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Director of Design
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Immediate opening:

Signage Solutions continues to grow. Join a team whose foundation is integrity and professionalism. These key ingredients have propelled our growth in difficult economical times. Our satisfied customers are our testimony.

Signage Solutions is currently looking to fill the following position: DIRECTOR OF DESIGN:

Duties & Responsibilities:

Develop and manage the design and engineering team.

Create and manage branding & signage standards for national chains.

Create and manage production files.

Collaborates with management, production and marketing.

Requirements for Applicants:

-Must be a highly organized and self-motivated individual.
-Must have a minimum of 5 years in the sign industry.
-Knowledge of general construction, plans-drawings, engineering and sign manufacturing.
-Excellent communication skills.
-Highly organized.
-Proficient in Corel Draw, AutoCad, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop.
- Must have mechanical & structural knowledge of signs (materials, manufacturing & installation methods, lighting etc.) and their associated costs; in an effort to provide our clients with cost reductions through design.

Signage Solutions offer a competitive compensation based on applicant's experience. Additional benefits include: health, holiday/vacation/sick pay, and 401K plan.

Please forward your resume to:


Location of Opportunity or Item:

Anaheim, CA

1336 Allec Street

Anaheim, CA, 92805

United States

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    • By signmanmatt
      signmanmatt here. I'm taking the time to invest with my brothers in the sign industry. I am 35 years in the business and I am still honing my everyday shit. *I had to say it that way to prove I am a real sign man. Isn't it great how a real sign man can tell a poser in just a few minutes...
      Now to the meat of my post....Please tell me what you would charge for this project and why? (see attached) Keep in mind, I don't need your help, I am just curious about how people price their work, etc. I will post my pricing spreadsheet and let you know if I get the job.
      FYI- your success is won or lost at the bid stage...so take the time to bid it right...never ever be scared to make a decent profit....remember, what you do is NOT easy, and done right, it is a lot of work!
      signmanmatt.com is in for a big re-launch at the End of Feb. Stay tuned! (shameless self promotion) I am getting old...but I am not done yet!
      Eric, I know you're reading this. I can't thank you enough for keeping my banner on your site. Send me an invoice so I can have it pop up in more places. Great advertising!
      011601abc - 717 Monument.pdf
    • By aslservices48
      Myrtle Beach Sign Company in Search of Experienced Sign Designer. Our company is looking to fill a long term position for a Graphic Designer, and Production Manager.
      Expectations will be as follows:
      Proper Sign Design
      Business card design, Flyer Design, Decal Design
      Logo Design
      File Prep for Production - Use of Flexi and Enroute
      Production of Machines are a plus- CNC Router, Channel letter bender and clincher, Mimaki Printer/Plotter
      Knowledge of the Sign Industry is a must!
      Must be reliable, personable, team player, respectful and trustworthy. This position is to be a part of a closely working, team oriented, business.
      Please Email Resume to signhiring.department@gmail.com
    • By josh
      We are currently looking for service techs and designers In the Jackson, MS area. Pay is based on experience.

      If interested send a copy of your resume to josh@k-ksystems.com



    • By josh
      We are currently looking for service techs and designers In the Birmingham, AL area. Pay is based on experience.
      If interested send a copy of your resume to josh@k-ksystems.com

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    • Wow.   Damn, I don't even know what to say.  I had a feeling something was going on the last couple of times I had phone conversations with him, just didn't want to be rude and ask.   I enjoyed our conversations and glad I got the opportunity to have lunch with him when he was in town here in San Diego a couple of years back.  Truly a nice guy, gentlemen, he always saw the best in people no matter what their background, and genuinely cares about the neon industry until his passing.   I will miss him
    • Had a heck of time figuring out to post a new topic. Just heard that my good friend, and a great friend of sign business, Herb Moulton died last weekend.  What a loss for the industry!
    • I was just reminded of a funny phone conversation today, from one I had last week.   Last week went like.....An owner of a large national called me for a question he had.  Then he asked me why he hasn't seen me around.    I told him "well you guys....now that I think about it, haven't bought anything from us for some time".    "That's weird you guys always have real good products with real fair pricing...."   "I Know, you guys pay more but I don't have that special relationship that your purchaser does with the other suppliers" I replied.   ".......what do you mean?..." he curiously asked   "Well.....we don't hang out and go out for drinks after work...if you know what I mean"   <Long pause>   "Ahhhh.......I see."   "Well anyway, if there's anything I can ever do, let me know.....it was good talking with you again"   <Click>     Hate to drop a bomb in someones lap like that but he did ask   Honestly, I think ownership of some large companies need to pay closer attention to some of their purchasers, not all just some.  Most of the time their the target for whining and dinning, and the ones mfg's like to take out to cabins and fishing excursions because as I've been told by others in the field "it makes them feel obligated to buy from you".   LoL, that's horrible.  I don't want to EVER be one of those individuals who comes into a company and make others feel obligated to buy from me.  I want companies to buy from me because they like what I have, they know it's quality and I want to sell quality so I'm not trying to handicap myself or my products by obligating others to buy.  Products should be bought on merit, not because it takes someone to take you out to dinner or buy you drinks after work., lol what is that all about???   Do large companies have policies about gifts or that kind of stuff, or do they just not care?   Funny Stuff
    • I have a small interior project at one of our parent companies offices in Ontario, CA.  Scope would be:   Mounting some Gemini Letters (1/4" Acrylic w/ DF tape) Manufacture and installation of cut vinyl verbiage Installation of provided printed / contour cut graphic.   Installation would daytime, normal hours.   Let me know if you're interested. CS_OntarioCA_WallConcepts_OptG.pdf
    • Thanks for the responses everyone.  The question was asked if it matters where the supplier is  located. No, it doesn't.  Ideally, we would like to have coverage across the country.  While we work with the large "factories"  I like to send work local whenever possible.   Please feel free to PM / email me if you feel you can bring some value.   Thanks. Jamin
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