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  1. First, Thank you!!! All the comments were great and forced me to rethink. I think i will modify the employee handbook and add this section PERSONAL PROJECTS You may do personal projects using the equipment, and shop. Here are the rules to do this: - All project must be requested and approved. The form to do this is below. - occasional personal projects “not for profit” like fixing your car, a banner for a birthday, a set of address numbers for the house, are generally not a problem. - Projects involving a customer. If the project could be seen as in competition with the company, it will not be approved If this is a job the company would bid on, the job should go through the normal process and get an employee discount. If it is a paid project that is not of interest to the company, it may be approved, but there is a small charge to cover equipment wear, and utilities. All material must be paid for or scrap be approved by the owner All work areas must be left clear after use and/or at the start of the next shift If you break a consumable tool (end mill, drill bits, small hand tools) you pay for. If it is a larger maintenance issue, I will cover it. No side jobs get priority. Company jobs go first. The approval form with the legal statement is attached. Basically my thinking is this: If it helps the employee and does not harm me - I am OK with it. I need to stop and materials "walking away" and protect myself from an insurance point of view. I also can not tolerate projects that are competitive to the business. On the other hand, I do not care if a guy makes a $100 on the side - It is a perk that might keep a good employee here. So this is where I am landing personal project approval form.docx
  2. Side Projects in the Shop I have always allowed my employees to build stuff in the back on their own time. These are normally a banner for the kid’s big game, or a sign about a “hole in one” or address numbers or often car detailing – stickers on a car. It has not been a problem. I have one employee that is doing side jobs (for money) in the back. I am beginning to feel that I may be being taken advantage of. My attitude is starting to change. I am looking for your help. After thinking about it My questions kind of fit in a few areas: SCOPE 1. I have no problem with allowing employees to use shop equipment for occasional personal projects 2. Should I control the size and number of side jobs? MATERIALS 1. I have no problem with using the company’s trade accounts to buy materials for an employee when they cover the cost 2. Do I give away excess material? Do I even know what is really walking out the door in the back? 3. Excess (or “waste”) material use? We do not want to encourage deliberate culling of waste material during the day to use it to build a project at night. But if it was going to the dumpster – I do not mind. How can I even tell?? 4. Would all the “scrap” used be approved by me? It beats having to pay to have it hauled off, but I do not want to get into the weeds. Am I interested in becoming the scrap police? 1. If the “employee” gets injured while using machinery that you gave him permission to use on his own time, the insurance company will not view the injured person as an employee and workman’s comp will not cover the injury? 2. Allow someone to use your shop for his personal purposes you are risking your company if somebody gets hurt? RELATIONS 1. Maybe an employee will appreciate the opportunity? If it makes them happy and it doesn’t hurt the business, it’s a win/win? 2. I feel like giving my guys an opportunity to do smaller projects I don’t want to be bothered with puts money in their pockets. 3. If I encourage personal projects and it helps in skill development does this give me better, happier workers? 4. Should there be time limitations? After work in OK, but is late night on the weekends? The problem is it is a gray area question. I didn’t rent a building, stock it with tools and supplies, hire employees whom I have to pay to provide a place to pursue their side job. It creates some good will (positive) and it opens up problems (negative). Where is the balance??
  3. Thank you!!! called International Welding Technologies and got much the same story. They are working on a quote
  4. I have a project requiring studs welded on the back of a sheet of Aluminum in a monument sign. I have no idea what machines are out there and how to know a good one from a bad one. Who has a stud welder, what type did you get and are you happy with it???
  5. What are you trying to service ? I want the boiler plate, but channel letters, illuminated cabinets. Do you have the correct equipment ? Yes, 4 trucks and a solid crews Are you ready to fix everything on site in one trip ? Fully stocked with tools, wire, lamps and power supplies Do you have the Licenses to do this work ? Yep, Bonded, insured, licensed and experienced But what I am looking for is an example or actual contract from other sign companies
  6. Does anybody have the boiler plate for a YESCO or other major sign company maintenance agreement? I know all the majors sell maintenance and service with these agreements, but I can not find an example anywhere Got one? Please share. Thanks
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