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Received a fax this afternoon for a service call at a location 50 miles from me. Request stated they would pay no more than $50.00 per hour for travel, and no more than one hour. Had a $275.00 NTE amount. I wrote DECLINED across the order and faxed it back. Received a call saying the travel rates should not have been on request. Wanted my rates, gave them the rates port to port + fuel charge. Told me they didn't pay port to port. I told them I didn't pay for travel out of my pocket. Who do these clowns think they are that they get to set our rates & terms? Cost me the same per hour for my men, whether they are driving or working, also cost me fuel and time for truck both directions. I'm fed up with these SOB's that want me to work for free, then take forever to pay, and want me to be grateful to work for them. They make more off the service call than we do, and they aren't out anything. I say F**K'em all. If you won't allow me to make money and pay me on time I WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU.

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stay away from Emcon. Took 6 months to pay for a $300 service call. kept asking for more documents everytime we called. Changed their status to DO NOT SELL in our system

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They sell these unrealistic schedules to these customers just to get the account, then they want those of us that actually do the work to work for nothing so they can sit behind a desk and make the bulk of the money! We have a couple of those. We used to try to make their schedules, but we stopped doing that. We work on OUR SCHEDULE, and if that ain't good enough for them then they have to find someone else. Twenty four hour response time is just not reasonable anymore unless it is an absolute emergency (and a long time customer that I know is going to pay me as soon as I send them the invoice) - Then they want to wait 45, 60, 90 days to pay - sometimes even longer (and you have to beg for it then) when you know they are getting paid well before that. The few that we have know we do quality work, so they wait on us - Some don't wait and end up calling us in the end because the person that worked for nothing that they sent out screwed it up so it ends up costing them double what it would have had they just waited a day or two for us to go the first time!

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Let me guess Action Services?

lol, some must think our trucks run on air, lol...I bet their sign company wouldn't go out to a job and eat the cost, would they?

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National Gate & Glass

Hmm, we do service for them and haven't had much of a problem. Not a huge amount, but about 8-10 calls a year. What they want you to do is go there, and start to diagnose the problem. Once you reach the NTE amount you STOP and do nothing more - this amount includes your travel back and forth btw. You can usually call them and get the NTE raised if it's not way over the amount. Say you have a ballast and four lamps which (with your travel & site time) would be $412.80 and the NTE was $275. I'm picking numbers ouf of thin air, but you prob already guessed that. You call them, explain what it will cost and they'll usually give you a verbal OK then and there.

If it's way over thier NTE, you just got paid to survey the sign for a future service call. You would go back and issue a written quote, they submit it to the customer and then you go back and finish everything up, including your first trip charge. A couple of times we did not go back and finish the call but were always paid for the first trip.

It has been a couple of months since we did anything for them, so things might have changed. They are a bit picky about the paperwork requirements, require before/after photos and you need to call in/out. Also, they deduct $7 (or is it $10?) from the invoice for "overhead", but it's easy to deal with that.

Now I have never done anything 50 miles away for them, so that might be part of the issue. I'd call and discuss it with person issuing the work order. Of course if you can't reach an agreement, then you just don't go. YMMV

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    • Back in the late 90's, before i ended up buying the family business, my parents talked to several different business brokers.   it took nearly almost two years to find one that was trustworthy.  One just wanted to sell us a book about the history of the business, another couldn't get any interested buyers, some just want to put your business up on a website, etc.   I eventually bought the family business (still not sure if that was a good idea or not) and we worked out our own terms.   Plus there was no brokers commission.   One of my realtor customers is also a business broker and we're supposed to get together.  With COVID on the wane, I hope to meet him farily soon.  Maybe one of your customers is a broker as well as a realtor.   I suggest that you reach out to SCORE and get some free help.   SCORE is part of the SBA and it's all free and the people are eager to help you.   Eventually I am going to have to sell and have been doing monthly zoom meetings to go over that subject, plus lots of other "stuff".    I'm now 63 (and wish I had contacted SCORE thirty years ago) and figure I can afford to retire in another 35-40 years.  :)     Go to the SBA website and search for what you want and they'll match you with someone.   I'm in the local chamber of commerce and another business owner told me that it took him 3-4 years to make one of businesses "bankable" because most buyers don't have the cash to buy you outight.   They will have to go to a bank for a loan so all your books, inventory, etc. will have to be set up so a banker can understand your business and approve the loan.   I'm supposed to catch up with that guy and get more details but we never seem to be at the same meetings.   Again, SCORE will have people who can give you better information than "some sign-guy on the internet".     What I can say that I've been upgrading equipment, having things serviced professionally, keep the trucks on regular maintenence schedules, etc.    When I bought the business, most everything was old and run down but I was used to it and knew what needed to be replaced right away and what could stay.   No one will want a business where a lot of equipment is close to the end of it's useful life.   "New and Shiny" sells better than "old and dusty" even if the old stuff is better than the new.   Best of luck!
    • What's the best way to sell my 51 year old commercal sign business?   millersignsinc.com     Tanks,     Rob
    • I know Neon Wizard does
    • Hey Brian, I tried to get to the art room to ask our Flexi techs. But, it was a busy morning.   I know in Corel Draw if you have the text converted to curves. You can look in object properties at path and it will show the path length. Which is the distance around the letter plus inserts.
    • Thanks Rocco. I was able to find suppliers that would ship to us. But, we would be on our own for set up and training on the new machines.   We are going to send our fabricator to a couple of shops that have purchased from our prospective supplier and check out the equipment before we buy.   Thank you for taking the time to reply!
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