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  1. Hi! I've got a few sets of led displays that I'm trying to help a customer get working, but have run in to some trouble and was hoping someone might be able to help. The setup (customer has 6 of these sets): DBStar HVT11 (Sender card, sync version) DBStar HRV13A (Receiver card) zcled "Hub" card (zcled-HUB-RGB_V5) that first onto the Receiver card 8x zcled P6 40*40 10S LED panels (40x40 pixel, 6mm spacing, driver chip appears to be JXI5020) Driven by DVI input on the HVT11... Right now they each drive off a separate DVI input, and I'm helping him reconfigure things to work off a single input. Customer has no idea where the display comes from, and they don't have any branding/models other than the ones above...so I can't turn to the manufacturer for config help. My main problem is, after reconfiguring one of them with XMPlayer, it no longer takes input at all. My hunch is that when the configuration appeared to load from the cards, it maybe just selected some defaults (it shows the first driver selection in the list, and what seem to be the auto-populated values you get when you switch to another driver. Questions: Other than loading the config up in XMPlayer, is there any other way to dump the configuration? Is there a terminal option for communicating with the cards? or just through their software? Is any software other than XMPlayer compatible with the HVT11/HRV13A? A couple sites I found selling the DBStar components said you needed to make sure to grab ".rpsc" or ".rsps" files from the panel manufacturer, and be sure not to lose them. Is there any way to reverse-engineer them, if they do get lost? :/ Thanks in advance! Scott Bradner Superlime Industries