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Erik Sine

ISA & The International Green Construction Code

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I'm sure everyone probably received a ISA Smart Brief about ISA "Acting on behalf of the sign industry" and submitting comments to the New Green Mafia composed of other orgs. I'm not too familiar with this Green Mafia and never even heard of them before the ISA Brief, but I imagine anything "International" like any other international political body composed of different orgs just means $. Another org that comes together to tell "us" how to be better because we are so ignorant and it's any "wonder" how we made it this far in the first place. The polar ice caps are melting, the Polar Bears are dying (but last I looked there were record highs), and it's all our fault. Man is bad and is making a mess of mother earth! Feeeeeeeel the guilt yet, want to contribute? Ready to buy a hemp hand made clothes and throw your Birkenstock on yet?

Skimming though this draft it just appears "Expensive" for anyone wanting to adapt this. Special inspection this and that, all paid for by the building owner. Even in a bad economy I guess you can still push Guilt. I imagine their are government tax incentives to do so? With the way the things are now with such failed programs like "Cash for Clunkers", and soon others to follow suite under our existing government.

Let's all spend a lot up front,and get less back in return!

As I've said before "Green" just means the marketing of "Guilt", and made for you to "feel" good if you decide to follow through with it, IMO. A sucker (corp) rising everyday I suppose.

So anyway, thought I'd post the "not for public comment" draft proposed by the Green Mafiaoso for those interested (why do I feel like I'm wasting my time with this thread?). Sections 405, 503, 504, 609, 612 and 806.


Not sure what any of this is worth to the ISA, the time, money, and energy that is, the reason for them to create a special committee. Why give it credit by participating?

IGCC, it just looks like a org looking to get funds and create jobs for themselves and their constituents. Well, there it is, I'll stop here.

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more to add

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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Just to update this topic.

ISA has been working to submit proposals as they relate to signs in to the IGCC, an environmentalist crack house society. ISA is the only sign association to take action or enter into the fray.

In a long 8 day affair 25% of the proposals were approved or modified.

The only proposal approved was to modify that electric public safety signs be exempt from "Demand Response". This is a no brainer, I'm surprised it took ISA to get this modified. Anyone who doesn't know what Demand Response is, the California utility companies (And this may start here and spread east like everything else) want light fixtures, AC heating units and NOW even signs, EVEN neon "Open" signs to be installed with a remote device where the utility company can shut these systems down for however long they like to save on the power grid. Basically they are Big Brother, they want to put a hand in your life and take away your American Liberties and Freedoms. IGCC the environmentalist crack pipe society wants to adopt this.

What should be done that environmentalist crack house societies always prevent? The building of another power plant so we don't have energy problems that lead to more money being shoveled into programs, regulation that recreates appliances which in turn the consumer pays, etc etc etc. More Save the planet crapola where you and I pay for it.

The second proposal was for the exemption of cold cathode and neon lighting to be used in the same context as T12,T8, T5's for lighting. Of course this was shot down. You can look at the Mercury propaganda from light source manufacturers on this, no doubt they have been helping out somewhere in the back doors of things.

The last proposal we made was in the category of exterior lighting shutoff requirements. This environmentalist crack house society wants all exterior lights shut off after 1 hour after conclusion of facility operations. Since this is for municipal buildings and we as tax payers pay for it, I might not have a problem but I'm concerned about crime. They tried to exempt signs, this was unsuccessful.

"One other thing to keep in mind with the IgCC is that the provisions do not apply to residential, industrial, or manufacturing spaces, and have limited applicability to existing buildings. Also, the IgCC would apply only after a municipality chooses to enact a green building ordinance, which would probably keep a large portion of the country from applying its provisions."

Lastly, no kidding on this. Companies like Edison Electric up in northern California want you as sign companies to start installing DR remotes on all your signs adding to the already added cost of producing one that gets passed to your end client. These retards, and they are, believe me sit through one of their seminars and you will see what speak of. Don't grasp the idea that "Signs" are "advertising" and can't be left off during business hours. These people ARE "Simple Jacks".

Anyway, thank you To Kenny Peskin of ISA for replying back to my inquiry. Next round begins in Nov.

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You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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    • I don't think it is just Signs and Digital Graphics. The engraving magazine has also been closed down, I think, and they have replaced everything with one publication or maybe newsletter that will cover everything from signs, digital graphics, awards and engraving and stuff like embroidery machines, etc. It's a disappointment to me. S&DG originally had me write their articles on ADA Signs and appointed me as their "Expert" but when I couldn't any longer afford to have a booth at the NBM Show, they dropped me, although i was still listed as their resident "Expert." I had a real fondness for that magazine, since I wrote my very first ADA article for them back in 1992 when they were called "Sign Business" and that really began my career as an ADA sign "expert." I used to write for Signs of the Times, but they pretty much dropped me when I broke with ISA. However, Awards and Engraving Magazine still had me write articles once in a while, and paid me a small stipend for each article, which was welcome. Now, I don't expect to see many ADA items in the new "one size fits all" magazine, which might be on-line only as far as I know. I am getting it on line, and it's mostly just small blurbs about advertisers that pass as articles. 
    • I am fortunate in that the three full time employees left in my business after the debacles of the Great Recession followed by the LAUSD IPad scandal which forced us to refuse to do work for our major client (i.e. Los Angeles Unified School District), are really good people and when we got 8 weeks salary from a PPP loan have readily given up unemployment that was actually more than 30 hrs EFT salary for them. And, they were willing to take 30 hours rather than 40 so we could use 25 percent for rent and utilities, and also so we could write small checks for our three part time "when needed" employees who did installation. We are doing everything we can think of to bring in business, but find it unfair that we shut down as directed, and now find many of our competitors stayed open under the fiction that "signs are communication and communication is essential." The fact is, I think we are lucky to have the governor we do in California, who is careful and listens to science. California was on its way to being a disaster, and because we shut down earlier than some other states, we escaped the worst. Even though we are a huge state, and consequently have more cases than some other states, our numbers are so much lower than New York and New Jersey, as well as a couple of other much smaller states. My own residence county, Orange County, has in some ways defied the orders and had some demonstrations, and is now experiencing a higher number of cases and deaths. We just had our worst day ever. Of course we want to reopen, and hope we will still have some clients. Because our income essentially stopped -- even was slowing greatly in January because building managers were hearing about the virus, and I think put projects on hold we now have built up debt we didn't have before. We were just hanging on, and now the cliff just got a lot higher. But we have been in business 64 years so I'm not giving up without a fight. The more of companies that stay in  business, the more money that will percolate through the system, and the more of us will also stay in business. 
    • Happy Memorial Day weekend Erik!  I don't know about you but I'm BIG TIME ready for some R&R!  Thankfully, SDS Automation has not been impacted much by COVID.  We have been fully operational the entire time and have continued to install and service machines with effectively no interruption throughout Q1 and Q2 2020.  But I digress, back to the topic at hand.  We just made the decision to pull our advertising from SDG.  Just not confident that the ROI is there considering the direction they seem to be headed.  We allocated those dollars toward increasing our presence with SOTT instead.  Hopefully it proves to be a wise choice.  Readers will be seeing some big improvements in our ad presence beginning in June. Looking forward to some positive feedback from the industry.  Have a cold one (or ten) for me!
    • We have invoiced them on two jobs and were paid within 45 days
    • I would never have imagined in my life time I would have seen the entire Country shut down.  It is so heart breaking to hear some of the stories we are hearing.  I can't imagine being in CA or MI where the Governors are just not listening and are just keeping everything closed when they have seen that opening up slowly in other States has worked with no problems.  Few people had enough money in the bank or savings to last a month paying bills with no income - much less 3 months or more.  The one thing that is going to be hard is to get people to come back to work!  Most are making more sitting home drawing unemployment than they did working.  Got an e-mail from the Governor last week saying that if I offered my employees their jobs back and they refused to come back (I never let any of mine go - been paying them to sweep the floor and clean up the yard) I needed to let the State know and they would cut off the unemployment.  Sad to say, but that's the only way we are going to get some folks to go back to work.  Stay safe everybody and hopefully this thing will be over soon!
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