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Joseph Licari

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About Me

Fully qualified as a signage brat and advocate of the trade's safety, integrity, and growth.  Began at a young age sweeping floors as a fabricator, then install apprentice. From boxes, projected patterns, returns nipped by hand and trim cap resin to airborne adventures on rickety ladders, round tube radocy, skyhook, wilke, elliots, piper, lancair, cirrus, and more. 

Fast forward nearly a quarter century....  along the way I became a student of design, form,  materials, and interesting ways of things of connecting people with environments. 

While I would gladly join anyone on a service truck, soffit, rappel line or swing stage,  I spend most of my professional time on analysis, planning, and development of very cool things.  (Ok...  some things are just cool)  Some things take two years or more before it's even introduced to a fabricator for pricing.   Others take a few months to a year and begin with a fabrication partner.  Are you ready to collaborate?     

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