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  1. IdentiCom Sign Solutions Westhills Commerce Center 24657 Halsted Rd Farmington Hills, MI 48335 248-344-9590 x236 (office) 248-946-4198 (fax) Has anyone dealt with this group before? We have been asked to do some work for them for a CATO location in Florence, SC. We had to turn them down due to work load, I just figured I would toss their name out there in case we have future requests and see how they are to deal with. Thanks for any info!
  2. Well, a small update. I found a painter that had experience ( oh yeah not sure i mentioned we had to let the new painter go last week that we hired a month or so back) , and sounded familiar with the type of paint we use by the questions that he asked me. We set up a time and day for him to come in for an interview. He no showed. Had an interview set up yesterday for an installer He no showed 🥺
  3. Well for now the boss man is on the truck with my one and only installer/ service guy, oh yeah did I mention I really need 2 Installers which is why one with SOME experience would be awesome! I would love to have my service guy back on service as much as possible and only help install when needed. But ya do what ya gotta do. And we are as always! Oh and Guess what?? As of today I now need a painter too ( i do have others that paint but have other positions here as well)!!!! Since we had to let the one we had go as it was more costly to keep him anymore due to all the redo's. He
  4. We did hire a good installer recently but that lasted only about 2 weeks. He wanted to be in this area due to his son living here, but when he got here that's when the issues started. Day one he shows up with two small bags and it was all he had, no place to live no real money in hand. He was a very good installer, but his ego was bigger than could fit in the trucks. He left because we got to a point where we decided we could no longer pay for a place for him to live, pay for all his food and listen to him bitch about it. He said he h
  5. This is more of a vent maybe a question somewhere in here. WHY DON'T PEOPLE WANT TO WORK???? And when you do find people, they don't want to listen, think they know it all and STILL don't do the job correctly. If they do want to work and know what they are doing, in their eyes YOU as the employer don't do enough for them, OR they know the answers to everything but yet cant seem to get things right the first time. I am so frustrated and beyond that, at times i don't even know how to respond!!! As for hiring, Installers, anyone else have as much t
  6. Twright


  7. American Metal Supply out of Charlotte NC. Keep in mind that was a quoted price to me back in January, so your pricing may be a little higher. My contact there is Alicia Wilson 704-247-4920
  8. I have two main suppliers I buy from. They both quoted me on the materials I normally buy back in January, and only one has stuck to it! The other says they cant even come close and cannot understand how they can give me that pricing and swear it will change. I just ordered the same .050 from both companies last week and there was a $9.21 difference per sheet between the 2. With price differences like that there is no way we can afford NOT to go with the cheaper vendor. Not only that but they also have better service and very rarely have they ever screwed up an order unlike
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