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  1. va sign guy

    capital signs

    Seems a lot longer than 30... thanks.
  2. va sign guy

    capital signs

    Has anyone worked for Capital Signs before? They are out in Texas doing some at&t signs.
  3. va sign guy

    Basic channel letter installation

    A few weeks ago I had to quote for a job that required about 40 hours of install. I believe I quoted for $ 6200.00, which is $ 155/hour. When I had asked the project manager, he told me I was not the lowest one. So it seems like that is the usual price here... Maybe I should move my business to a different part of the country.
  4. va sign guy

    Basic channel letter installation

    The other day a sign company asked me to quote a two raceway sign install about 15ft wide x 4ft. I told them the usual $450 install, 100 survey $120 staff time. There were some interior signs that had to be done, but i didn't mention it on the first email. They replied to me asking if $450 included installs for interior as well. I said no, i can quote it after survey. Then i get no response. That seriously made me wonder how much other guys would do the job for. The usual rate in my area is $120 for two men crane, although nationals try to haggle down to $110 or lower. Three men is at $155, although i think ill have to be at $150 to get anything. My thought is - installs usually take three hours, that puts me at $360.00 and i use the extra as a buffer. There has to be someone in an area where the installs are as low as my price. Usually i quote $12 upright inch on block letters and almost never win the bid with my local companies. Power supply service at 280, tranformer at 350, and people tell me im too expansive.
  5. How much does everyone charge to install a set of channel letters on a raceway? I get emails from all over the U.S. but i never get the job when i quote them a price of $450. To me, that seems pretty decent. Survey at $100 and staff time for permit at $100. I want to know how everyone else does it.
  6. va sign guy

    joystick controllers

    Thank you Frank for helping me out. Frank is very knowledgeable and patient. Highly recommend!!
  7. va sign guy

    joystick controllers

    Just one of them
  8. va sign guy

    joystick controllers

    i have a bucket truck joysticks that causes hydraulics to engage very weak. I can see the lower controls vibrate trying to engage when i activate the joystick. Would this be a joystick problem?