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  1. I am a good installer, so I hired myself =0) Been doing it for 6 yrs now. Started supporting all the local sign shops, got so busy I had to convince my dad to retire from the postal service and work for me. Now I'm grooming my son an nephew! Fully agree with going outside the industry. I started life as a mechanic. I love being an installer because no one is ever sad to see the sign guy show up and get to work bringing their business to life! After getting a look into the back door of several sign companies I see the issues they face and feel for them....but I also see some
  2. There are two situations we run into, one the national accounts work with GC on the build and the permit is pulled through them or we can pull the permit as we are a licensed sign installer in several cities here in Colorado.
  3. Thanks for all the responses! Even you Eddie, your contribution is priceless... Dave, that is great to hear that you are in a position to give back to your community by passing on your knowledge! I hope some day to be knowledgeable enough and experienced enough to mentor others. My biggest struggle is finding new customers. I have some great return customers both local and nationally but in order to see the growth I would like I need to find how to reach a very select customer, national sign companies doing installs in Colorado. I did not have any prior experience in sign sales prior
  4. Hey everyone, Thought I would gather your thoughts on weather or not one can be successful in offering install and service only. I have been doing it for a few years in colorful Colorado, on my own and have seen modest success but I'm trying to find some growth opportunities, call it a 5 year plan, and wondering if a business plan based on install only can be a successful long term plan. Thanks in advance, Brian
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