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  1. Seems a lot longer than 30... thanks.
  2. Has anyone worked for Capital Signs before? They are out in Texas doing some at&t signs.
  3. A few weeks ago I had to quote for a job that required about 40 hours of install. I believe I quoted for $ 6200.00, which is $ 155/hour. When I had asked the project manager, he told me I was not the lowest one. So it seems like that is the usual price here... Maybe I should move my business to a different part of the country.
  4. The other day a sign company asked me to quote a two raceway sign install about 15ft wide x 4ft. I told them the usual $450 install, 100 survey $120 staff time. There were some interior signs that had to be done, but i didn't mention it on the first email. They replied to me asking if $450 included installs for interior as well. I said no, i can quote it after survey. Then i get no response. That seriously made me wonder how much other guys would do the job for. The usual rate in my area is $120 for two men crane, although nationals try to haggle down to $110 or lower. Three men is at $155, al
  5. How much does everyone charge to install a set of channel letters on a raceway? I get emails from all over the U.S. but i never get the job when i quote them a price of $450. To me, that seems pretty decent. Survey at $100 and staff time for permit at $100. I want to know how everyone else does it.
  6. Thank you Frank for helping me out. Frank is very knowledgeable and patient. Highly recommend!!
  7. i have a bucket truck joysticks that causes hydraulics to engage very weak. I can see the lower controls vibrate trying to engage when i activate the joystick. Would this be a joystick problem?
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