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Press Release: Transco To Go, LLC and The Sign Syndicate Enter Into Distribution Agreement

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Press Release: Transco To Go, LLC and The Sign Syndicate Enter Into Distribution Agreement

June 19, 2012

San Diego, CA & West Columbia, SC

Transco To Go, LLC, a Manufacturer and Master Wholesale Distributor of Electric Components for the Signage Industry, and The Sign Syndicate, the Sign Industry’s most visited, respected, and interactive Online Community Website announces today an exciting Distribution Agreement.

“We are proud and excited to become a Transco To Go Distributor,” said Erik Gastelum, President & Founder of The Sign Syndicate, “Transco To Go is a market leader in almost every product category in which it competes, be it Toggle Switches, Silicone Neon Electrode Enclosures, GTO Wire, Lampholders, Channel Bond/Resin Bond, and Power Supplies. Additionally, Transco To Go has the most complete inventory of Neon Components/Accessories/Parts/Transformers I have ever seen—and I am doing my best to make sure everyone is aware that I have them to offer!”

The Sign Syndicate, headquartered in San Diego, CA, was started in late 2004 as a Message Board. From its inception, The Sign Syndicate had one goal that it maintains to this date: a Focus on the Electric Sign aspect of the trade. The Sign Syndicate has managed to create a place where the Electric Sign Industry can “unwind,” while at the same time being a place that is not afraid to challenge the status quo.

“This partnership could not make me happier,” said Creston W. Brown, Business Development Director of Transco To Go, “Erik is truly a Distributor’s Distributor—he knows the product, he stocks the product, he promotes the product, he is excited about the product, and he is never satisfied with the minimum. These characteristics explain why he is the largest Transco To Go stocking distributor in the State of California! Erik is always challenging me on different products he would like Transco To Go to bring to market—and we are listening. Our pipeline is full of many different new and exciting products that we can’t wait to introduce to the marketplace. Right now we are firing on all cylinders to bring the Sign Industries first Military Grade Neon Transformer, The UNT Tank, to market at the end of August.”

First introduced at the ISA Show in Orlando, FL, The UNT Tank is being hailed as the Rolls Royce of Neon Transformers. With a completely redesigned and beefed up Core, Military Grade Steel Laminations, 100% Copper Wire throughout, Resin Fill, and a manufacturing process designed solely around ensuring maximum protection and strength of the Core & Coil, the UNT Tank will not disappoint, especially with 2 models replacing 8 Secondary Volt Ratings.

Transco To Go, LLC headquartered in West Columbia, SC, manufactures product around the world—from as far away as Asia to as close as its own headquarters where it will be final assembling its new line of Neon Transformers.

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Kirstie Gastelum

Sign Supply Sales

P: (858) 880-1400  kirstie@electricsignsupply.com



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Thank you Melissa, Transco's an awesome powerhouse addition to the line up of what we've been already selling and a good anchor/start to what other manufacturers products we will be carrying in the future.

Stay Tune!

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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Thanks Melissa! We truly look forward to working with Erik and see a very bright future ahead!

And to repeat Erik, stay tuned, because Transco To Go will have some more exciting news on the horizon!

Take care.


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  • !llumenati


Will the tanks be like the original Sanyo you had years back, They were real good. I like the boots, nice and soft.

GOOD things happen for a reason......

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Hey Sean--actually you hit the nail on the head. Transco To Go has had to really look at where we are as an industry with respect to Neon Transformers and how our units will be used going forward. When going back to the drawing board (literally), we took great efforts to design a unit that would not only meet, but beat the nostalgia surrounding the Sanyo Units: Superior Construction, Performance, & Design.

Most importantly, I was reminded during this process of what the two founders of Sanyo once said many years ago: "We are going to be the #1 Neon Transformer Manufacturer because our units are "the best," not "just good enough."

While there are many fond memories of the Sanyo Transformers, I can promise these will be even better.

PS: Our Director of Manufacturing spent the first half of this week at our new factory and everything is in motion for an on-time ship date in July: Tooling finalized and materials ready--let the manufacturing begin!

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Thanks everybody.

I think I need to make something clear as well because I've had a few emails about it.

The Sign Syndicate will be expanding in the supply market with different manufacturers and will NOT be getting into any Lamp Sales, i.e. CFL Lamps, CCFL Lamps, LED Lamps because of our testing that we do here. So those suppliers can breath a sigh of relief, they will not have another competitor #10,001 selling LEDs and HO Lamps ! :P

Joking aside, the testing we do for the electric sign community is one of our biggest priorities. We don't want to get into any situations where it can be perceived that we can be biased, nor put ourselves in that situation.

it's always been our #1 commitment & goal from the beginning to serve the electric sign community first, and always have that open network available for all to share information.

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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  • Board Patron

Congrats all the way around! We've been buying from you guys for a while now starting with the trim cap stuff and we've been happy now with the Transco products recently. I know my boss is happy to get back with Transco again! Happy to see the official announcement finally.

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Thanks again, I'm wowed at the traffic in just a short time.

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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  • Similar Content

    • By Erik Sine
      When's the last time you've seen someone have so much stock of Neon Components of porcelain & glass housings/receptacles, CPA's, GTO, and much more? I think it's official, we're the largest supplier on the west coast, I can't think of anyone else.

      Kgirl working hard on this hot humid day, I'm sweat'in just looking at her!

      She's showing me how much sweat she has produced

      Lot's of hard to find porcelain / glass housings. These can go pretty quick, and it's all limited supply, once it's gone.....it's gone!

      Need to order some?

      These hard to find components aren't exactly collecting dust, especially with the recent surge in Neon production. Call to order (858) 880-1400, by email orders@thesignsyndicate.com, or visit our online shopping cart which some limited items
    • By Erik Sine
      I took on this job recently because I wanted to purposely show what and how you can use the electric sign components that we stock here on The Sign Syndicate http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/store/category/3-sign-supplies/ as well as a few other vendors that are Vendors/friends of the SS

      I got this job from an architect that has worked on similar projects that I have over the last few years. He likes my work and he passed my name to a client of his that needed some sign work done. As most of you know I don't really do signs any more, I'm not in the Yellow Pages, I don't advertise and I do select jobs from time to time but only for past clients or word of mouth where their mainly non-bid. Now I'm mainly a Distributor now but I do like to dip in from time to time as Electric Signs are my passion and I will always want to keep my self updated and informed about codes, new products etc. This is knowledge & information I can also pass onto my clients, theirs nothing worse than a rep who doesn't understand what it is YOU do, what they sell, or understand your need.

      So let's start from the beginning.

      Here's the old sign and the beginning of the renovations for the venture

      I usually use GE Lexan from my normal supplier for the reverse channel backs but now they stock some Polycarb from Shefield. I'm just routing all the backs and 1/2" acrylic push thru's on my 4'x8' ShopBot CNC Table using my favorite Belin Bits.

      Now usually I make all my PolyCarb rear tabs or brackets out of the aluminum scrap and simply brake them into angles. But I wanted to try out Transco To Go's Channel Bond since it's made for bonding PolyCarb to Poly Carb. I could have saves time and used a heat rod and made 90's with these but I like to try new things. So I started off making some polycarb angles with some cutouts done on the router table

      One light application from a #48 applicator and clamp for an hour, I imagine I could have left on for less time but I have a lot of clamps and not a whole lot of letters

      Light bond to the letter backs

      Now Channel Bond is amazing, this stuff is strong! Try and break it! You'll probably hurt yourself trying. Notice the one metal brackets, that's for letter pan bond and part of the bonding system that is grounded back at the tranny box or raceway. You have to have at least one of those.

      My 1/2" acrylic push thru's with 3M white trans film.

      More Channel Bond for bonding the 1/2" acrylic letters to my rear cab diffuser acrylic. I cut my lettering in the aluminum .03 larger than the acrylic letter, this provides a good snug fit with very little spacing between the letter and metal.

      Done, Channel Bond cures pretty fast.

      My color of halo lighting to be used for the letters is orange.

      So for that we used Voltarc's Lead free 12mm Green pumped red neon gas to give it that orange color. For the Cabinet illumination we used EGL's ol Faithful Designer 13mm CL65 Tri-Phosphor glass. We also used the Transco To Go's Novaglo Lead Free Electrodes.

      This install day sucked, it was 85F with 84% humidity and all I did was sweat with clothes sticking to me the whole day.

      Here's my dad who enjoys helping me from time to time pounding all the drill point prior to busting out the hammerdrill. This is my favorite pattern paper by Westrim it comes in a 48" roll and has a 1" grid throughout. The patterns had to go up very fast before they started to wrinkle, can you tell from the pic?

      Work in progress

      Working on the rear parapet wall raceway. This sign is powered by two new, older generation Transco Transformer which was not a lot of fun to find some old stock of, but it was possible with a few calls and two France transformers as well.

      I like to use the manly 12kV & 15kV transformers, not the guurly 9's and smaller. I have CL signs that have been up 16-18 years and have yet to get a service call, load em up right, install them right, and you won't have any problems. Simple as that!

      The GTO for the system is Transco To Go's 14AWG .375" silicone GTO-15 cable. This is the first time I've ever used a thick 14AWG GTO cable, it's STILL very flexible!

      The Transco To Go 20amp Disconnect Switch rated for outdoor. Of course the double nutted system ground (on the bottom), and service ground (top) or the transformers.

      Transco To Go's Silicone "Easy Caps" with the silicone GTO. Behind in the rear you'll see my bond that is attached to the metal bracket to also in the rear electrobit grounding ring that bonds the flex to the system ground on the raceway. Speaking of Electrobit grounding rings, good luck trying to find these anymore, I had to use a few grounding rings made by another company whom I don't even know the name of of their thinner and not so bulky or as wide. But i think I like electrobits ring screw better. Wish I would have taken a pic of the ring in question but I don;t think I have one to snap a shot of. Anyone know who makes these? I don't even know how I got mine.

      El Fin! I love Matthes (PPG) Paint finish, it looks so nice.

      I'll have to go by at a later date to take a night shot. The clients were very happy with their sign.

      Anyway, I thought taking this job would give me a great opportunity to post later and show you all how and what you can use on your electric sign jobs, bring about new ideas with what we stock here on The Sign Syndicate.com located here. http://www.thesignsy...-sign-supplies/
    • By Erik Sine

      For a limited time & limited quantity we have a special on Transco To Go's 250' Silicone roll of the newer, thinner, & more flexible 14AWG GTO-15 ($127.99) cable along with their Silicone Caps & Boots ($46.99) in 15mm & 13mm in black or white Bags of 100. This thinner GTO (.311) will work with the 8 or 7 series Caps & Boots. A lot of competing manufacturers GTO-15 is being sold anywhere from $150 to $200 for a 250' roll, so jump on this special!!!!

      You can order by logging into The Sign Syndciate and visiting our online shopping cart here (Silicone GTO, or Silicone Caps & Boots ) or calling us at (858) 880-1400 & by email orders@thesignsyndicate.com

    • By Erik Sine

      Disconnect Switches $3.19 each + Free Shipping!!! Only 5 boxes at this price!!!

      For Orders Call (858) 880-1400 or email us orders@thesignsyndicate.com

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