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L.E.D. light bulbs

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I"m rebuilding an old arrow sign which has 11 watt incandescent bulbs. I've seen some L.E.D.'s light bulbs at one time that change color. I'm not able to flash or chase due to city code. So I'm thinking the color change bulbs should fly. Does anyone know a source where to get these magic bulbs? This would be for an exterior application, and would need about (x150).

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You might want to try action lighting (google them; i don't have contact info), but be aware that the bulbs will generally be changing independently, not all blue at the same time, then all yellow, etc. That will make an interesting visual with 150 bulbs!

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Thanks for the info. Talked with them, they don't carry a color changing bulb for this application. The guy I spoke with thought Phillips may have one. That's my next bird to hunt.

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Ebay is full of generic colour changing lamps that are available in a form that synchronise to the mains frequency, so change colour in sync. For bulk purchases Xmas lighting suppliers might have them.

Two things to be aware of. Some of the packages may not seal onto traditional rubber tube type lamp holder seals (if they're waterproof in the first place). Some of the lamps are fairly well sealed against water. A type with a dimpled lens comes to mind.

The intensity isn't great on most of these, and will diminish over time. Particularly the green and blue LEDs. They're typically rated at just one watt per lamp. The dimpled type are much brighter when viewed from the front than the diffused globe style.

Like all Chinese LED products, you just don't know what you're getting, so tread carefully.

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You get junk!

Some of the junk is better than others, but junk just the same.

if you order 200pcs., 30 won't work, 30 will be duller than remaining 140.

And most will dim and fail much sooner than what they were "rated" for.

American companies are held to these high standards by UL, OSHA, and a million other "watchgaurd" organizations. Chinese companies can sell anything they want, put anything they want on the box, and be held accountable for nothing.

Most of these companies are in China! What are you going to do to them?

Clive is correct....tread very carfully. Better yet, don't tread at all and explain to your customer why you can't get him bulbs that change color.

Unless of course you don't mind servicing this sign every month because it's got another bulb that isn't working.

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Try this guy, not sure exactly what he has other than he told me they have a full line.

Bret Brown




847 264 1015

As always this is new ssl stuff so as said before, do your homework!

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    • People are to quick to post to social media and frankly blab about it.  Without thinking of what negative impact it would have on the company.  A couple groups on FB post pics of all kinds of stuff and its amazing how quick people look in the background or even at the intended  photo and start pointing out osha violations or other hack work.  For example we staged a pick of a large sign that we had painted INSIDE the paint booth but could not get far enough away so  we opened the booth door and faked it. Only a few days later to have the fire marshal come by and said someone called to complain that we were illegally painting.   A month of so later we heard that a company was saying we were not painting in a climate controlled booth and did so against osha and epa guidelines.  We also do work for MANY nationals and folks who have us sign a NDA and fully understand the reason for it.  
    • Since I would have to travel to South Carolina, I would offer you 1000.00 for the printer. Just let me know.  mark@signin.net.  Thanks, Mark
    • The only recent time I was asked to sign an NDA was for a company that was doing work for a huge international food chain.   The NDA required me to not solicit work directly for said customer for the particular item they were selling (digital menus in the drive thru lanes) so I had no issue that.  I don't make that and any big company wouldn't be interested in dealing with me because I couldn't deliver said product.  It had an expiration of two years, over by now.      I've had other companies ask me to sign NDA's before even looking at their bid package, but declined those.   These asked me to not do work for their client even if I were approached by another company that had landed the account.   Sorry Charlie.   This thread reminded me of an episode from long ago.  Many many moon ago, I was asked by the local Coke bottling company to come in and give them a price on some neon signs.  It was for the Bicentennial.  Within fifteen minutes I was there.  Dang, I'm giving away my advanced age.   I was let into the office of one of the assistant managers who showed me some very detailed drawings and asked for a price for 500 window neon signs.  I told him I'd have to sit down and make a bunch of phone call because the amount then wanted was so big.  It would have entailed getting most the tube benders in the Phila area to drop what they were doing to get this done by their deadline.  A hard task for certain, but I wanted to try.  I asked for a copy of the plans and got the stink eye.  No, I couldn't have a set.  Can they make a copy of just the small scale drawing?   Again, the cold shoulder.  At most i was allowed to make a rough sketch of it to work from.    Needless to say, without a decent of plans I couldn't get anyone to give me costs on multiple units.  AFAIK, they never had the signs made, at least around Philly.  IIRC it was a cool design.  Oh well, they lost out on all that advertising because of being too scared of competition, possibly Pepsi.   However, no NDA was asked for.
    • Read this topic on a Social Media Platform.  We've discussed this in the past but it's been some time.   It reminded me about a fellow vendor who visits some large sign companies all around the US and how he had to fill out NDA's before he even stepped foot inside the front door or warehouse.    It's also a another big reason why most of the topics, comments here on the SS are mostly made/done by Business Owners and less by Employees.  Admittedly sometimes I even get calls or emails from some of our members in panic telling me I need to go in and delete a truth or two otherwise the boss will "whack" them     I mean, sure it helps to protect business accounts, the supposed "Trade Secrets", keep relationships going that shouldn't be "exposed".     It's not only done for employment, but also for vendors and suppliers.   Has common sense and decency gone out the door where there's too many loose lips and NDA's are a must for everything?    What has your experience taught you about having or not having, the horror stories perhaps of NDA's?
    • well familiar with, and love me some neon projects, but aside from the longevity of the led's (which we all know the technology changes daily) - the formed plastic isn't as fragile as neon (if exposed of course) and deserves some consideration.  I've seen some of the less than desirable stuff other manufacturers have put out to compete with neon and just offering that Gemini, in my opinion, leads the charge in alternatives here.  Yeah, clients are always leaning towards cheapest and fastest, but I like to point out or reinforce quality does cost you up front, but pays dividends over time.
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