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  2. Twright

    Aaaargh Aluminum prices

    American Metal Supply out of Charlotte NC. Keep in mind that was a quoted price to me back in January, so your pricing may be a little higher. My contact there is Alicia Wilson 704-247-4920
  3. Twright

    Aaaargh Aluminum prices

    I have two main suppliers I buy from. They both quoted me on the materials I normally buy back in January, and only one has stuck to it! The other says they cant even come close and cannot understand how they can give me that pricing and swear it will change. I just ordered the same .050 from both companies last week and there was a $9.21 difference per sheet between the 2. With price differences like that there is no way we can afford NOT to go with the cheaper vendor. Not only that but they also have better service and very rarely have they ever screwed up an order unlike the other. As an example of a current cost similar to one listed in a post above: 4' x 10' sheet 3003 of .125 MF $122.60 per sheet this was purchased last week 3/12/18