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  1. I am looking for a guy that can Build fabricated letters out of CNC routed, Aluminum sheets with Mig. Ideally living in easy commuting distance to Oceanside and having shop experience. It is a 7-3 gig with A MigBig and a good group of people. If interested email me frank@s4sd.com
  2. First, Thank you!!! All the comments were great and forced me to rethink. I think i will modify the employee handbook and add this section PERSONAL PROJECTS You may do personal projects using the equipment, and shop. Here are the rules to do this: - All project must be requested and approved. The form to do this is below. - occasional personal projects “not for profit” like fixing your car, a banner for a birthday, a set of address numbers for the house, are generally not a problem. - Projects involving a customer. If the project could be seen as in competition
  3. Side Projects in the Shop I have always allowed my employees to build stuff in the back on their own time. These are normally a banner for the kid’s big game, or a sign about a “hole in one” or address numbers or often car detailing – stickers on a car. It has not been a problem. I have one employee that is doing side jobs (for money) in the back. I am beginning to feel that I may be being taken advantage of. My attitude is starting to change. I am looking for your help. After thinking about it My questions kind of fit in a few areas: SCOPE 1. I have no probl
  4. Thank you!!! called International Welding Technologies and got much the same story. They are working on a quote
  5. I have a project requiring studs welded on the back of a sheet of Aluminum in a monument sign. I have no idea what machines are out there and how to know a good one from a bad one. Who has a stud welder, what type did you get and are you happy with it???
  6. What are you trying to service ? I want the boiler plate, but channel letters, illuminated cabinets. Do you have the correct equipment ? Yes, 4 trucks and a solid crews Are you ready to fix everything on site in one trip ? Fully stocked with tools, wire, lamps and power supplies Do you have the Licenses to do this work ? Yep, Bonded, insured, licensed and experienced But what I am looking for is an example or actual contract from other sign companies
  7. Does anybody have the boiler plate for a YESCO or other major sign company maintenance agreement? I know all the majors sell maintenance and service with these agreements, but I can not find an example anywhere Got one? Please share. Thanks
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