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  1. I recently received a letter from The Hartford that they are NOT renewing my insurance, they claim it's because I do Vehicle Wraps. Well, I don't do vehicle wraps but they just don't care. I do offer cut vinyl on vehicles, but NOT WRAPS. Anyway, I've had The Hartford for 10 years with no issues or claims. I've tried several other commercial insurance companies and they say the same thing - NO VEHICLE GRAPHICS. I could go on & on about the headaches and run around I've been getting - basically I need a new insurance company, do you have any suggestions? Thank you!
  2. Look to see if you have a local "Makers Group". Our local one has a ShopBot 4x8 and they will teach you how to use it and let you make projects. I purchased a 4x8 BlackFoot CNC that was a kit. I love it and use to make wood signs and cut letters out of MaxMetal. It's a steep learning curve if you're doing it alone but well worth the effort. Also, a great resource for quick information is a Facebook group for "CNC for Beginners".
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