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Hello all,

This board has yet to fail me. I'm looking for recommendations for wholesale vacuum formers. I've worked with Faces, Hendricks and Facecrafters in the past, but I'm looking to see if there are any new players in the market who might be eager for some program work.

Any information is always appreciated.



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I use Quality Manufacturing. They do good work and meet my schedule. They are close enough so I can pick them up and save shipping and crating.

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Save the old vf faces if you replace them with new ones - the deeper faces make great elevated strawberry beds! Just build a frame (with supports across the bottom too), toss in some dirt and teh strawberries are happy. :treehugger:

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    • By Erik Sine
      High Quality Signs In Our Industry, & Those Who Produce Them.
      I’ve made some posts in the past in reference or alluded to the fact that I’m not really in the game anymore, so to speak. I have a good handful of clients who I take care of and I’m pretty much a one man show these days. But...sometimes I get too busy with that along with running this site. So sometimes I have to rely on others, and...I have a hard time with that because, well....I’m so fricken anal with shit and trusting my expectations and standards in the hands of others ( I have higher standards than UL).

      So at the last ISA show in Vegas we had a small cozy meet and I relayed to one of my customers that I wanted to use their services for an upcoming job. I wanted to try them out. I knew they made quality work because I’ve been in their facility quite a few times, whether to pop in for a sales call, or sometimes even drop orders off. I’ve known them for some time when a mutual friend introduced us at one of our meets years ago at an ISA Expo when we had a meet & Greet and Dick’s Last Resort in Excalibur. I can even go so far to say that before that intro I had a quick run in with them a few times at a smaller SoCal Show here in San Diego at a CA Sign Association show....errr, Western Sign States Show. So when we were introduced it was a couple of familiar faces, just a little more formal, and over a beer.

      So now I’ve had them build some major portions of a few jobs for me.

      I’ve...had a my far share of wholesalers in my short 20+ existence. I have to travel about an hour and a half to pick up if I so choose, they even deliver.

      If you were to ask me to say one word that best describes them, or use one that I would associate them with, that's easy. I would say........“Pride”.

      I’ve used the services of more than I can remember when I’m too busy to perform the normal task of production myself, and most of the time I would only hand part of the task to someone and I would take over or finish it off....it’s that anal part again.

      I have to say, when I go to pick up the structure I had them build for me there is that immediate sense of pride on the faces of the fabricators and owners. I’ve been to a few where the job is just another order and the workmanship is.....so so.

      I’m talking about RNS Letters out of Corona CA, or Richard’s Neon Shop. Their quality from head to toe and BY far one of the best I have EVER seen, and benefited from.
      The owners of RNS, Richard and Sal are themselves very picky, picky about the finished job and they have a tendency to “overbuild”. While so many purposely try to under build to pinch a few pennies here and there, their more concerned with NOT under-performing. They have a few old school fabricators there, and their craftsmanship if you ever use them will speak for itself. When I say old school, I’m talking about building signs with real structures and real neon sign structures. The fabricators build the signs like they themselves are going to install the project, so they have just about every detail as a installer figured out and completed. Things a installer would have never thought about that will make their jobs easier come installation day.

      Pride, you see it in their work, you see it on Richard’s and Sal’s face when you go to pick up your sign, and you see it on their staff’s faces. RNS does a lot of jobs for National Sign Companies when they themselves find themselves too busy, and most of the time their building those signs a lot better. I can’t go into detail on that part, I would like to..... but I can’t, I;’ll just leave it as.......they know what their doing, detail is payed attention to, that part is always fresh in their minds, they perform, and strive for the highest quality BECAUSE they take “Pride”. They take their work and name seriously.

      Anyways, Richard, Sal & Company are a great bunch of guys and gals to work with. If you ever have that need for a premium, high grade architectural finish NOT that junkie economy crap where rivets are showing or unpainted, seems showing up etc etc, I'm talking about a job you would enter into Signs Of The Times beauty show contest. They ship all over the US. Give them a try, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about and here.

      Lastly I should mention, their a true FULL service wholesaler. Obviously from their name RNS or Richard’s Neon Shop you know they do Neon, but they have a full paint booth, router, water, plasma cutter, pizza cutter and much more. Not only do they understand and manufacture Neon sign projects, but they also love to use NC LEDs, so that right there tells you ALL you need to know....their building for the long haul not the short time pick up.

      The bottom line....whether it’s Neon or LEDs for illumination, you WILL be getting a very bright and long lasting product when you receive it. THEY will make YOU look good!
      Here’s a few pics of the first project I had them build for me where I took over and finished it off.

    • By Erik Sine
      I'll discuss it more later, but starting with a new year I'm going to offer free advertising as a Board Vendor to Wholesale Sign manufacturers who's line up includes Channel Letters and Cabinets.
      It will include banners that will rotate in with our weekly newsletters and website.
      The only catch is, they must test, evaluate, and integrate the premium sign supplies sold here from the Sign Syndicate on a consistent basis. Products like our NC LEDs, GTO (Stay tuned for this one), and other Neon related products. With these premium products integrated into signs everyone who purchases products from said wholesaler will also know their getting high-end sign components integrated into their signs that will outlast signs made from other wholesale manufacturers....which in the end makes for very happy end user clients.
      When it comes to the NC LEDs which can be used in channel lettering and cabinets, based on our testing here on the SS in tests like Project Tighty Whitey, Great White Hope II, The Red Light District. We all know that the LED product lasts, they have very high light levels, levels that have lasted over time and have shown to have VERY little light degradation over time, and finally when it comes to 6500K white....their beautiful white white appearance.
      NC's are Constant Current NOT "Eco" (Constant Voltage), their not cheap chinese modules like 90% these days are, their Korean which has quality control equal to Japan. I'm not asking for a wholesaler to convert completely over 100%, after all sign applications call for different light sources and products based on the project itself.
      Anyone interested, can test, evaluate for themselves, come to a their own conclusion (as we have) about the products and be added into our sort of Sign Syndicate "Preferred Wholesale Vendor"
      I think anyone who uses these products into their projects all will know and feel confident about the end result of those finished products
      More info later, but feel free to contact us.
    • By alltex
      I have a job I need to quote. That's calling out for Chrome embossed faces. Anyone here fabricate these? Or someone know a source?
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