  8. Here is the link: http://cleveland.craigslist.org/for/3585395819.html
  9. I have photos but don't know how to post. ALL VINYL HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM TRUCKS AND PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE. 2000 International Freightliner FL70 Crane Truck--$60,000.00 Mileage:125,000 Tires: Fair/good Transmission: 6 speed manual Air breaks Sky Hook-100ft Serial #11554884 1999 Freightliner Bucket Truck--$30,000.00 FL70 Mileage:172,000 Transmission: 6 speed manual 65ft Radocy-Model: Saturn II 1997 Chevy Service van--$8,000.00 Mileage: 240,000
  10. If anyone wants any info please email me at ewrosado@gmail.com I'm not sure who to post the info on this website so I appologize.
  11. I have (3) trucks in great condition I am trying to sell. Anyone in the market or know anyone who is?
  12. Does anyone know of any sign companies or truck dealers in the market for (3) excellent sign trucks?? I have (3) I am trying to sell!
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