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  1. notconcernedwriting

    A dxf from Corel to other software

    Thanks, Gary, I will check the Gsview when I get some time. I have Corel, Flexi, Enroute and CAD and can get the clean art I need. The other guys do not and I am trying to find a work around for them to get clean art from Corel to CAD. Currently they are exporting a WMF but when it comes into CAD it's a million line segments, no arcs.
  2. notconcernedwriting

    A dxf from Corel to other software

    How do you get that eps into AutoCAD? I have Flexi and Enroute so that I can convert to a clean dxf but our drafting department does not, they only have Corel and AutoCAD.
  3. notconcernedwriting

    TV Shows

    The Wire The Shield SOA Justified 24 True Detective That should keep you busy for a while.
  4. notconcernedwriting

    A dxf from Corel to other software

    Does anyone have an issue getting clean, vectorized art from Corel to other software packages in dxf format? Most people export a wmf file but it comes into Cad as lots of small line segments. I have a work around to get it clean with lines and arcs. No splines, splines are bad.
  5. notconcernedwriting

    Thermoforming Mold Materials???

    Yes we are milling with a router. It's a dome with embossed Open 24 Hours about 4" deep. Could you provide a link to a molding resin?
  6. notconcernedwriting

    Thermoforming Mold Materials???

    We glued several layers of MDF together for a deep dish mold but one layer is feathered out so thin the MDF separates. We are looking at various other materials for making a 3D mold with a machineable product. I came across Hydrocal or Hydrostone. Any suggestions?
  7. notconcernedwriting

    Arete support? Touchscreen out of calibration

    Thanks, I printed the website for them. I don't know anyone by that name.
  8. notconcernedwriting

    Arete support? Touchscreen out of calibration

    Accubend people suggested disabling the bending arm and using it as a notcher/bender only. Should work, if so we can throw the Arete in the dumpster.
  9. Our Arete Notcher SE touchscreen is not clicking where it is being touched. The phone numbers our maintenance guy has are out of service. Anyone know where to get a new screen or this one serviced? Thanks. Reply here please, I'm in and out of the office.
  10. notconcernedwriting

    Vacuum Formed Faces

  11. notconcernedwriting

    Selling old vintage or unwanted signs on EBAY

    I have a booth at an antique mall and sell our damaged letters daily. Be careful with corporate logos. One of our subs replaced a RedLob sign, put the old critter for sale, got caught, was told to destroy it and send photos.